Kaberle Update from the Dreger Report

Failing a complete meltdown – which has scuttled at least one previous trade involving the Toronto Maple Leafs, Tomas Kaberle, and the Boston Bruins – there’s strong belief that Kaberle will be traded to Boston.
It’s unlikely the deal gets done today, but sources say it’s close and say the deal doesn’t hinge on Kaberle signing an extension with the Bruins. The dynamics of the trade haven’t been entirely worked out and sources indicate the Leafs are waiting for Boston to put the final pieces of the puzzle in place – a process which may take another day or two to finalize. Cap space is somewhat of an issue for the Bruins – who are believed to be working on a secondary trade (not involving Toronto) to create some cap flexibility.
With the addition of Chris Kelly, Blake Wheeler has become a likely target – primarily because of his $2.2 million salary. Wheeler is a versatile forward who’s comfortable playing both the wing and at centre and is believed to be drawing interest from other teams. Stay tuned.