Kaberle to be moved soon?

The Toronto Sun is reporting that the path is all clear for Tomas Kaberle to be traded. It is reported that he has agreed to waive his no trade clause and that it is likely that he will be traded before the March trade deadline. It is also noted that a likely return for Kaberle will be a first round draft choice and or prospects. Kaberle has two years left on his present contract and it is also noted that Brian Burke can move either Kaberle and Kubina during the summer months with out them having to waive their no trade clause. At present time Kaberle has apparently presented Burke with a list of teams that he would be interested in moving too, something that he would have no control over if Burke moved him in the summer.

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  1. Absolute says:

    i think kaberle should only be traded if the leafs get a first round and a prospect, the leafs should recieve a big return for kaberle or else there better off keeping him because he still has a decent contract at a low price and he is a good player

  2. LeafsNation91 says:

    Some news:

    -Pavel Kubina stated yesterdat in the Toronto Star if the Leafs propose a trade for him, and they tell him he should go to that team, he will go, but he does not really want to leave Toronto.

    -Jason Blake has been the hottest NHL player over the last month as said Saturday Night. Blake has about 20-21? points in the last month, and two goals on Valentines day

    -Nik Antropov seems confident once again, after that horrible slump that killed him, Nik is palying like he did before that slump with 7 points in his last eight games, 5 happen to be goals, and a couple more games like that he will be better than last year

    -I have been hearing alot of Leaf fans say that Matt Stajan is overrated? But did anyone ever believe the injury might of made him less conditioned and a little unconfident. He played like he did before he got injured Saturday Night. Good passes, shots on net, leader, etc. I think he needs to get back in the groove and when he's good, he makes Nik and Alexei look amazing.

  3. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    I still think philly wants kabby, and i think to get him they would have to give up JVR

  4. LeafsNation91 says:

    Then I doubt the Leafs would get the first with that?

    It would be player-for-player trade

  5. GoLeafs13 says:

    If only Kabby would have waived his NTC last year…we would have Carter and vanReimsdyk.

  6. RandomLeafsFan says:

    I wonder if he wants to go to the pens. Can you say Staal and a 1st or 2nd? Well if he was going to fetch a 1st and Jeff Carter last year… He might want to stay in the east close to Toronto but if he is traded I hope it is out west.

    My comment is based on the fact that he would have been traded for Carter and a 1st last year on the deadline.

    Montreal- this is their 100th season and they want a cup badly. They might be willing to part with PK, a first and a 5th.

    Washington- this team is going deep in the post season there is no doubt about it. Can they beat the bruins or Sharks in a best of 7? Maybe. They really should go out and get a top tier goalie but if their faith is in Jose then why not make a bid for Kaberle. Think of how many guys will now be setting up Ovechkin and Semin.  A trade could look like Alzner and a first for Kaberle. But Alzner and a 2nd would be worth it with the rebuilding Leafs. Schenn and Alzner would be a great shutdown pair in a few years.. pfft even right now.

    Columbus- With the way Mason is playing they are going to make the playoffs and he could very well steal the show. That being said the jackets would love to have Kaberle. There were rumours they wanted Kubina but the shot at Kaberle would be too much to pass up. Filatov, 2nd and 6th for Kaberle and Antropov. Not sure what Nik will get in a trade but the chance to package him with Kaberle and pry Filatov away from the jackets would be sick. Shsh trade Kaberle and Antropov for Filatov alone and Leaf land would be happy. But I think Kaberle for Filatov would be possible. Columbus doesn't seem to use him when he is in the line up…

    Well this comment is getting a little long but this could be the type of deal that Burke might want. Maybe more as you know there will be a bidding war and he'll pry every draft pick out of the deal possible. And of course this is a biased post on players I want my Leafs to aquire lol.

  7. NHLSlayer says:

    Toronto will NOT get any less than the well known offer from last season, which was Jeff Carter, PLUS a 1st Rounder.  If no team comes to Burke with a young stud AND a first rounder, Kabby doesn't move anywhere.  I don't know how much simpler it can be put to you guys…

  8. Kyleton says:

    Pittsburgh is looking to move a defense man in order to get a top end forward, so I doubt they will be looking to  move Staal for a defenseman.  Your comment was based on Carter and a First last year. But Philly was wanting a defenseman more than anything last year.

    Montreal – Maybe – but i don't think it'd be Burkes first choice to move him to a rival team unless he got a massive overpayment.  PK though is a Burke type player. But I think it won't be a defenseman he wants.

    Washington – I am thinking Burke is gonna want to get a strong forward prospect rather than a defenseman.

    Columbus – If Burke goes with his normal routine of big North American players filatov is not an option. He's too small. He is a great player though and i also can't see Columbus moving him evening to make it into the playoffs for the first time ever.  GM's saw what happened to Atlanta.

  9. leafy says:

    Has anybody noticed that Kaberle's play has slipped this year?  Although he's probably still Toronto's best player, he was noticeably better last year.  Don't be fooled by his all-star game appearance.

  10. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    you say kabbys play has sliped this year, look at it this way, look at the previous years, kabby had sundin, and other players that were playing better than this year, well last years play was  crap, who does he have this year besides kubina, anyway kabs will excel on a team like philly, washington, pitts,  Montreal, boston, even Columbus with nash there, 
    and these teams know it too, thats why they want him so badly,
       ya last year they could have had carter and a 1st, but lets face it, if burke can get JVR, filatov, brassard ,wheeler, voracek well maybe with Voracek they would have to add a pick, the same with wheeler, but I would take those guys by them self in a heart beat, these guys with the exception of wheeler, were high draft picks, so if they could get one of them, it will be like having 2 high 1st rounders this year,  and all of a sudden the leafs have to potential franchise players on their hands, 

  11. wayne98-mapleleafs says:

    habs just traded for schneider

  12. leafy says:

    You're probably right, Kaberle's play may reflect the rest of the team not playing well and Sundin leaving. Not to mention Toskala who's had problems stopping the puck this season.

    I'm just making the point that his value was at an all time high last year.  Having said that, quality D are hard to find and competition may still drive Kaberle's price up. We'll see in the next few weeks.

  13. leafy says:

    For 2nd and 3rd round picks.  My first reaction is that Montreal overpaid for him.  He's 39 and has just been ok this year. Mind you, he plays on a below average team.

  14. KingCanada says:

    No he would definatly come with a draft pick.  With your statement you are implying that JVR is better then Jeff Carter (last year) and I think thats false.  JVR is a great prospect but I still think that they would have to sweeten the pot since they arent the only team vying for Kaberle's services.

  15. jeff_friesen_wpg_jet says:

    The rumors of Kaberle being traded for JVR and then some yet are absolutely ridiculous.  Kaberle is a puck moving defenseman who 2-3 years past his prime.JVR is a potential 90+ point, and 40+ goal goal to go along with his size. JVR is a rare breed, and will look forward to be playing with Jeff Carter and Mike Richards next season. Holmgren will look like an idiot if he trades JVR away Kaberle or any other puck moving defenseman.

  16. Elite_Destruction says:

    Leafy, When you say his game has slipped do you mean defensively?, because that i agree on, however offensively he has been great before this injury he was already on pace for 48 pts before he got injured so it would've been even higher now, his previous highest point total was 67 pts, so i think he could've got more this yr, and as far as the other buddy goes i do agree JVR is too much for philly to part with, but there is no way you can say Kabs is 1+2 yrs past his prime lmao hes only 30 yrs old and still pointing up better totals then his previous years, Jeeze…. And this is coming from a habs fan, i wish Gainy would've gotting Kabs instead of Schneider And We had to give up a 2nd and 3rd pick for him, a lil step if ya ask me especially for almost a 6 mil contract 🙁 he only got 15 points this yr, compare it to Kabs.

  17. broc says:

    If he deals with WSH, Burke should be targetting Eric Fehr, Karl Alzner, John Carlson, Francois Bouchard, etc.

  18. KingCanada says:

    The problem with Washington is that they dont have really a top end forward prospect to dangle.  Maybe Anton Gustafsson who is said to be a strong and skilled player who isnt afraid of the physical stuff.  IMO if its Alzner the pick coming with him will be lower but if its Gustafson then it might come with a better pick or maybe an extra pick?

  19. HABSSTAR says:

    Scratch Montreal… we just got Shneider as our puck moving D-man :s

  20. pezzz123 says:

    I'm really not sure about JVR leaving Philly. Try Claude Giroux instead. Great potential, and his value is lower than JVR.

    Try something like Carle, Giroux, 1rst rounder.

  21. LeafsNation91 says:

    Haha, what happened to your old account?

  22. KingCanada says:

    Wheeler is to no exception actually, he was picked 5th overall by Phoenix in 2004.

  23. habs79 says:

    Can we all forget about Kaberle to Montreal already. First and foremost I'm sure that "list" that Kaberle gave Burke does NOT contain any NORTHEAST teams.

    Secondly Montreal does not need Kaberle they have Markov as a PP quaterback. All the talk of how bad Montreal's powerplay as been this year as oppose to the previous two. Well what is different about it ummmm, no Souray, no Striet, so NO BIG SHOT!!!!!! I'm sure we all know just how much Kaberle LOVES to shoot.
  24. habs79 says:

    Yeah what a waste of picks.

  25. KingCanada says:

    Kaberle will want to be moved to a team that is in need of a defencemen (so he can get good minutes) as well as be competitive and play his style of offensive puck moving game.  So 10 teams might even be a stretch consdidering there are 16 teams that make the playoffs.  I cant assume hed go to a non playoff team for that matter.

    San Jose
    NY Rangers

    I believe those would be teams hed be willing to go to.  Whether or not they NEED or WANT him is another story.

  26. KingCanada says:

    Much to ur delight that idea has been forgotten as of today with Montreal acquiring Mat Schneider.

  27. habs79 says:

    Yeah not to my delight though. Two picks for a 40 year old at the end of his career. What's next? Call San jose about Claude Lemeuix, or how about Chelios from Detroit. Gainey just showed how desperate he is.

  28. habs79 says:

    I'd scratch Boston off that list, I doubt he would put any divison rivals on the list.

  29. leafmeister says:

    Here is what I would want from each of those teams.

    Boston- Wheeler, 1st
    Washington-Gustofsson, 1st
    Vancouver- Mason Raymond, Michael Grabner
    San Jose- Couture, 1st
    NYR- Del Zotto, 1st
    Philly- JVR
    Calgary- Backlund, 1st
    Chicago-Beach, 1st
    Dallas- Brunnstrom, 1st
    Detroit-2009 1st, 2010 1st, 2009 2nd

  30. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    I just saw the funniest thing, I was watching Steve Kouleas on the score a few minutes ago and in the side they have the spot where fans send in messages.

    I actually saw someone say that Alex Edler was a better d-man than Luke Schenn, and telling us to stop hyping our prospects!!! I couldn't believe it haha.

  31. cam7777 says:

    looks good, except for Detroit.  I'd rather have Kaberle than what would basically amount to 3 second round picks…

    I'd probably try and snag Barker in a trade with Chicago.  Isn't Beach the kid with an attitude problem? 

  32. jeff_friesen_wpg_jet says:

    JVR is not moving. He is way too valuable of an asset

  33. leafmeister says:

    Yeah Beach is known for a bit of an attitude problem, but he is the ideal Brian Burke player.

  34. habs79 says:

    Well that depends. Edler will put up alot more points every year, so in that area yes he is better. As for play in his own end. You can't compare right now, Edler has 4 years on Schenn and plays in front of a much better goalie, so one can't simply go Edler +7, Schenn -10. You can't really compare right now, but I certainly would not call it funny, it may prove to be true. 

  35. habs79 says:

    Philly's defence has been solid this year, Timonen is a very good two-way d-man. Philly might not push as hard for Kaberle this year. If the price is too high they might just back out.

  36. LuKeScHeNn95 says:

    I also think that kabi for JVR is a great trade for T.O. but if the first rounder doesnt work out then why not just ask for a second.

    Kabi for filatov would not be as great as JVR because i think JVR has more potential and is bigger in size and in the new NHL it would really work out to be a small midget and try to score especially when there are more bg hudge prospects out there now.

  37. the_word says:

    I thought Markov was your puck moving defenseman and Schneider was brought in to be a solid shot to compliment Markov on the PP.

    Kaberle to Montreal never made any sense to me.

  38. the_word says:

    In all fairness if Schenn wasn't in a Canadian market we'd pay no attention to him.

  39. HABSSTAR says:

    Sure, I'll go with that too.  I really don't think the PP is gonna be affected by no matter which D man we brought in because while everyone is going crazy saying it was Streit and Souray that were the key to the power play I think they overlook the fact that Kovalev has been shyte with the man advantage this year. 

    He was so dangerous on the PP before that the guys at the point had room.  I really think Kovalev's decline in play explains a lot more of Montreal's PP issues than the departure of Mark Streit.  And before everyone jumps all over me, yes, I know he is doing well in NYI.  Note I never said he was garbage.  I'm just saying if I had a choice between Streit or Souray back and getting Kovalev going again I would take Kovalev. 

  40. jeff_friesen_wpg_jet says:

    look at his stats before you comment about kaberle

  41. dumbassdoorman says:

    I really don't see Burke getting the kind of offer he will want to move Kaberle. He will be a hard player to replace and an extension maybe as or more likely. I think the Leafs will be more likely to move Kubina if they can. A few players are a given, but Leaf fans, I don't think we should expect too much. Remember rome wasn't built in a day.

  42. KingCanada says:

    Now u know how us Leaf fans felt about the draft shmaft years.

    To TOR: Brian Leetch
    To NYR: 1st round pick, 2nd round pick, Max Kondratiev, Jarkko Immonen

  43. habs79 says:

    True but back than Leetch was still able to produce something, besides Kondratiev and Immonen didn't turn into anything. I don't know who was taken with those picks though.

  44. mojo19 says:

    The guys on Sportsnet and TSN agree with you. In fact on TSN they're saying Burke probably will keep Kaberle for the year unless he's offered up a 1st rounder, a prospect, and a solid roster player in his early 20's.

  45. mojo19 says:

    You're right. Although i think Philly is looking for a defensman, I think they'll be more in the market for a #4 guy as opposed to a top pairing d-man.

  46. mojo19 says:

    Nothing special. That was actually a pretty good trade for the Leafs and Leetch was amazing for us.

  47. mojo19 says:

    Might be right.

    how about this:

    Kaberle to Dallas for Steve Ott, Jamie Benn, 1st round pick

  48. dumbassdoorman says:

    It doesn't sound bad, I do like Ott. I am not sold on Benn completely and the 1st rd pick won't be very high if Dallas keeps playing that way. I would be have to say I wouldn't do it. Although Ott is very much a Burke stlye player.

  49. dumbassdoorman says:

    I am gonna be rodded for this but oh well. I wonder if Florida may have any interest in Kaberle? They MUST make the playoffs. So hear me out here aquiring Kabs would allow them to move J-bo and replenish instead of losing him for nothing. I am NOT saying Kaberle is J-bo just to be clear. However it doesn't seem he is going to resign. Don't discount that they seem to love McCabe so his opinion may count a little? Sooooo…….
    to Fla.- Kaberle-allows Jbo trade to happen
              Stajan-faceoffs secondary scoring, team player
              Mayers- Grit, leadership and toughness

    to Tor.-MichealFrolik, Jacob Markstrom and a 1st plus Tor 4th back

    It sounds like a lot and it is but both teams benefit if you think about it. Plus, deadline deals equals over payment usually. Florida recoups what it lost and maybe more from the Jbo trade, someone will pay and BIG for him. Go ahead and rip me I expect it….LOL.

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