Kaberle would waive his no trade clause?

The Toronto Sun is reporting that Thomas Kaberle may be willing to waive his no trade clause if he was asked to do so.

It is noted that Kaberle has not been asked by Burke to waive his no trade clause as of yet but the jist of the story is that Kaberle would not feel wanted by the team anymore if he was asked to waive his no trade clause, so it is really up to the GM to deal a player or not.

Of note is that Kaberle has produced 25 points so far this season and is still under contract for another 2 seasons at a “reasonable” price of 4.25 million.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    I like it Luke. Good job too Muckies, its rare to see a big 3 way swap posted on here that inlcudes high profile names and big name prospects that actually makes sense. But I think this one works!

  2. leafy says:

    Another solid game by Toronto's 2 best defencemen: Ian White and Luke Schenn.

    Okay, the 2 best D after Kaberle.

    Again, we got a good look at the Flyers speedy and larger forwards. A good model for the Leafs to follow while rebuilding.

    By the way, Philly's defensive zone coverage looks a little suspect, although they got the job done tonight.

  3. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    Right you are. If Malkin and Crosby don't score at least 4 goals between them, they lose. No secondary scoring to speak of. They remind me of Ottawa.

  4. jonnygf40 says:

    Vancouver would give up Edler to get their hands on Kaberle.  I could see a trade like:

    To Tor: Edler, Grabner and possibly a 2nd round draft pick.
    But holy shatballs, with your other trade proposals are you ever off your rocker.  Lupul, vanRiemsdyk and a pick.  Are you nuts?  Poti, Gustafsson and a FIRST AND SECOND round picks???  For Kaberle?  I mean I know he's a hell of a player, but good night.  No team is going to give up that much for him.
  5. NHLSlayer says:

    This deal never happens.  Would be amazing for Toronto to pull off, but unless there's a special pipe on Shero's nighttable, he's not dumb enough to go near this.

    Remember, Staal went 2nd overall LESS than 3 years ago, and you want Pittsburgh to add an ADDITIONAL 1st Round pick, to get a guy like Kaberle?  Pittsburgh could use a guy like Kabby, but not nearly at that price.

  6. NHLSlayer says:

    Exactly, a deal signed during the season has nothing to do with a trade done during the offseason.  NOT a sign and trade, get your facts straight first..

  7. NHLSlayer says:

    To ANYONE who thinks that they can dream of Kaberle wearing the Red and Blue of Montreal, just KEEP DREAMING…

    With him being locked up for a few more years, the LAST thing Toronto will do is move him to a divisional rival that you have to play 6 times a season.  Simply not happening.  Brian Burke does NOT often deal within his own division ever, look at his history of trades.  During his time as GM of the Ducks, he made ONE mid-season move with a divisional rival, at the deadline in 2006 when he acquired Sean O'Donnell from Phoenix for Joel Perreault.  Not exactly a high profile deal.  If you look at EVERY other deal that Brian Burke has made throughout his career, with all different teams, he has NEVER sent a premier player to a team within his own division, and I highly expect he'll continue with what's worked for him so far.

    Habs fans?  KEEP DREAMING, that's all it will ever be, a DREAM.

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