Kariya to Montreal

One of the most credible sources (TSN) have said that the Montreal Canadiens is very interested in receiving Anaheim Might Duck captain Paul Kariya in a package deal. The Canadiens would give up one of their back-up goaltenders, Jeff Hackett or Mathieu Garon (probably Garon), left winger Brian Savage, and defencemen Andrei Markov and Sheldon Souray. This deal does make sense because the Habs have a lot of depth on defence and are willing to give a goaltender for a quality player like Kariya. The Canadiens are not afraid of spending money because the owner, George Gillett, has money and is willing to spend it for a quality player. The Canadiens would probably ship a first round draft pick in the mix also. The Canadiens want Kariya but will general manager André Savard have the guts to give all those players for only one player in return? I think he should. This deal would be extremely popular in Montreal because the fans are just waiting for a superstar. In the end this would be the tentative deal between the two teams:

Canadiens would get : Paul Kariya

Anaheim would get: Garon, Savage, Markov, Souray. Other players that may be involved are forwards Mike Ribeiro and Oleg Petrov or forward Richard Zednik.

3 Responses to Kariya to Montreal

  1. Johnny_Canuck says:

    that’d be awesome for Montreal, though that’s alotta players to lose. I dunno how good that’d work for Ducks, I’m sure the change’d do something positve for them.

  2. MerlinsQuest says:

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to happen!

  3. seb_owns says:

    Hahahahahah I can’t believe the good we did by not swapping all those players against little kariya… haha Garon is an excellent backup, savage is gone since a long time, souray almost the best defender of the league, markov is earning his respect in the nhl, ribeiro is our point leader, and Zednick is our goal leader… all of that against kariya… wow we got lucky that that trade didndt happen!!!!!!

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