Kaberle-Savard deal? 'No truth to it'

You can forget all those Internet-fueled Boston Bruins-Toronto Maple Leafs trade rumors involving either Tomas Kaberle or Marc Savard .

“There’s no truth to it,” Leafs GM Brian Burke told ESPN.com on Wednesday.

That’s not to say Kaberle can’t end up a Bruin one day, but it won’t be for Savard. Kaberle is on the trade market; Burke has been up front about that all along. But the Bruins haven’t moved into the picture at this point. Burke took the time to fully update the Kaberle situation for us:

“First off, before people get too worked up, Tomas Kaberle’s no-trade clause does not go away until the draft commences,” Burke said. “So, this notion that he’s been moved or a deal has been arranged is absurd. Two, we have not had meaningful discussions with the Boston Bruins about any one trade option.

“Three, if and when we do get to a point where we see a deal that makes sense, we’re going to try to move Tomas somewhere where he wants to go, and that’s if we get that far. Right now, if I had to handicap this thing, I’d say he’s not going anywhere, and the draft is not a meaningful time frame for us. There’s no pressure to trade him while we’re there.”

In a perfect world, the Leafs would like to trade Kaberle in return for a bona-fide top-six forward, but they’re not going to deal him for the sake of dealing him. They’re not giving one of the game’s top puck movers away (Kaberle has one year left on his deal at $4.25 million).


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  1. mojo19 says:

    Forget top 6 forwards, just sign Gonchar:

    Phaneuf – Gonchar
    Kaberle – Komisarek
    Beauchemin – Schenn

    (always dress 7 defensmen).


    Gonchar – Bozak – Kessel
        Phaneuf – Kaberle

  2. b_devils says:
    Gonchar a Leaf? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! lol
    I think we are pretty much set with D. 
    Burke builds his teams from the back end, and the Defense looks good.

    Phaneuf and Gonchar play the same point on the power play. So…not going to happen.

  3. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    Gunnarsson was one of our best defensemen last season i wouldnt want him getting next to no minutes and play beauchemin whos making good money playing at around 10 minutes a game,, that wouldnt go over well at all with him,  and for the power play i dont know how you thought that work.. sure theres 3 or 4 guys who could hammar the puck but after the do, then what? theres absolutley nobody on that line that will stand infront of the net or come close to getting a rebound.

  4. leafmeister says:

    I seriously hope Burke does not keep Kaberle. I like Kaberle, and I respect the fact that he does want to play here, but it is time to move on. The fact that he is totally content to stay in Toronto, in the beginning of the end of his career, when he earliest they could be contenders would be when he is in the twilight of his career, makes me question his drive to win. If the Leafs were a serious threat do so something significant next year it would be a different story. He was passed over for the captaincy, did not click with the new star defensemen, and struggled mightily at the end of last year. I dont think he has character issues, and he is obviously a world class defensemen, but they do very much need to trade him, perhaps even if Burke doesnt get everything he wants. Also they just have too many defensemen.


    They need to move out one, possibly two, and Kaberle would fetch the largest return.

  5. lafleur10 says:

    i don't know about that…schenn would nab you guys alot too plus he's signed for longer than 1 year is cheaper than kaberle at the moment he could land the laffs a nice return.if kaberle was signed to more than just 1 more year you guys would get a good return,teams just aren't going to take that chance and give up a top 6 plus a 1st r.d pick if they know they have no chance in resigning him that would cost a gm his job if he did that and lost kaberle too for nothing if he wasn't resigned. because that said team would be down the top 6 forwrd the potential player(with the 1st r.d pick) and kaberle,maybe a team offers a player and a condition 1st based on wether or not they can resign kaberle or not,which is more likely to happen..but first burke would have to swallow his pride and do this for that to happen

  6. leafmeister says:

    Acquiring Kaberle knowing that he may not resign would not be as unthinkable as you seem to think. Remember trade deadline deals, they can get a hefty return, and they are only for a 20 game rental. Granted, for the max value, Burke would let the team talk to Kaberle's agent, and see if they can agree on an extension, or at least take the temperature of whether or not he is willing to resign there. That may be the difference between a top 6 forward and a pick, or just a top 6 forward.

    Schenn may get a nice return, but it wont be as good as it would have been last year, and Burke would not deal him. Schenn is going to be a stud, but his early struggles last season made him lose some of his trade value. The return would have to be huge.

  7. hockey_lover says:

    Maybe because winning isnt EVERYTHING.  Doesnt loyalty count for anything to people anymore?

    Its quite sad really.

  8. leafmeister says:

    Loyal to a franchise that has twice tried to trade him, made no progress in his lengthy stay, and passed him over for captaincy? Yeah. He has no reason to be loyal to us. The guy is content with losing, and has gotta go.

  9. nordiques100 says:

    Kaberle, Ken Ryan (or another prospect) to LA for Jonathan Quick, Justin Williams and Thomas Hickey.

    Contractually, its about the same number leaving as it is coming back (a slight savings for the Kings). That is key for LA as it will keep them in the running should they be going after Kovalchuk.

    The Kings get a veteran blueliner who will help with their offensive game. His presence will take some pressure off of Doughty and Johnson. They also land a down the road prospect who has some power forward potential.

    The Leafs land 2 good young players in return plus a serviceable winger in Williams who is mainly included for cap considerations. He is though a former 30 goal scorer who has struggled with consistency and injuries the last few years. He is still young enough to perhaps be a contributor and with 1 year left on his deal, may be motivated.

    Hickey is another solid, young blueline prospect to add to their cupboard. This would give Toronto plenty of depth on the blueline and on the Marlies.

    Quick, Kulemin, 2011 3rd round pick to Philly for Jeff Carter.

    With the depth the Leafs acquired in goal previously, they could then flip Quick to get another scorer. They include Kulemin in the deal to give Philly back someone who would take Carter's spot for them up front. He is a decent player and growing player and probably will be much cheaper than Carter. Both Quick and Kulemin's salaries combined probably will not even be as much as Carters.

    Quick is a good young goaltender with some number 1 potential and gives Philly another not breaking the bank goaltender to use to help get back to the finals. He is relatively cheap and carries much better potential than Leighton.

    Carter gives Toronto that coveted top centre. He is still in his prime and a big time goal scorer.

    Grabovski to Minnesota for Colton Gillies.

    This move is to clear some cap space for Toronto. They do get a 4th liner prospect in Gillies who will add some size and checking to the 4th line.

    Grabovski fills a need for Minny as a 2nd line centre behind Koivu and isnt backbreaking financially. He is an upgrade over James Sheppard.

    Drop Jeff Finger and his 3.5 mil salary to the minors.

    Hanson 1 mil
    Mitchell 750K

    Sign as UFAs
    Colby Armstrong 3 mil per
    Paul Kariya at 4 mil per.
    Mike Van Ryn at 500K


    Van Ryn


    Total cap hit = 58.4 mil. leaves 1 mil. These includes the bonuses. 

  10. hockey_lover says:

    Or maybe he just likes where he is playing. Crazy as it may sound, perhaps he likes the city of Toronto. I personally cant understand why because I hate the city but to each their own. I know little of the guy but possibly he is married and has kids and they like the city? I know it might be a crazy thought to you but to other people, maybe not so much.

    On second thought .. nevermind. Its like talking to a wall on this site.

  11. leafmeister says:

    I dont care. I am sure lots of guys want to play here, as strange as it sounds. He is married and he has kids, but guess what? The Leafs arent a charity, and they need guys committed to winning. If someone is content with losing, than I question their work ethic. I think he is just content to play out the rest of his career on a losing team, which is not the attitude that should be given by one of the only vets on the team, to the youngest team in the league.

    BTW, why dont you like Toronto?

  12. mojo19 says:

    guys, chill. I was joking, I also suggested to always dress 7 D, and I had Gonchar playing the half boards on the wing on the PP.

  13. mojo19 says:

    hockey lover, u are right. Just because Kaberle loves being a Leaf (his dad's favourite team) and they have been a bad team post-lockout, people assume Kaberle likes losing… weird.

    Kaberle also is the only Leaf who was around to play with Mogilny, Nolan, Renberg, Sundin, Leetch, Ron Francis, Housely, Gilmour, Wesley, Fitzgerald, Domi, Tucker, Corson, Roberts, Lumme, Belfour, Joseph etc. In those great teams from 99-04 where Kaberle won 7 playoff rounds with the Leafs. Maybe he rememebers the good times and knows what it means to be a Leaf when they're winning, and wants to have that again.

    But no, obviously he just likes losing, that makes more sense.

  14. mojo19 says:

    I like what you're going for here, but overall I would expect Philly to go a bit bigger in goal than Quick. Nabakov, Turco and Mason will be prime candidates on July 1st. If they can't be acquired then look for Philly to make a trade.

  15. nordiques100 says:

    i think the key thing here i was looking at mojo was that Quick was affordable at 1.8 with all those big salaries and Hamhuis to sign.

    I think they want a more affordable goalie. They could bring back Leighton at 1.5 or take Quick at 1.8. Quick is a proven goalie and would be nicely supported by Boucher.

    He cant be all that bad as he did make the Olympic team for USA. He was roughed up a bit in the playoffs but the learning experience i suspect will help him.

  16. leafmeister says:

    He doesnt like losing, nobody does. However, I think that playing for a team that jerks you around as much as the Leafs have, while not winning, and making countless terrible trades would make a truely competitive athlete, who isnt getting any younger to at least consider moving elsewhere. He is content with losing.

    Im afraid Kaberle wont see the good Leafs again until he is wearing another jersey. He does not fit into the long term plans, and unless he is willing to take under 5 million again, should be moved.

  17. nordiques100 says:

    Its not that he likes losing as it is he is associated with losing.

    and like other players and coaches, some times its best to go your separate ways. At times, it gets to the point where a change is needed.

    Its not that he wears out his welcome like a Mike Keenan does behind the bench, but there are times where a player just needs to get away.

    Like Joe Thornton in Boston or Heatley in Atlanta. its not like they played horribly for their original teams, but a change was right for both guys and their former teams.

    I see the same for Kaberle. He is a good player and yes, his loyalty should be commended. But i think its time for him to move on and the Leafs to move into a different direction.

  18. nordiques100 says:

    to play devil's advocate, he could be super competitive and just wants to be the guy here to help turn things around.

    Burke came in as president and GM with that same process in mind. To be the guy and have all the glitz and glamour if the Leafs actually succeeded and gain the accolades for it.

    Kaberle may feel the same way. not for the glory, but passionate in helping the leafs win and being the one to help them do that.

    I think players like Sundin, Mccabe and Tucker were ok with the losing bit so long as the money was there. I think their reasons for staying were completely of a personal nature and had nothing to do with helping the hockey club.

    Kaberle though, i think he really wants to be the key guy to help the team win. that's nice. i think that is his main motivation to stay. yes it could be for family and stuff too, but i think he really wants the Leafs to win.

    but personally i think he needs to move on just to do what is best for him and the team. i think he could do so much better elsewhere and i htink the leafs need to turn the page. see my other comments i made earlier. sometimes its just time for player and team to go their separate ways. here, its just the right time.

  19. mojo19 says:

    Its possible that they'll go with someone like Quick who is a bit more affordable. But I still think that the Flyers go big in goal with one of the big 3 UFA's or trade for a guy like Thomas or Vokoun.

    But ya, we'll see how they are capwise and what they decide to do.

  20. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    I really like this, the kings had very high hopes for quick cause he is a proven nhl goalie with high end potential and young and cheap,  if philly can lock up quick in goal fairly long term in goal  for cheap and have boucher too i think they'd solve their problem in goal without having to make another monster trade freeing up space. 

    As for toronto, who wouldnt love carter on the team?  I am also a huge fun of kariya but he's getting to the end of his career and not quite sure how much he has left in him but i think him and kessel would work great together. Im not sure if hes the type of guy burkeys looking for either tho. 
    I think all the trades would work for both teams tho, i like this idea. Gillies Orr and Rosehill on the 4th line would make a huge heavy weight line thatd make the other team second guess getting the puck when there coming in on the forecheck which i really like also.
     lets see what burkey can do!
  21. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    another thing,,  kariya would be just a couple of years for 4 mill, and giguere's gone after this year so thatd free up alot of cap space and not screw us down the road too say re-sign schenn or what not.

  22. nordiques100 says:

    kariya had his best statistical season in Anaheim under Ron Wilson. So I think he would enjoy it playing for him again. But yes, not a Burkie Bruiser he is not.

  23. mojo19 says:

    But Burke still believes in skill. He always praised Andy MacDonald

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