Tomas Kaberle’s time as a Toronto Maple Leaf has finally come to an end.

After 12 seasons in blue and white, the Maple Leafs have traded the veteran defenceman to the Boston Bruins in exchange for prospect centre Joe Colborne, the Bruins’ first round pick in 2011 and a conditional draft pick.

The trade call still has to go through the league to confirm the deal.

Kaberle, 32, has been a mainstay on the Leafs’ blue line for the past decade and is the second-highest scoring defenceman in team history behind Borje Salming – with 83 goals and 437 assists in 878 games. Kaberle led the Leafs in assists this season with 35.

While the Leafs haven’t made the playoffs since the 2003-04 season, Kaberle has played in 77 career post-season games.

The Bruins will be on the hook for the remainder of Kaberle’s $4.25 million contract. He will be an unrestricted free agent in the summer.



  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    I for one do not feel the Leafs are going to drop off as much as some say. As long as they keep playing hard and like a team they will be fine. I still think Burke may have a trick or two up his sleeve for a trade to help this season as he hinted. Best of all the future is brighter than I can remember for along long time…..not that I wanna age myself….lol. But I am excited again and can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!

  2. cam7777 says:

    lol, oh lafleur, the Leafs had the 6th best prospect pool in the league before this deal went down.  the problem is, the prospects we have are still years away (mckegg – 11th in ohl scoring, d'amigo – matching brayden schenn in junior, nicholls – 11th in whl scoring, blacker – ranked the 2nd best defensemen in the chl, gardner – ranked the top defensemen prospect in the college system).  unfortuneatly, most people can't see the light until it's right in front of them, but even before this deal, the leafs were really coming on strong in the prospect department.  Burke has absolutely raped the draft the last two years.  a few bad picks (kenny ryan, jamie devane), but mostlty stellar work.

    colborne is closer to the nhl than anyone but kadri though, so he is a good addition.  i'm honestly not all that excited about him, as i think, as others have said, he's a boom or bust project.  i would have preferred caron.  that said, boston was taking an extremely long term approach to his development though, for the obvious reason that they have too much nhl depth to rush him into the league.  like detroit, there was no need for them to really put any pressure on him.  they're happy with their current centers (krejci, bergeron, seguin, kelly, peverley, campbell).  i think colborne can really take a step forward with the leafs though.  he'll be surrounded by very talented young players on the marlies (kadri, brunnstrom, caputi), all PPG guys down there.

    As for the picks, I am hoping Burke can use them in a package for a young NHL player who might be too expensive for his current club.  Someone like Stastny might be a fit, where they are looking to stay at the cap floor, and have Stastny under-producing for his 6.6 million dollar contract.  With their trade today, I think it's clear they're embracing a longer term rebuild anyways.

  3. cam7777 says:

    I think St.Louis wins the trade to be honest with you.  McClement is a dime-a-dozen, so he's not even a factor in the deal.  He is simply the moving of a body, and freeing up of cash.  Johnson is a player living on the value of his draft ranking.  He is like Bogosian.  People know nothing about him, but they assume he must be great because he was drafted so high.  There's nothing wrong with him, there's just nothing particularly great about him either.  The value for Colorado is in that 1st round pick, and the potential for Johnson to turn it around.  Now Colorado will likely get a lottery pick, and a top 10 pick this year, which is greater for a rebuild.

    Meanwhile, St.Louis has stacked their forward group, and has a ton of cap space to pursue free agent defensemen this summer.  Look for them to move Boyes for a defensemen.

  4. albertateams says:

    I agree completely with what your saying about St Louis winning this trade.

    The 1st is top ten protected kind of, if the pick is top 10 then they can substitute 2012 1st.
  5. dumbassdoorman says:

    LOL…..I said it would appear………but St. louis has the pick top 10 protected which is smart. Johnson I think will turn it around and hopefully stewart stays healthy, I think this trade is pretty even. McClement is actually a very good defensive forward and strong on draws.

  6. Nonikhanna_Leafs says:

    i beleive him. 

    i second that habs not gonna win the cup in the next 100 years.
  7. leafmeister says:

    That would be interesting.

    To COL: Bozak, Caputi, PHI 1st, BOS 1st, TOR 2nd
    To TOR: Paul Statsny

    If Richards is resigned by then I think it would be something to consider.

  8. lafleur10 says:

    cam i did say i liked the deal for the leafs they did great in what they got in the trade i don't if the caron kid would've been all that much better than colborne (spelling) colborne is a burke type guy and is huge being 6"5 i think you guys did great! i wouldn't say the leafs had the 6th best prospect pool but if you say they did then then must i would think it would be lower there just isn't much there ……..at least before all the trades now you do have some very nice pieces gardiner is a very interesting prospect with a huge upside kadri the jury is still out on him. i mean he should've made it this year considering that you were 1 of the guys on here saying that he was going to better than  hall and seguin and jordan eberle………i told you that he wasn't and isn't close to those guys  and it's looking more that way but he's stilll a good prospect !if i was the leafs i would just keep those 1st r.d picks and draft a couple of more guys to add to your organization there is always good player availble at those spots in the draft even in a so-called wek draft remeber getzlaf,perry,s.koivu etc were taken that high and those guys turn out all right there out there it's just a matter of indetifying and drafting the right guy because alot of teams do make mistakes at those postions in the draft! but i also think the leafs will trade those pick or will trade both to move in the draft to get into the top 10 it wouldn't surprise me 1 bit!

  9. Boston_Bruins says:

    It's more because he's very raw. It doesn't really have to do with motivation (or at least not in my opinion). He has a very unique skillset, but has to put it all together.

  10. lafleur10 says:

    reimer looks like a good 1 i think you guys have found your goaltender aulie well i don't know much about him and his potential you'd know more about him since your a leafs fans! i'm intriguied by some of the kids we have too we i hope they can come in and help us too like the guys we brought up this year! guys like leblanc,bournival,,walsh,tinordi,palushaj,gallagher,bennet,pateryn,kristo,avtsin,schultz,ect i could lis more too that i haven't even mentioned
     and the guys we've brought up this year dasharnais,nash,weber,pacioretty pyatt,white,etc
     ithink this just shows that the daft is paying off for us and we have alot of talent in the pipeline so our future is very bright!

  11. cam7777 says:

    lol, okay bud.  you told me all right.  players develop at different rates.  the fact that kadri has struggled this year is hardly proof that he will not turn out better than hall and eberle and seguin.  in fact, his nhl production pace was better than seguin's, despite not having sheltered minutes and solid linemates on a good team.  that is neither here nor there though.  comparing those players at this point is flat out foolish.  i also don't recall ever saying kadri would be better than hall.  i definitely compared him to eberle and seguin though, and as far as i am concerned, that still looks pretty accurate.  seguin belolngs in the juniors, and eberle, while massively impressive, is not so amazing that he's set some unachievable standard.  kadri is just on a different path.  the fact that he is in the ahl has no effect on our previous discussion on this matter.  you assume it does, because you want to find fault with him.  it's natural. you're a habs fan.  it's your job to baselessly devalue our talent.  i should remind you though, that a similar comparison would be couture, who is doing far better than any of the aforementioned players, and appears to be on the same track as kadri in terms of age, size, attempts at the bigs, and so on and so forth.

    basically, the leafs have a top player in every league except the NHL, so it's only a matter of time before some of these picks start panning out.  Kadri is a PPG in the AHL.  Sadly, Caputi has been terribly ill all year and not able to join him.  Would be nice to have a big PPG guy on his wing, but he's doing just fine with John Mitchell right now.  Keep in mind, were Caputi not so ill, he is a guy who's outperformed the Habs Pacioretty at the AHL level.  He likely would have taken the next step this year in a similar fashion.

    Matt Frattin is the run away Hobey Baker winner for this year, while Gardiner is ranked the top defensemen in the league

    Josh Nicholls maintains top line duties on the best team in the WHL ahead of his 2nd line teammate, Brayden Schenn.

    Jesse Blacker ranked the 2nd best defensemen in the CHL just ahead of Ellis, and just behind Doherty.  Excellent company, and his progress has been remarkable to watch.

    D'Amigo, at 19, is keeping pace with other guys his age and older like Zack Kassian and Brayden Schenn.  He's challenging Landeskog for top forward on the team right now.

    Then you include the goalies, who have won multiple honors this year for player of the week, month, etc.  Rynnas, Reimer and Scrivens have been absolutely lights out good. 

    That doesn't even take into account Keith Aulie who's jumped into a top 2 pairing position and looked amazing (granted, there's going to be a coming back down to earth with him, but he's looking very good).

    By the way, it was Hockey's Future who ranked us that high, so it's not exactly a science, but it shows you that other teams are not so deep any more.  The Leafs have caught right up.  The issue is that everyone in the organization is 19.  When they are 21/22, the results will come.

    People will only be able to brush Leaf prospects aside for so long.  Pretty soon the reality that they are outperforming most everybody else will come to the forefront.  Burke has done an amazing job restocking the cupboards.  To think our top prospect was Tlusty 3 years ago.  Sickening.

  12. reinjosh says:

    I disagree. I'm inclined to side with Sherman and his scouting department (which has been pretty impressive in the past two years).

    I'm concerned about Stewart. Since he has come back, he hasn't done anything. in fact he has been absolutely horrendous defensively since he came back. I have a feeling he needed a change.

  13. Boston_Bruins says:

    You take homerism to a new level. You argue for point pace (which you are dead wrong about by the way, Seguin's PPG is higher along with scoring more than 0 goals), yet try to bring up an argument of "sheltered minutes" as if that helps him? And who are these good linemates he's playing with?

  14. lafleur10 says:

    you guys havesome stuff no doubt not all of it will develop into nhl talent! but so far you have some nices pieces i wouldn't say that caputi is developing like pacioretty that's a bit of a stretch  i think before he was dasharnais was running away with the scoring lead in the ahl and pacioretty was in the top 5 i believe before he was recalled! the leafs just don't have these type of guys yet that they call call up and help then the way our young bulldogs have and keep us in the top 5 in the east but i think they will eventually

  15. dumbassdoorman says:

    Seriously, I think someone is gonna take Souray on re-entry waivers. At half his salary and cap hit why not? I wouldn't mind seeing the leafs take a stab at him, though most will laugh.

  16. reinjosh says:

    At 2.7 million on the cap, I would be stunned if no one took a stab at him.

    I'm not exactly a fan of Souray, but he would help improve the d core we have now. Plus any move to get Lebda out of the lineup is a win. He would be able to replace Beauchemin on the PP and give us a shot for the 2nd PP unit.

    Why not? If it doesn't work out we could pop him right back down a 2.5 million. The move could re-energize him too. Give him the desire to work hard to get paid after next season.

  17. DannyLeafs says:

    I don't necessarily think it is a staggeringly weak draft, but every player has some question marks, no home runs. I think this is one of those drafts where the best player could be a player selected anywhere from 1-10, meaning having the number one overall pick is not as valuable as it was in past drafts.

    That doesn't mean a team couldn't get a cornerstone player, could be a year like 2007 (I know the best player did go #1 overall, but the competition was tighter, and if Turris had been picked first nobody would have been overly shocked.) where there has really been only one star emerge as of yet, but he wasn't the hands down number one choice the entire year.

  18. DannyLeafs says:

    And I completely agree with that assessment, I am just saying that I don't get the boom or bust statement mainly because I think there is plenty of room for him to be somewhere in the middle. I mean, I wouldn't call him a bust if he turned out to be a 20 goal 50 point second line center who doesn't use his size overly well, but it definitely wouldn't be the absolute best of his potential, and I could definitely see that in his future should he continue to play without an edge.

    To me he seems kind of like Blake Wheeler with more Hockey sense, which again, wouldn't be a bust, but not necessarily anything special.

    I just think it's strange that people keep saying boom or bust when in actuality the highest liklihood is that he turns into a regular NHL contributor or fringe second line center.

  19. Boston_Bruins says:

    Of course he could end up somewhere in the middle, but I think the tendencies are just much higher for him to be either or compared to other prospects. You'll hear that more about raw prospects.

    The Wheeler assessment is fair, but the hockey sense isn't even comparable. Wheeler has TERRIBLE hockey sense, where as Colborne is noted for his.

  20. reinjosh says:

    I think Colorado is betting right on this. Everyone thought this would be Johnson's breakout season but they mostly failed to take into account the year he missed from that golf cart accident. He regressed and had to almost start his development over again. You could almost consider this the sophomore year. A new team and a third straight season could be exactly enough to jump start Johnson into his potential.

  21. TimTheBone says:

    Yeah that deal to columbus would be brutal…..

    I would stay away from macintyre though…. he plays mininal minutes a game and is there for one reason…. and has marginal skill…. It would be Laraque all over again… We need someone who has the ability to keep up with our style of play and not hinder our momentum when its going, but still be that physical presence…. Stortini fits that bill… 6'4 220 lbs…. reasonable speed and can play a decent game… 8-10 minutes a game wouldn't be unreasonable for him on the fourth line…. and we don't need someone to put lucic on his ass, just someone who won't get a bully beatdown from him…

    Kostitsyn, Eller, and a 1st should land the package of Penner, Stortini… and if there are better offers sweeten the deal for Edmonton with Paluhsaj, or pyatt or another pick…..

  22. lafleur10 says:

    doorman as a habs fan i was thinking that we haven't done much  yet and it wouldn't surprise me if gauhtier grabbed souray

  23. lafleur10 says:

    i'm just am not that high on stortini i'd rahter have macintyre but i agree on penner i'd even offer a 1st r.d pick in 2012 if i had to

  24. TimTheBone says:

    well first of alll, I'm not going to start a new article just to say i think MTL should trade for penner and carkner….. doesnt make sense… and since there arent any relevant Habs threads and there was about 16 articles about kaberle posted in a week talking about the same damn thing…. I figured i post it here, where theres a high volume of traffic so eyes will see my post…. there arent alot of views on Habs threads here based on the amount of leaf fans… the argument most habs fans bring is that since theres 20 leaf article a week compared to 1 or 2 habs articles why post leaf comments in our hab articles… thats all that argument was about….

    second of all…. I believe Ottawa is cleaning house and no one is safe…. young talent and thats it…. Carkners as expenadable as any other to ottawa…. they juist need a proper offer that makes sense for them

  25. TimTheBone says:

    Yeah sure ofcourse there are better skating ones… guys like Ryan, Backes, Lucic, Kesler would all be a better fit… But there isn't anyone better Available…. thats where I land on Penner

  26. TimTheBone says:

    well ya see I'm not high on Macintyre… I personally don't agree with the enforcer role… a guy who plays 3 minutes a game and spends 5 or more in the box…. waste of a roster spot….Stortini is a Rob Neidermeyer type player to me actually…. but abit tougher…. If we landed him our fourth line of Moen Halpern Stortini could be reminscent of Moen Pahlsson Neids of Anaheims cup run

  27. TimTheBone says:

    i think its the other way around…. The top 5 guys are just so different in styles of play and positions that its not that they arent "franchise type" but that it all depends on the teams needs as far as 1st overall goes…. i think that after the top 5 guys the talent drops off considerably

  28. toronto77 says:

    Burke mentioned that he will go after a defenceman to replace Kaberle, so I am assuming he will use one first rounder in a package to get a defenceman and the other first rounder to get a top 6 centremen. If he was smart he should use both first rounders for a top 6 centremen and leave the defence.

    But he will have to target teams that have no intention of making the playoffs, in the west go after:

    Edmonton- Andrew Cogliano
    Colorado-Peter Mueller
    St.Louis-T.J. Oshie
    Columbus-Derrick Brassard

    New Jersey-Zajac

    If we get Kessel going than we have a really good shot of making the playoffs. Keep Lupul on left wing, demote Bozak for the new centremen and Kessel on the right will be a second dominant line.

  29. Mapleleaves says:

    i guess you didnt understand that i dont think torontos pick will be that low WHY ALL THE YELLING . Get a life

  30. LeafsFTW17 says:

    I still want Tavares but do you think that the blues would get rid of Oshie? I don't know if he is a #1 center but im just curious to see if the blues would get rid of him.

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