Keep the Tweaking Going

Keeping with tradition, I would like to submit my opinions for some possible tweaks that the Toronto Maple Leafs could do this upcoming season.

First off, I will try to be realistic in my opinion of players and of possible deals to be made, so please feel free to comment with your own suggestions.
1. FA acquisitions. The signing of Niewendyk and Roberts I felt was not a bad decision by JFJ. Niewendyk was a great influence to the younger players on team. You could see Poni and Antro listen to his every word when they were on the bench. Also Stajan was his room mate so you know that Niewendyk had to have taught him somethings about the game.

The resigning of Belfour was the smart thing to do, but at that price I think that Bellfour had them over a barrel. I also think that JFJ did not want a carbon copy of the cujo situation, especially since the leafs had very little options available as a back up. Plus you know that Clarke would have signed him to a one year deal with crazy incentives.

Now, for who they should go for as FA’s

First, I really think that they leafs will land Paul Kariya. The rumours are that Kariya is being courted by Detroit and LA, but I really think that Detroit will not go for another skilled winger. Yzerman himself said that they had too many skilled players and not enough bangers and grinders to make it to the finals. Therefore I think that Detroit will win the Glen Murray sweepstakes and will leave Kariya to sign with the leafs.

Kariya will ask for the 6 million but I believe that playing for the league minimum last year and being injured for most of the season has really hurt his bargaining power. I see Kariya signing for 2 years at about 3.5-4 million a season, with incentives. ( First line winger for Sundin)

Second acquisition will be a third line centre. Therefore bring in Eric Lindros. I think that Lindros realizes that he has to prove himself, and therefore will take a lesser role with the organization. I think that being a third line centre may benefit his style of play allowing him to play against the other teams 3rd defensive pairing and weaker forwards. Put him on a line with some skill and a power forward and you may have something.

Third acquisition. A Utility defenseman that will play well in his own end. Bring in Dimitry Yushkevich. We all remember the problems when Yushkevich left, but those were said out of being hurt. He has recently stated that he would love to return to Toronto and JFJ has held talks with his agent. After playing 1 year in Russia, he would be glad to come back. Also the team loved him and he would fit in like a glove. Kaberle in particular has never played better then with Yushkevich (two year deal 1.5-2 million a season)

And Lastly the biggest idea of them all, a trade. (This is where some people may criticize fully but read on and at least ponder the idea)

The Leafs have yet to qualify Brian Mcabe to an offer. Mcabe is looking at a pay increase in the 4 million a season range a la Wade Redden. Is this fair?? maybe, however I believe JFJ may not want to pay that. There is another team that has failed to qualify their star defenseman and still have until July 30th to do so but may or may not. I am talking about Chris Pronger.

The deal with Pronger could be a sign and trade type of deal that would help out both teams. Mcabe could be signed for the 4 million a season and packaged with Karel Pilar in exchange for Pronger who would not be qualied for the 9.5 million but instead traded to the leafs where he would sign a new contract for a little less money but for a longer term.

I believe that players are realizing that they will not be able to make the 9 million a season anymore and therefore would lower it to about 6 million (which seems like the new ceiling for star players) but for 4-5 years.

In this trade St Louis gets two decent defenseman for a relatively low price to help them deal with the devastating loss of Jackman, and Macinnis last year. The leafs finally get the stud defenseman they have been looking for and with JFJ’s connections to St Louis the deal could happen alot smoother then with another team.

Again this is only if Pronger decides that even if he is qualified by St. Louis that he may still want to play somewhere else. Since it looks like St Louis will not have a strong head coach, will not have a first star goalie (Osgood has lost it) and ST louis will be trying to trade away as many contract as possible. Making it an ugly situation to maybe stick around.

Also with Pronger at 6.5, but Mcabe gone, and Pilar then the salary thing for the leafs wouldn’t go as high as expected.

In the end the Leafs would finally get the few things that they have always needed yet never seem to address. 1. A left winger to play with Sundin on the top line. 2. A solid third line centre that could contribute (granted he doesn’t get hurt)

and 3. The stud defenseman along with more solid 4 and fifth tandem.

Kariya Sundin Roberts

Poni Niewendyk Nolan

Tucker Lindros Kilger

Antropov Stajan Domi

Pronger Leetch

Klee Kaberle

Yushkevich Berg

Coliacovo will be the permanent 7th man

137 Responses to Keep the Tweaking Going

  1. cgolding says:

    a hard cap IS legal… the babble about it not being legal is ludicrous, if the players don’t like playing in the NHL there are other leagues that pay for them to play hockey, the NHL owners do not operate a monopoly. those owners also have the right to reach an agreement that controls pay that is suitable to them.

    you don’t think EVERY union in the world negotiates a method of establishing pay scale for employees? same thing here, they have that right, and in this case it wouldn’t even infringe upon an individual.

    who knows how strict the financial world will be post CBA, the Leafs clearly are not concerned.

    things are bleak in the future for the leafs because they have numerous players at the tail end of their careers and not a lot of young guys who look like they are going to be capable of filling their shoes.

  2. Leafs_Expert_ says:

    I just heard rumors that the leafs are trading Berg, Antropov, Sundin for Ovechkin and Halpern.

    I’m so excited, I may pose as GretzNYR99 again

  3. cgolding says:

    Richards won’t be leaving center, he sounds like an ideal two-way NHL center. plus he’s supposedly a beast in the face-off circle. Carter is more likely to be put out on the wing short term i think.

  4. cgolding says:

    i don’t think they can survive two months of all out every other night hockey. the 82 game schedule is a wear for sure, but i still think they won’t survive the playoffs. add to this the fact that a shortened season favors younger teams more than older in my opinion because they get much less rest between games in the shortened format.

    remember everyone biatching about the olympics shrinking the rest schedule over the season? it’s worse in the shortened season, it’s going to be every other night, then playoffs… old bodies will be VERY worn down, but i do believe their theory is to try it.

  5. Havlat_hasit says:

    you never faced up to the fact that the leafs have more European players than the Sens.

    I could care less where you live, unless you want an ass kicking or something. Your arguments are completely unfounded.

    As for Dyke what’s your problem, you seem to have an unhealthy homosexual obsession. look no one cares about him anymore, he’s done he used to be good but now he sucks. playing 64 games is deserving of over 3 mill. idiots like want to destroy the NHL.

  6. Havlat_hasit says:

    I’m sorry but the roster your refering to is inacurate. your including players who play in AHL.

    you forgot Johansson, Renberg or Reichel (i know one of these underachievers are leaving)

    In terms of exposure arguments, it seems evident to anyone that the only reason there’s this desire to buy games from molson is ultimately due to the fact that southern ontario’s population is exceedingly larger than anywhere else in Canada. you jump to the greatest fans in the world line a little prematurely. Its simple numbers.

    i guess there’s just more loosers willing to see a looser team.

  7. Havlat_hasit says:

    TheCoach is right, clealry Havlat has a greater upside than Dyke. He’s younger and hasn’t hit his stride yet in the NHL yet he already produces more than most players his age.

    Everyone in Southern Ontario is a leaf fan (except windsor). obviously where there’s more people there’s more money. Ottawa is a smaller market and dont typically get the TV contracts that TO does.

  8. drgnhrt says:

    That’s just stupid management. I have no argument there. I just disagree with your un-Canadian comment. Stupid management has nothing to do with being American or Canadian or whatever. The Leafs can just afford to overpay for bad players, because they have the money.

  9. drgnhrt says:

    A hockey season would be nice.

  10. TheCoach says:

    It’s really getting old how instead of posting an intelligent reply, they just ask you who beat the Senators. I mean, what’s the big deal in beating Ottawa since they haven’t gotten out of the second round in any of the last 3 years.

    You don’t see Flyers’ fans telling you that they always beat the Leafs nor do you see Sens’ fans bragging to the Flyers’ fans that they always beat Philadelphia.

    Post something intelligent instead of always saying the same thing. It is really getting old.

  11. SUMMITS says:

    where did you hear this?????

  12. Scoot says:

    I didn’t know about Vauclair not cracking the lineup. Including Reichel, Johansson and Renberg onto the Leafs roster is the same thing as including Bondra on the Sens. They aren’t Leafs, Bondra isn’t a Sen. None of the players are being brought back to their teams for next year, and as such they are NOT on the roster.

    If the only reason that molson can sell games is because of “southern Ontario’s population”, then why are Leafs games broadcast coast to coast? The only spots they aren’t allowed to broadcast are Montreal and Ottawa because of the Canadiens and Senators respectively. No other teams get the exposure because they aren’t as profitable. I guess you’ve never been outside of Ottawa. Thats not your fault. There are more Leaf fans in Quebec than there are Sens fans in the entire country.

  13. matrix2003 says:

    First of all, the signings and the trade that you listed make sense and are very likely to happen. But as for your lineup along with all those lineup of the people that responded I cannot agree with any of them. Some listed Lindros as a 3rd line center, even with how he has played in the last two years he still at the very least a second line center, plus Nieuwendyk did have a great season this past year but he is a another season removed and older. And some body listed Ponikarovsky as the 2nd line LWer, I had to laugh I like Ponikarovky, but he is not good enough to play their he is likely going to be with Domi on the 4th line this upcoming season. Roberts as the first line LWer i really wish people would stop doing that, he is great but not a first liner.

  14. matrix2003 says:

    agree with eerything but trading Mogilny, I don’t really want Murray either (I’ll take Thornton though).

  15. matrix2003 says:

    Have you talked to him or something?? GEEZE.

  16. Flyer_Fan says:

    you could probably swap Gagne and Brunelle too…

  17. TML51 says:

    Must be that time of year again…the “How to improve the Leafs by (insert name here)”. Year after year we go through this, and year after year it’s the same thing. Rumors of free agents wanting to come to Toronto, or that Toronto is pursuing, how stupid Toronto fans are, how Toronto fans think every free agent is going to be signed, etc. It’s speculation folks, nothing different than other fans do with their teams. How about we get over it and move on?

    I remember vividly that people balked at the idea of Joe Niewendyk signing with Toronto. “It’ll never happen” was the quote uttered by some HTR members. Odd how not only did he sign with the Leafs last year, but resigned for another! Just goes to show you that none of us really know what we are talking about.

    Free agnecy this year is moving very slowly. In years past, guys like Kariya, Selanne, Murray, Lindros (ok…bad example!), would have been snapped up within hours. It’s not that easy now, especially with the CBA issue looming.

  18. Mailman says:

    ponikarovsky can play either wing and is better than antropov so there no no reason to not play him with nieuwy on the second line. fourth line? give me a break. alex has tonnes of upside.

    lindros is a 3rd line center on the leafs. hes not replacing joe and hes not replacing mats, so where does that leave him?

    i agree about roberts though.


  19. heartofleafs says:

    How am I at all Ignorant????? Because i give the senators respect and say that they are a good team.

    It is also great that you have to come up with facts in order to support Havlat_hasit. I am still waiting Havlat!!!!! Say something that I as a leaf fan have not heard before. It is a struggle to come up with something original and that you actually had to use you brain for!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I have heard is that I am gay for supporting my players when clearly someone is attacking my team for resigning them. That is great that havlat is a superstar and that you gay ass fans in Ottawa love him. I have never disputed that he is a quality NHLer. I was simply backing my team when Havlat_hasit was disputing why TO resigned them. And somehow Roberts is dirty.

    All i have to say is that Neuwy has won three cups and played a significant role in beating the sens last year. Therefore the leafs, who have no financial restraints decided to give him 3 million a year, since he signed last year for a relatively modest 2 million a year. And I being a fan supported that decision. And was willing to argue it against a sens fan whose only arguement against that was saying that I was gay. And somehow this makes me ignorant. Right

    I realize the Sens are a very good team, BUT will not win a cup in the next 5 years due to your core of european, shutem down come playoff time roster. Please let me know how I am ignorant.

    Oh and havlat_hasit……………………..

    Stilll Waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. qsilver31 says:

    As much as I like Kariya and Murray, come on guys. Lets be realistic. They’re not coming over here. I only see a couple of possibilities about the Leafs’ offseason. I hope they seem more realistic than most of the ones posted above me.

    1) They sign Lindros, and a 5th or 6th defensemen OR a utility player at around 1 mil. We are looking at Yusky or Halpern here. (Re-up on Antropov, Kaberle, McCabe)

    2) They sign Lindros, and nobody else. Trade McCabe + Antropov + Kaberle + a few first and 2nd rounders for Pronger. Even then, if I was the GM of the blues, I wouldn’t do it. Getting Pronger is like a 1/100 long shot for the Leafs. The only way I would pull the deal is if I got prospects back. Kaberle + McCabe + Antrpov is going to be somewhere around 8 mil… same cost as Pronger… doesn’t make much sense.

    3) Kariya OR Murray and still get Lindros. This is probably will only happen if Lindros’ contract is around 2mil and Kariya’s or Murray’s at around 3. Less chance of this happenning even compared to the Pronger deal.

    Most likely, you’ll see what most Leaf offseasons have been. Re-upp on players that we need to. Sign a washed up star (lindros), and keep the fans happy for another year.

    Again, I would rebuild, but signing Gary, Joey, and Eddy certainly doesn’t help.

  21. TheCoach says:

    How are you ignorant? Well, you said that Ottawa fans don’t support their team but you ignore the fact that they ranked as one of the top teams in attendance last year.

    You accuse the Senators of having “an almost completely European team,” but ignore the fact that they have more Canadians than Euros and as many Europeans as most teams.

    You continue to say that Ottawa will not win the Cup because of their core of european players. However you fail to see that many of Ottawa’s core players are Canadians: Redden, Phillips, Fisher, Spezza, White, etc.

    You accuse havlat_hasit of only having one argument in which he accuses you of being gay, however you do the exact same thing.

    You fail to admit that at 3 million dollars, Nieuwendyk is overpaid. I understand that he has won 3 cups and had a good first round, however a he did not warrant a million dollar raise.

    Look at it this way. In 2002-2003 Nieuwendyk scored 45 points during the season, 9 in the playoffs while helping the Devils win the cup. He signed with Toronto for 2 million dollars. In 2003-2004, he scored 50 points during the season, 6 in the playoffs while helping Toronto get out of the first round. JFJ then gave him a 3 million dollar contract. Nieuwendyk basically played at the same level as he did in 2002-2003, so how does he warrant a 1 million dollar raise?

  22. SUMMITS says:

    Atleast it’s good for the Newspapers in Toronto and sites like this

  23. defenestrate says:

    Flame On!

  24. defenestrate says:

    5,000 points for an elliptical reference to an early Primus song – even if it wasn’t intentional.

  25. fiveforfighting says:

    How can everybody be right if everybody is wrong!

    Like some others have said “here we go again”, the die hard LEAF fans all blathering on about what we should do, or who we should go after. Hell two years ago I took the time to do the same by writing a letter, much like ones that are posted here to Pat Quinn, but was smart enough to realize that sending it would be foolhardy so it got tucked away with all my other dreams or marrying supermodels and winning lotteries and the likes.

    Because boys and girls it comes down to this, what we want isn’t gonna happen because it isn’t a)economically viable and b) no body is listening. The leafs front office hears us fans but they are not listening or rather they practice the fine art of selective hearing.

    They know, as we do, deep down near the deniled parts of our damaged hearts and in our fragile little minds, that we can’t have everybody. The roster has 23 spots all waiting for players that fit them. the pipe dreams of a team that has star players on all four lines is ludicrous. Ideas like Lindros on the Third Line. In case nobody knows it LINDROS IS AN ASSHOLE and an egomaniac. The guy would never settle for being a third line center because he thinks hes still a star and would maybe push for a larger role rather than playing the one he was cast for, and then what, the leafs have locker room problems yet again this time a la detroit red wings and dominek hasek (whos signing is the senators first real big mistake).

    Forget Lindros, its tired old news, and he is far from being a golden boy, never mind a savior. Kariya is a nice thought, one of the ones i had two years ago before he resigned in Anaheim and he was an Olympic hero, then maybe, now, he is another injury prone problem we don’t need.

    Murray is by far the best UFA available and best fit for the Leafs. Another large gritty GOAL scorer that can be a big calibre player that makes room for the aging ‘pace-maker’ squad we have now. Don’t get me wrong Big Joe, Roberts and Nolan are good and did put up numbers, especially when it counts, but they have to be healthy to play those times. We need more Sundin like players who make it though the season on a regualr basis (yes, i know he was injured this year, but he misses few games).

    Our young stars are also a problem. We let go of the ones with potential and keep nursing the ones who are lagging. Antropov was a good idea, three years ago, now he is worth all but a bag of pucks. “Poni” shows much promise but we will likely keep him down like we did McCauley. Wasted talent is a shame. Kaberle is good trade bate. Fellow leaf fans get over it, he isn’t gonna snap out of it and become a Gonchar, get what we can and move on. McCabe is a tease but we need to help kick the lack of consistancy, playing another year with Leetch might help.

    To me the best thing to do now, Murray aside, is to make a deal to the Thrashers who supposedly want to unite the Kaberle brothers or to make a trade to Anaheim for Ruslan Salei (if possible) and Petr Sykora, who are both being dangled on the market. They are good players who are wasted being role players in Anaheim. Sykora is the key here because as most hockey fans should remember he was a former linemate and stanley cup champ with Mogilny on New Jersey, putting up big numbers himself, and kicking our leaf butts. Salei is a good D-man that has room to grow offensively, given the chance, and is a big time hitter which the leafs always like and can use against Philly who is always getting bigger and meaner just to pound us. He will be available because Anaheim wants to make more room for Vishnevsky(SP?), they have only qualified Salei and are not dedicated in resigning him or it would be done.

    Those are my pipe dreams this summer. Smaller moves, and budgetary for a leaf team that is second highest in payrole in the league, 51 million, behind detroit, and who still has to resignd McCabe after a career year, and Kaberle who will be pricier than he is worth. We already overpaid Roberts even though he is considered the soul of the team, lets not do the samething more than once. It wouldn’t hurt us to shed payroll either. Francis is gone or retiring, ditch reichel, renberg is already gone, antorpov is too much greif for too little talent, Fitzgerald is done not matter what.

    It is not the time to be different, it is time to follow the trend, cut unproductive players and replace them with younger healthy players, developing takes time but doesn’t hurt, look at Detroit and Ottawa who are masters at it. Free up the back lines for the aging players who can be dynamite players by staying healthy due to lesser icetime.

    Like I said, Kaberle should be signed just to trade, package him with Antropov if we can, . And focus on what is possible, no on what could happen, like signing every top UFA available or the steller trade for the blockbuster player, (Pronger, it won’t happen, and we can’t afford him), otherwise lets trade for HAVLAT and ALFREDSON. Hey it could happen 😉

    DAMN Im’ long winded!

    P.S.: Watch out for Florida to be a break out team next season, if there ever is one.

  26. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Hey I decided not to comment on this article because this is an argument waiting to happen. But anyway just a little analyst on the Kevin Weekes situation. The agent said he will prolly be signed this week and prolly by a Canadian team lets look at the Canadian teams situation.

    Ottawa: The Sens just got Hassek and they have Prusek I doubt they will try to get Weekes any time soon.

    Montreal: They have Huet and Theodore plus Montreal was the town that had someone throw a banana at him because the fan happened to be a jack ass racist. He will never be a Hab.

    Toronto: Belfour is old and broken backed so the leafs need a backup but Fergie wants to try out Telquvist so in all likely hood he won’t be a Leaf.

    Calgary: Turek and Kipper are around they won’t sign Weekes.

    Vancouver: This I under stand Cloutier is inconsistant and Auld should be raised like Telquvist. Although I don’t know where Cloutier would go I can understand a Weekes/Auld duo.

    Edmonton: It is hard to say because Conklin is good but I am not sure he is ready. But I doubt we’ll see him here.

    So I have concluded that Weekes will be a Canuck… again.

  27. matrix2003 says:

    Ponikarovsky is not better than Antropov. The guy has one good year and you and some others thinks he is a second liner, wow. The guy only had 28 points. Get rid of Nolan? Please be quiet he has a sub par season and you cry “dump him, dump him”. Wouldn’t want to be in business with you. Maybe you should be a coach for a Japanese baseball team, they take thier pitchers out after a bad inning. You’re a little too ‘trigger-happy’ too be a hockey fan.

  28. matrix2003 says:

    No he won’t, you’re a bit far fetched.

  29. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    It’s pure logic.

  30. Havlat_hasit says:

    heartofleafs I feel awful for you. Your delusional mind and tactless approach to coming up with a legitmate response to my well constructed arguments have left me convinced that you dont know too much about hockey.

    I responded to your inept comments days ago, maybe you should figure out how this website works.

    Because I feel so bad for you I will quickly outline my points for you again.

    Dyke is overpaid. 3 mill for a 50pt season will ruin the NHL, especially considering his age. Simply stated the leafs paid way too much.

    If the leafs continue to spend as they do now there will be no NHL in a matter of years. I guess thats the only way they can win a cup….as the last team left in the NHL.

    you claim we have shitty ass fans yet Ottawa has among the highest attendence in the league. Yes the Sens are a small market and they’ve done excellent job developing a model franchise that I’m sure Ferguson wished he had.

    Now you claim you respect the Sens yet you called them pathetic in your last post. You change your arguments and make outlandish assertions like I called you gay. None of this has anything to do with hockey.

    go to summmer school and please never post here again.

  31. Havlat_hasit says:

    I take issue with that assertion, I go to university in southern Ontario and I know first hand whats being televised as I have to go to sports bars to watch the sens. Simply put the sens aren’t as profitable because they dont have millions of fans supporting them. they are a small market team. fans create exposure. Southern Ontario is the most densely populated region in Canada. CBC is broadcasted coast to coast and they usually carry leaf games. they do this because naturally there are more leaf fans throughout the country.

    I dont think anyone in Quebec likes TO due to being old rivals with the habs. Since the coneption of the Sens alot of people in Northern Ontario have gone from leaf fans to Sens fans. although I cant say anything about Quebec.

    at least your sane unlike heartofleafs.

  32. fiveforfighting says:

    The Logic Makes sense as Toronto has denied furhter interest in Weekes, rejected a trade involving him at the draft and has Belfour.

    Edmonton is more likely with the loss of Salo to Europe. Conklin is good but doubtful he is ready, unless they follow the back-up goalie trend looking for Conklin to be the next Kipprusoff.

    The Canucks option depends on Cloutier not resigning due to a likely increase in pay from an arbitration award.

    If he goes to a Canadian team it would likely be Edmonton. They need him more than any other team.

    My true opinion.

    Don’t expect it to go through though. Rangers could scoop him for cheap. And they would require his services more than any other team in the NHL.

  33. heartofleafs says:

    You truly are ignorant. You can go and look at my post and please tell me where I said that the sens were Pathetic. I said those pathetic europeans not the team was pathetic. God. why am I even wasting my time!!!!!!

    I also find it quite funny that you said you are outlining your points yet look at everything you said. two very strong points regarding nieuy and the Sens fans. And how many posts did you do??????????

    All i said is that Toronto has the money and because of that fact, Decided to spend it on a player that did a fair bit for them last year. AND I DO NOT DISAGREE WITH THIS.

    The last thing I will ever say to you Sens fans is this (because i am tired of arguing over stuff that has nothing to do with hockey):

    4 out of the past 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That means that in the past 5 years the Leafs and Sens have met 4 times with the best team going on. And every single time that team was emerged??????

    That is the only fact that you ignorant Sens fans need to know.

  34. heartofleafs says:

    You truly are ignorant. You can go and look at my post and please tell me where I said that the sens were Pathetic. I said those pathetic europeans not the team was pathetic. God. why am I even wasting my time!!!!!!

    I also find it quite funny that you said you are outlining your points yet look at everything you said. two very strong points regarding nieuy and the Sens fans. And how many posts did you do??????????

    All i said is that Toronto has the money and because of that fact, Decided to spend it on a player that did a fair bit for them last year. AND I DO NOT DISAGREE WITH THIS.

    The last thing I will ever say to you Sens fans is this (because i am tired of arguing over stuff that has nothing to do with hockey):

    4 out of the past 5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That means that in the past 5 years the Leafs and Sens have met 4 times with the best team going on. And every single time that team was emerged??????

    That is the only fact that you ignorant Sens fans need to know.

  35. Flyer_Fan says:

    Way to steal my material ya Head Flappin geek.

  36. Havlat_hasit says:

    “And every single time that team was emerged??????”

    What is it you want to say here.

    come up with another word other than ignorant.

    You’ve been proven wrong several times by several different people. Some people just dont know when to shut the ***** up.

    you’re throwing in the towel now, despite all your talk….. looks like you cant hold your own. Kinda like those crap ass leafs.

  37. Havlat_hasit says:

    Nice try ***** face,

    Anyone looks good after Healy. I’m sure teams like Jersey care alot about a back up goalie when brodeur has consistently won 30 games or more for the past 4-5 seasons.

    Anyone could stop 10-15 shots a nite. Its the system not the goalie.

    to answer your question about the Sens. They came in the league the same year T-Bay did and they’ve won a cup. The Sens if you recall came back against the devils 3-1 in the conference finals to lose in gm 7. That is certainly closer than the leafs have gotten since they played Carolina. What did Carolina have that year anyway? Erik cole and Irbe.

    Get some friends.

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