Karel Pilar is coming back to Toronto!!!

Karel Pilar has just signed a contract with the Marlies with hopes of joining the Leafs.

Karel was once Toronto’s best prospect. He had similar skating and puck handling skills as Thomas Kaberle. A future full of promise was disturbed by a mysterious virus that caused heart complications.

He cleared medical and JFJ offered a spot on the Marlies.
Karel has been practicing at Lakeshore Lions Arena getting ready for his return to North American Hockey.



Future look at the defense lines

Kaberle – McCabe
Pilar – Kubina
Colaiacovo – White

45 Responses to Karel Pilar is coming back to Toronto!!!

  1. PaulK123 says:

    Why would you keep Gill out? He has been one of our most solid defenseman in our own end this year, you lines are screwed, here are the right ones:


  2. Uncleben says:


    Love Pilar. I've been waiting for this

  3. SabresFan220 says:

    I never hated Pilar, maybe he'll have it when he hits the ice again. All of Leafs nation are holding their collective breath at this.

  4. linnekHABS says:

    Hey Just don't hold on to your breath for to long!

  5. DeathCab says:

    Didn't we just trade Bell 'cause of an abundance of defensive prospects?

    I loved Pilar, but he's now 29.  He's not a prospect by any stretch of the imagination.  And if you remember, he tried this once before only to have his heart condition come back. 

    I hope it works well for him and he becomes yet another serviceable NHLer in the Leafs system, but I certainly won't be holding my breathe on this one.

  6. BieksaForMVP says:

    Who cares? He won't make the team, and he's not even a prospect anymore. If the Canuck's penalty problam thing doesn't matter why does signing a 29 year player who will not make the team matter?

  7. 92-93 says:

    hope it works out for him. certainly would give the Leafs some pretty good depth or at least add to it. hopefully he is putting health before hockey though.

    on another note. worst example of homerism journalism in recent memory was committed by Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette (dont worry, every city has some pretty bad examples of these including Toronto):

    "Most disgraceful performance by a team captain on the ice: Mats Sundin, for that Academy Award display at the Bell Centre a week ago tonight.

    By now, you've seen the trailer: A little more than a minute left in the game, the Leafs trailing the Canadiens 5-4. Sundin was hit along the boards and apparently suffers some kind of minor cut in his mouth.

    For the next three or four minutes, the game was delayed while Sundin whined his way from one on-ice official to another, spitting repeatedly on the ice and pointing at invisible flecks of blood in his attempt to draw a high-sticking penalty.

    One minute, okay. Even two. But to go on and on – at the very least, Sundin should have been whistled for two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct. A sad way to mark the first anniversary of Sweden's gold-medal victory at the Olympic Games with Sundin and Finnish rival Saku Koivu as captains.

    Koivu might have been on the losing side at the Olympics, but he would never sink to the level Sundin reached here.

    Depends where you play: Let's see now – Chris Neil's hit to the head on Chris Drury drew a suspension of exactly zero games, like most of the other head-hunting in the NHL this season. Cam Janssen's hit on Tomas Kaberle, however, was good for a three-game suspension.

    We've just reviewed the two hits on YouTube and if anything, the Neil hit looks worse. We would like to see suspensions in BOTH cases, but why did Neil get off and Janssen did not? Couldn't be because Kaberle plays hockey in the Centre of the Universe, now could it"

    can anyone explain to me how Mr. Todd missed the blatant high stick that night? oh yeah, he reports for the Canadiens. or maybe he's watching a different clip of the Kaberle hit because it was clearly way worse than the Drury hit.

    what a whiner and a pathetic excuse for a journalist. i mean, there are more people on this site who dont even get paid to be 'fair and balanced' and yet display less partisan opinions than this guy who supposedly went to journalism school.

  8. Gretzkin says:

    Considering the age old rivalry, you have to expect that kind of stuff and be able to take it as homerism for the sake of getting people all riled up.

    And a Toronto Maple Leaf fan, in the Toronto market might want to keep his mouth shut when it comes to outing homers. It runs rampant, and it's the single most disgusting thing to have to read in all of Canadian Journalism. 

    Though, for the record, both hits were as clean as the pure driven snow.
    The Drury hit was cleaner, if you are counting the timing, but after watching the Janssen hit again, as it was the talk of the office, it turns out that Janssen's feet are planted long before Kaberle makes the pass. He didn't take another stride. The hit was borderline late, but I don't believe in the realm of too late. The unfortunate part was the awkward fall. That's it.
    Neither hits deserved suspension, and the "Head Hunting" discussion simply doesn't apply to either.
    Though your defense will be that this is a direct quote from the Gazette, and you didn't say these words, but just by bringing the subject up again, you are in fact beating the dead horse.
    You are watching the wrong sport. Or the right sport on the wrong side of the world.
    Message to Pilar:
    You have been said to play similar to that of a Tomas Kaberle.
    Hope you've learned the lesson of keeping your head up.
    We all know Tomas has.
    A fund should be put together to retrieve the money lost that Janssen won't be getting paid for the uncalled for suspension.
  9. thatleafsguy says:

    you're a *****in idiot.

    plain and simple.

  10. Gretzkin says:

    Yeah, I'm the idiot…

    You guys are blind.
    GO LEAFS GO, the most wasted words in the world.
  11. bleedingblu says:

    Oh god I forgot you had the contact with Maurice.
    That is my opinion you could make up all the lines you want.

  12. bleedingblu says:

    Holy smokes you guys are incredible!! We talk about one little piece of news and everyone thinks Leaf fans are holding their breath… geez. He was a good player. If he can make it back great. If not no biggie the Leafs have good young d men in the system.

  13. bleedingblu says:

    The fans that are in this Leaf post don’t really give a damn what problems the Canucks have.

  14. 92-93 says:

    i never get tired of this: READ WHAT I WROTE … especially when it comes to your comment: "And a Toronto Maple Leaf fan, in the Toronto market might want to keep his mouth shut when it comes to outing homers. It runs rampant, and it's the single most disgusting thing to have to read in all of Canadian Journalism."

    as for the rest of your comments – simplistic, moronic drivel as usual from the great gretzkin.

    go oilers go, stanley cup champions 2007

  15. bleedingblu says:

    You must know about concussions well since it seems like you suffered one at a young age. It would explain why your brain is spewing out all the crap you just posted.

    Instead of Janssen having a fund, we should have a fund for you….. for your condition and all….but then again who would care about reviving a hater such as yourself.

    …. “neither hits deserved suspensions….” ?????? unreal!

    People would like you to write with logic not hatred.

  16. bleedingblu says:

    …had to be from the Montreal Gazette. No wonder that organization is falling apart.

  17. PaulK123 says:

    lol, haven't you noticed how much better Kubina has been playing with Kaberle? And how well McCabe can play with a puck-moving defenseman (White). The last line is just solid defensivly.

  18. Gretzkin says:

    I did read what you wrote, and your go oilers go doesn't get me going at all.

    I know they're done for the year, but I've enjoyed 5 cups in my lifetime, and almost a 6th last year.
    That's just under 20% of the time that the oilers win the cup, so far.
    The Leafs, well, you know the sad story…
    The Great Gretzking is way better than Mr Pufty 92-93 even on a bad day.
  19. habswinthecup-again says:

     Mr. Todd is most definately biased to the Habs, just like Neale, Cole, Simmons, the whole crew on TSN, and the whole friggin' bunch of idiots on CBC are to the Leafs. So what? Jack Todd is a writer for the Habs and he expressed something that he believed needed to be said, what is wrong with that? Now if you want to get into the game that is fine, Sundin took a high stick (happens all the time) he then spent 4-5 minutes *****ing about it to no avail, you know what buddy? he should have gotten a delay of game penalty, the refs let him rant because he is Sundin, anybody else on the ice (maybe not Koivu) would have gotten a delay of game penalty, so there you go mr. 92-93 that is why Mr. Todd wrote his rant.

     And yes Janssens deserved a suspension and Neil did not.

     As I have stated before I sincerely hope that Kaberle is okay real soon, he is definately one of the best in the game, I also hope that Pilar can make it all the way back to the NHL because he was there until his heart condition changed his life.

     Now, having said that I do not believe that this was the place for your little hissy fit, this story was about a young man trying to make it back to the NHL after suffering a serious ailment, and yet you found it to be the appropriate place to ***** and whine about something that a reporter wrote in his column about your beloved captain, shame on you!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Gretzkin says:

    I don't think they deserved suspensions.

    The Neil hit was clean clean clean, and Drury wasn't wearing his helmut the way it was intended.
    Kaberle had his head down and hit the boards weird. It's so simple, buy you Leafs are reading too much into it, considering it's your guy that went down.
    I understand, but you guys need to be less one sided.
  21. 92-93 says:

    good. so you read the part that said “worst example of homerism journalism in recent memory was committed by Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette (dont worry, every city has some pretty bad examples of these including Toronto)”

    ok, moving on.

    so yeah, that last comment says it all.

    just like all the other so-called debates that we’ve had that have ended up with you literally saying “I win – I win!” and even that one time when you challenged me to come and find you somewhere in Toronto (never specifying where of course) and to travel to YOU and fight you in some alley way.

    gee, so not are you immature, prone to calling others ‘fa_s,’ ‘homos’ ‘girly-men’ etc. … (re: challenging the masculinity of others to cover up for your very obvious lack) … you are also ineffective.

    yes. youre history lesson is a very short-sighted one. you know what they say, history reflects the people that wrote it. so my hockey historical knowledge dates to hockey back to the 1800s and before that … as well as the NHL period that has witnessed a few Toronto dynstaies and an Oiler dynasty. yours dates back to the 1980s (and, conventiently enough, 1967 when you talk about the Leafs. good for you.

  22. 92-93 says:

    .. oh i can read. i know why he wrote his rant. i even acknowledged the bias of toronto media members as well ( i guess you cannot read).

    as for the incident. yes, i guess it is convenient for a hab fan to conclude that instead of the leafs getting a 6-on-4 (with the net empty) in a one goal game during the last minute and a half, it really should have been the habs that got a PP after Sundin got high sticked.

    oh i see how it works now.

    when a hab player commits an offense, the habs get a PP. right, got it.

    shame on me eh? well i addressed Pilar (again, learn to read). then i moved onto another subject, something that i am well within my rights to do. and everyone here who has been on this site awhile should know my feelings towards Pilar and how i have always wished him a speedy recovery. by the way, i broke this story on HTR a few days ago in another thread () and wished Pilar well then too. (scroll halfway down the page http://www.hockeytraderumors.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=8405&mode=&order=0&thold=0)

    oh well. go back to your fantasies now.

  23. Gretzkin says:

    You are hilarious. A true hockey encyclopedia hey? Good for you. Wow! The 1800's, that's amazing, you've impressed so many more people.

    I love it when you tell me what my knowledge base consists of, you sure know me really well.

    Jack Todd, whatever. I was saying how can you have a problem with that when you live in the heartland of the hockey homer journalist. And some other guy mentioned that you should be ashamed of yourself for bringing that up in the wrong forum, but there is one lesson that you refuse to learn: 
    You're comments are generally discussions to yourself, and whenever you are challenged you refuse to back down, or accept the fact that other people's opinions differ from yours.
    So what if I call you the softy that you are? This is an anonymous site of mainly children voicing their entitled opinions. It gets your back up everytime, which is the easily achieved goal.
    I remember offering you a chance to put me in my place, but it wasn't some random alleyway, or some unnamed location. You were supposed to Private Message me, and I would've gladly made my way to you, providing that you are not some 905er, but it would be a waste of time and would solve nothing. Though, it would've been a good laugh I guess.
    You spend too much time claiming an intelligence that you don't convey. Just dribble and nothingness, over and over again. I've been reading your comments for over a year, and yes, just because I haven't been typing, I've been looking, but this site has been really boring this year, and you are the King of Boredom and Irrelevance. Mr. Consistancy is you…
    Actually, the worst example of homerism is listening to Joe Bowen and Harry Neale discuss that Janssen hit. Watch the YouTube again, it's disgusting. They convince themselves that Janssen leaves his feet, and uses his elbow. That was pretty disgusting, but as a biased Leaf fan, you only saw your man down and probably agreed with everything they said, just like you likely always do.  That's my point. Why bother bringing up the homerisms of other teams in their respective markets, when you live and read the worst of it out there.
    What did you expect Todd to say? Dumbass.
  24. 92-93 says:

    i can only assume that people on these boards love reading about the history of hockey – so by no means do i think i am the exception. but in your world, i guess i am.

    yeah i remember the 'PM challenge.' to which i responded: if you really want to meet me so badly (lol), it really should be you PM-ing me about the details and locations since it is I who is visiting YOU. but you never did of course.

    yeah i know Bowen and Neale are homers. so is Cole. youre point? and how does that deviate from what i said within the first few sentences of my original post on the Jack Todd matter??? Bowen is an employee of MLSE. i mean honestly, what did you expect?

    and my opinions should not be disregarded because of the market i live in. that is as narrow of a thought you've had and you've had many.

    i expected Todd – and others in the TORONTO MARKET COVERING THE LEAFS (there, is that clear enough for you? or will i have to bring it to your minscule attention-span again?) – to LIVE UP TO THEIR JOURNALISTIC RESPONSIBILTIES.
    too often i think sports journalists – especially in the ottawa area that i live in (but in others as well of course) – really dont take the journalistic ideals to heart. of course how can they when they see their brethern on the news side reporting the Anna Nicole story over the stories in Iraq. but in any case, just because these guys are sports journalists, does not mean they can ignore the fact that they are journalists and the obligations and IDEALS of objectivity that are supposed to underline their field of work (i say ideals because objectivity is impossible … but striving for it is the least we can expect).

    but anyways, this convo is boring you i see. too much relevance for the great gretzkin to concern himself with. you know? just like the whole player-safety thing when it comes to head-hunting hits. but hey, lets move on and not address the subject, feminize each other and pretend we had a deep discussion about it ok?

  25. BieksaForMVP says:

    okay, but why do I care about a minor leaguer signing with the Leaf's if i'm a Nuck's fan? I know you'll say "why are you posting this if you don't care", but i'm pretty sure your the same person that wrote a comment saying "who care's?", and you were talking about the Nuck's article.

  26. Gretzkin says:

    "i can only assume that people on these boards love reading about the history of hockey – so by no means do i think i am the exception. but in your world, i guess i am."

    -You used hockey history as a point of your intellect when you don't pull stuff out of your 1800's hat and tell me what I know about at the same time.
    "yeah i remember the 'PM challenge.' to which i responded"
    -No you didn't. You did PM me, but were too afraid to take up the challenge, which is fine and probably the best decision you ever made.
    "yeah i know Bowen and Neale are homers. so is Cole. youre point? and how does that deviate from what i said within the first few sentences of my original post on the Jack Todd matter??? Bowen is an employee of MLSE. i mean honestly, what did you expect?
    -You just said it yourself
    -They are sports writers… Sports is entertainment and market driven, which I know you understand. They deliver the news, but are homers to their markets. That's a no brainer, but for Mr. Maple Leaf to rag on the Montreal market when the Leaf market is by far the worst at this is just silly, especially in a non-relevant forum.
    It's one degree away from WWE for chrissakes… and they did their job to get you going… success!
    "just like the whole player-safety thing when it comes to head-hunting hits"
    -Player safety is important and not something that I think is unimportant, but for players to do their jobs within the confines of the rules of the game, I can only feel sorry for the guys that end up injured. It's hockey. It's a tough sport, and in the two hit discussions we are having, the to enforcers (Neil and Janssen) were just doing their jobs and nothing more. There's a risk going out there in the NHL for the so called "elite" players because there are goofs out there like Cam Janssen that are there to do nothing but fight and hit. It's lopsided, but fair. Neil has skills as well as toughness, so I wont bring him down to Janssen's level, but keep in mind, it's HOCKEY!!!! It's a rough game guy, even within the rules. 
    Headhunting is a different thing. McSorley, Bertuzzi, Cicarelli, C.Lemiuex, May, Granato, Domi, Hunter, etc…
    Clean hits that result in injury is not Headhunting. Janssen (arguably late), CLEAN. Neil CLEAN, Torres CLEAN. Campbell on Umberger CLEAN. Stevens on Kariya (much like the Neil hit) CLEAN. Moore on Naslund CLEAN. McSorely on Gilmour CLEAN…. etc, etc, etc.
    You are having the wrong conversation…
    But yeah, I agree, lets move on…
    No winner in this discussion, as far as I see…
  27. TheJourneyman says:

    At this point he is a 7th defenseman at best in the NHL, regardless of which team he plays for; and this does not include the possibility that he may not be able to get back to where he was before the string of problems.

    Even if he does live up to past potential, he would need all of the right circumstances to come about to get a real chance to move up an NHL depth chart.

    ie. any combination of, a nonplayoff-bound team, late in season, injuries on the blueline, and he performs up to all of his potential.

  28. Blueandwhiteblood says:

    You're a joke, and so are the Oilers. Congradts on one of the most pathetic displays of a team coming off a Stanley Cup berth in league history. As for your GM he should be locked in GM jail alongside Mike Millbury for making one of the 10 worst all time trades, you'll be luring a lot of free agents into town in the off-season with your top line of Hemsky Horcoff and Pisani. Your town is a shithole and you'll never make it back to the Glory days of the 80's so hold on to those memories once the ilers have to leave town because they can't afford to keep a basement dwelling team that can't draw exciting players or afford the cap!!!!! Smyth looks great with that NY on his chest and will go get his Stanley cup elsewhere just like Doug Weight!!

  29. habs_punk says:

    First of all, the replays were not nearly as clear as the announcers wanted everyone to think. At no point do you see the stick actually make contact with Sundin's face. I'm not saying it didn't, just that you never actually see it happen. You see the stick in the vicinity of the face and you see Sundin reacting as if he had just been hit with the stick, but you don't see the contact. The announcer's showed their own bias by spending as much time as they did trying to convince everyone that it was a blatant high stick.

    Secondly, Sundin did ***** about it for WAAAAY too long, and I have seen coaches getting penalties for doing the exact same thing. It would not have been unprecedented for Sundin to get an unsportsmanlike or a delay of game penalty. The extent that he carried it on for was just plain disgusting. Did you watch the playoffs much last year? I know your team wasn't there, but still you might have caught a few games. Specifically the one where Koivu almost lost an eye from a high stick that wasn't called. Did you know that there were about 3 other blatant high sticks in that series that the refs missed? It happens all the time. It's not like there's a conspiracy against Sundin and the Leafs.

    As for the hits, I didn't see the Drury hit very much. I saw it once, figured that it was a cheap shot but not illegal, and then never really payed attention when it was shown afterwards. The Kaberle hit, I have to admit that I couldn't believe what Janssen did. It was a blatant cheap shot, definitely very late, and by extension, illegal. I definitely agree with the suspension given to Janssen.

    Bottom line is Mr. Todd is paid to write his opinion, and through doing so he is trying to ignite anti-Leaf sentiments and get that old-fashioned hate flowing between the two most storied franchises in all of hockey. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what he wrote.

  30. Uncleben says:

    There really is nothing wrong with it, but he does have a right to take offence and react to it. Like you said, it was meant to get things started, and it did.

  31. leafsrule31 says:

    i don't think the neil hit was dirty.. simply uncalled for. the janssen hit though?.. dirtiest hit i have seen in a long time, and for you to sit there and defend it shows pure lack of hockey knowledge and character. when you veer out of your path to finish a check.. 3 steamboats after the matter, leave your feet and cloooobber a star player.. when your only purpose in this league is to goon in the first place. its a dirty hit. there's no defending it. the awkward fall was created by the hit?.. ya goof.

    your a moron? you really are a moron.. you sound like a jersey leafy mcleaf. and your little keep your head up kaberle comment?.. is borderline disgusting.. you should bury your head in the ground. why not sit there and drop some anna nicole jokes now?.. complete lack of class.

    go learn the sport.. pull your head out of your ass. and learn some respect.

  32. bleedingblu says:

    well, truth of the matter is anyone that plays with Kaberle is going to play better. I like Kubina, I just wish he would shoot more. McCabe needs a puck moving defense man because he can't really move it himself. I like White but I think Pilar is a little stronger and smoother on the puck… well he used to be… I don't see him getting worse.

  33. mojo19 says:

    Best case scenario, Karel returns to form the way he played for us before and the way he played in the Czech league as a superstar D-man, and is a solid 3rd or 4th d-man on the team. Which would be great.

    Worst case scenario, his heart condition returns (knock on wood), but let's say it doesn't but he doesn't come back with the same intensity he once had and he's a depth d-man 6th through 8th on the depth chart. Either way its a plus to have him back.

  34. mojo19 says:

    Shut up about the Canucks. Pilar is playing again!

    Besides this is news. He's hoping to return to the leafs for next season after reconditioning this year with the Marlies, and if he can come back to his full potential it would be a huge boost.

  35. mojo19 says:

    Habs punk, I stopped reading your long boring comment after the first sentence when you seemed to hint that the stick didn't hit Sundin in the face and cut his mouth.

    Do you really think Sundin who has absolutely no history of whining would go on and on for no reason.

    And by the way: The reason the ref's didn't give him an unsportsmanlike penalty or a delay of game penalty or something stupid like that is because they know they were wrong and Sundin was right and they all looked pretty dumb for missing the high stick.

  36. mojo19 says:

    If Pilar is in good shape next year the defense would look in my opinion something like this:

    Kaberle – Kubina
    McCabe – Pilar
    Gill – Colaiacovo

  37. I-BE-LEAF says:

    welcome back to Toronto, Karel!!!

    very happy to see him return as the Marlies can certainly use his skills for the remainder of the season.

    Go Marlies, go!!!

  38. habs_punk says:

    Seems to be a pattern on this site, people so set that their own opinion is the only one that matters, that they won't even read what other people write. I would tell you to go right ahead and ***** yourself, but of course you've probably already stopped reading. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you stopped reading when you saw the comment was written by a Habs fan. If you aren't going to read a comment, don't *****ing respond to it.

    I didn't imply that the stick didn't hit Sundin. I merely said that the contact was not caught on tape, and the announcers were showing their incredible bias by talking as if it was just as blatant as Janssen't hit on Kaberle. As for Sundin's non-history of whining, I don't buy that for a second. Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that Sundin and a few other members of the team refused to talk to the press after a game because of a missed call? And until you can give some proof, like a statement from the referees involved saying that they didn't give Sundin a penalty because they knew they were wrong, don't make comments like that. It's just pure speculation being stated as fact.

  39. 92-93 says:

    i'll reply to last few sentences… his job is to be a journalist. not to 'ignire anti-leaf sentiments and get that old-fashion hate flowing…'

  40. 92-93 says:

    i saw angles of the stick hitting Sundin's face. i dont know what station you were watching it could have honestly been a different one.

    in any case, Sundin's one of the classiest guys in the league. he doesnt whine nearly as much as you say he does. finally, for a guy who gets hacked and slashed and pulled down and DOES NOT DIVE EVER … its remarkable how few penalties Sundin actually draws compared to players and teams who tend to dive (and we all know that the Pens have JUST RECENTLY taken over the Habs as the worst diving team in the NHL, a title the Habs had for many years).

  41. 92-93 says:

    well i hope it works out in any case. i have been closely monitoring this guy for awhile now and he has some good skills and is a solid D-guy … when healthy.

  42. 92-93 says:

    let me get this through that thick little skull of yours one more time:
    1) you want ME to go to YOU to fight you in T.O. (ludicrous and juvenile, but fine …)
    2) but you wanted me to PM you … um … something … even though it is YOU that had to provide ME with all the details since i was travelling to YOU. makes sense eh?
    3) so not am i doing all the travelling to face off against a moron, i'm doing it not knowing exactly where i'm going. and somehow by PM-ing you, i would magically find out where i was going.

    there is only one word to describe this, actually 3 – stupidity. veiled cowardice (on your part since youre inability to follow through on any of your juvenile threats was made quite evident in how difficult you made it for me to actually get to you).

    … got it gretzkin? but no, you'll twist it somehow and pretend that your inability to give me vital info. to meet (and beat) you is somehow my fault.

    sports writers and journalists. oh i see, its semantics right? but these 'sports writers' are also journalists that have their own internal codes and ethics that are self-regulated  by various journalistic bodies. their responsibilities is not just to the market – to sell papers – but SHOULD ALSO BE to their own profession and keeping it PROFESSIONAL.

    that is why LEafs TV is a joke. its run by MLSE. no credibility there.

    of course hockey is rough. what is youre point exactly? i'm not talking about elminating roughness from the game of hockey. i am talking about responsible play, and getting rid of dirty head-hunting shots AND hits that are deemed to be safe under the rules right now but really should be phased out of the game (i.e. head hits).

    agreed. moving on.

  43. leafsrule31 says:

    then you need to shut your mouth and pay attention..

    because the replay clearly showed the stick hitting him in the mouth. cbc on national television.. and thats why they slowed it down and showed it again and made a big deal about a missed call. because it did show it.. and the refs missed it.

    .. dumbass

  44. 92-93 says:

    in a best case scenario, Pilar returns to the Leafs and plays the way he played last season, and signs for less than a million.

    that would officially put Kubina and/or Gill on the trading block IMO. it would be nice to see and it would really solidify an already deep defense corps.

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