Kariya Crowned??

Spector is reporting that there is a rumor circulating that Paul Kariya will become a Los Angeles King very soon. The report states a defenceman and Bryan Smolinski would go the other way. This comes after the Anahiem Mighty Ducks announced they were lowering certain ticket prices and haulting the increase on others. I think with the announcement of ticket prices in Anaheim signals Kariya will soon be leaving the Duck Pond for bigger and better things. The Kings would make a good fit, they will be looking for a complement to their two strong forwards, Jason Allison and Zigmund Palffy. That would make a great line.

3 Responses to Kariya Crowned??

  1. Meido says:

    I really think it sucks. Kariya should either stay at Anaheim or go to the Red Wings. The Wings got most of the best players so Paul Kariya would have a big chance of winning the Stanley Cup. But if he do go to the Red Wings, the new coach might suck a lot.

  2. canucklehead_1 says:

    Another tale of post 90 expansion teams that don’t have any fans or heart.

  3. mooney182 says:

    that is ridiculous

    now that aneheim has ozolinch they are in no need of another defesman

    and to trade their franchise player, they would need more than just smolinski

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