Kariya Signs

Tsn.ca is reporting Nashville and Kariya have agreed to terms. The deal is reportedly worth 4.5M$ a season over 2 years.

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  1. TML4ever says:

    Ridiculous! 2.25 mil?! Amazing deal.

  2. leafsbud says:

    I wonder what Fergys plan is……hmmm, hopefully he will make a move or 2 over the weekend.

  3. tit4tat says:

    Another FA slips through Toronto’s fingers.

    But seriously, I’m starting to feel sorry for Leafs fans. It looks like the 80s all over again when I felt so bad for them getting blown out 7-3 and 5-1 game after game.

  4. Mattay05 says:

    wtf who expected this one????

  5. Pilgrim says:

    Nashville got a great deal. But Kariya would have been alot happier and probably more productive with the Oilers in Canada. What kind of fans if any do they have in Nashville?

  6. wingerxxx says:

    Not to worry. They just signed Allison. As long as he doesn’t take a hit to the head, they’ll be fine.

  7. Leafs88 says:

    What a bargian! Great job by Nashville! I’d have to say it’s the best deal yet in term of money!

  8. BruinsGM says:

    why is the focus on toronto if there werent even any serious reports about a kariya signing in toronto?

  9. Marky2Fresh says:

    Yee Haw!!!!!

  10. Reverend says:

    Who the hell even wants to play in Nashville? I would have greatly preferred to see him head to Edmonton, they look like they’ll have a good team this year.

  11. BruinsGM says:

    This signing PROVES that the new CBA is working to plan…

    Small-market teams are getting the opportunity to sign big label names like Kariya, which will spread out the talent in the NHL, making for more exciting games.

    It’s true that no one really gets excited for a signing like this (bc of Nashville), but, signings like this are what will make this upcoming year one of the most competitive ever…

    Take a look at the signings. Most of the teams that had no big name players went out and signed or traded for at least one. And most of the teams who didn’t make moves already had a big name player…

    (btw… does Washington know that they are still in the NHL?)

    Overall, great signing for Nashville. Great pricetag and something the fans can actually get excited about…

  12. Aetherial says:

    Great signing for Nashville!

    I wonder if this is the first sign that the first wave is over, teams are getting to their budget, and he price of players is plummetting.

    By this time next week, whoever is left is going to be going for cheap.

  13. Tanglung says:

    Nashville is an offensive juggernaut in the making, with Sullivan, Walker, and guys like Zidlicky..I loaded up my fantasy team with those guys after the Sullivan deal 2 seasons ago, and i made out like a bandit..Nashville is a solid young team, and adding Kariya makes them that much better..Nice move Kariya, nicer move Nashville!

  14. CechmanekForVezina says:

    Did you even WATCH the playoffs last year?

  15. max_webster says:

    It’s actually 4.5 mil per year, not 2.25.

    Still, it’s nice to see Nashville finally get a star forward.

  16. beefer says:

    I don’t think any of us watched the NHL playoffs last year.

  17. neely08 says:

    actually it is 2.25/year jacka$$!

  18. Pilgrim says:

    I must of missed them, but the last time I saw them Nashville was beaten in the first round.

  19. Veggetto19 says:

    Now i like Paul but i am starting to think A) maybe he’s overrated B) he gets hurt and then milks the injury C) he washed up and needs to hang the skates up. I hope he does gret this year and makes me look like and idiot for saying this but i would love to see him at some point back with the ducks.

  20. Veggetto19 says:

    Maybe no ok forsure Sullivan but dont overrate the rest of these no namers.

  21. Pilgrim says:

    Correct, everyone is reporting 2.25 million, but nice try bigshot.

  22. EmptyNetter says:

    No, they specified it was a two year deal for $4.5m per year.


  23. vanstan says:

    You two are dipshits. The guy is right. ITS 4.5 PER YEAR, NOT TOTAL. QUIT BEING SUCH DUMBASSES UNTIL YOU KNOW THE FACTS.

  24. CechmanekForVezina says:

    I was referring to your ignorant comment about their fans. They packed their stadium for their two home games and the crowd was a major factor in beating Detroit in those games.

  25. CechmanekForVezina says:

    I was referring to your ignorant comment about their fans. They packed their stadium for their three home games and the crowd was a major factor in beating Detroit in games 3 and 4.

  26. NemiNA says:

    Good move, but now their too soft. Markov helps with the rough stuff, but they need a few badasses. Walker will be able to mix it up more with Kariya taking over a scoring role.

  27. Sting19 says:

    Yea, but they put up a pretty dang good fight against Detroit for a first time playoff team.

  28. mikita says:

    $2.25 million per year is a steal for Kariya. I think we’ll start seeing some bargains now after the initial frenzy. Those that don’t sign early will be casualties of the cap under the new system.

  29. grant_mcallister says:

    What the F@@# is JFJ doing?

  30. habfan1160 says:

    It appears as though that the new CBA is working. With the excitment generated by this year’s draft and the free agent sigings and trades around the league, the NHL is heading in the right direction, ala the NFL. Hopefully, the one year off would work out positvely for the NHL and NHLPA in the long run

  31. Flyer_Dman says:

    Thats ridiculous. The media constantly groups 5-6 clubs together as being jokes and you peons go right along with it. Nashville has a sweet rink, solid fans, and made an impressive showing in the playoffs last year against a stacked Detroit Red Wings. The club has great players, management, and ownership. Now that the playing field is even get used to hearing good things about Nashville.

  32. distance7 says:

    Very excited about this. He’s 30, right? Speedy, great hands. This is the type of player that the rules changes will benefit more than anyone. Great signing, GREAT signing.

  33. titans says:

    Paul Kariya playing hockey for the Nashville Predators…just doesn’t sound right.

  34. distance7 says:

    Sounds awesomely right to me…

  35. EmptyNetter says:

    I agree and I’ll be grateful if this means the end of “teams that should be contracted” discussions.

  36. rojoke says:

    To all those contraction-happy folks who liked to trot out the Predators as examples of teams more interested in preventing goals than scoring them, this ought to put a serious dent in that argument. True, Kariya has had some injury problems in seasons past and his performance hasn’t been consistent, but you have to admit that Kariya isn’t a guy interested in playing a trap-only system. And the Predators have one more weapon with which they can play a more balanced style.

    Who would have thought, this time last summer, that Kariya would be in Nashville, Adam Foote would be in Columbus, Chris Pronger in Edmonton and Nikolai Khabibulin in Chicago, after the league shut down for an entire year?

  37. EmptyNetter says:

    Plus it will be able to market the Preds with a recognizable face and name like Kariya on board.

  38. EmptyNetter says:

    able = easier

  39. distance7 says:

    Very true. Kariya is good with the media. Not saying the players they have now aren’t, but…most of them, no one cares if they’re good with the media or not. Kariya is a good guy and will fit in perfectly.

  40. distance7 says:

    Watch them play. These “no namers” have quite a bit of talent.

  41. habs_punk says:

    He’s getting like a $3M raise. Sure he took a pay cut to play in Colorado, but still, I wouldn’t call $4.5M per year cheap.

  42. habs_punk says:

    way to make a complete fool of yourself


  43. CaptainInsano says:

    Bet he sure feels dumb for taking that paycut to play with his buddy Teemu in Coloardo.

    He was probably thinking “I play 1 year for 1 million, score 90 points, then next year I will get my 10 million dollars again like I used to get in Anaheim”.

    But alas he gets hurt and plays inconsistently, then that friendly neighbourhood lockout comes along.

    Pre-lockout, when the Ducks didn’t qualify him, I’m sure he could’ve signed a long-term deal with someone, I’m thinking at least 5 years at 8 million per year, but it looks like playing with a friend for a ‘contender’ has ended up costing Kariya a lot of moola.

    Now he’s not on a top contender anyways, nor is he with his buddy.

  44. max_webster says:


    Doesn’t seem like I’m the one who’s the jackass here…

  45. DannyAvsRock says:

    Kariya did nothing for the Avs and he will do nothing for the preds. He is really injury prone. Good Luck!!

  46. distance7 says:

    Those other 9 years of his career must not count, huh?

  47. Guillemin says:

    Not 2.25 a season. 4.5 per season. At first when TSN posted this, it was something of a shock. But it’s obvious now that Kariya is just being a greedy bastard like the rest and is taking WAY more money than he is worth to play with a team who has no chance of even making the playoffs next year.

  48. distance7 says:

    Exactly like they didn’t make the playoffs last season, right?

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