Kaberle to Columbus for the 4th pick?

Columbus holds the fourth pick in the NHL draft and there is all kinds of speculation around the Stanley Cup final that the Blue Jackets are under pressure to make the playoffs and may not have the time or inclination to wait for yet another player to develop. Don’t be surprised if Brian Burke makes an attempt to deal Tomas Kaberle and more to Columbus to try and get an early pick … I guess size matters: The Maple Leafs don’t lead the NHL in any category other than size of front office …

One outdoor NHL game is perfect on New Year’s Day. Two is too many, unless it supplants the horrible NHL all-star game … The story going around about Devils players receiving text messages on the afternoon of playoff games informing them they are not dressing that night was reason enough to fire Jacques Lemaire, who instead fired himself as coach … Strange as it sounds, and money aside, a Hedo Turkoglu for Vince Carter trade actually makes some sense on some levels for both teams … I know it’s beating a dead horse but an NHL with two teams in Toronto is a stronger business than an NHL without … What you see in Doc Rivers and Stan van Gundy and you don’t see in Jay Triano: Presence. How teams respond to their coach. How officials respond. It’s something tangible: You either have it or you don’t.