Keith Jones and Al Morganti talks deadline and flyers

In this week’s facing off with Al Morganti, Keith Jones and Al chatted about who they thought has a good chance of landing in Philly based on the flyer’s needs and what is out there…The list that they gave includes:

1. Glen Murray- has a great shot and could be on first line with Gagne and Forsberg

2. Olli Jokinen- Big powerful scoring center.Could provide 2nd line scoring we need

3. Samsonov- Fast, playmaking and scorer

4. Mark Recchi- still capable of putting up good numbers, great pickup for Philly

5. Kyle Calder

6. Kieth Tkachuk- they werent too hot on him because of his attitude but he can put up good numbers like he is now

Which out of these people do you think is most reasonable based on Al Morganti’s thoughts?

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  1. deuceswild says:

    Personally Id like to See Kyle Calder here beacuse he is a good scorer and wouldnt cost much. We would also have more room to sign a defender if we wanted. My next choice would be Jokinen obviously because hes a great scorer. Last, I would love to see Recchi back and him win a cup with us for his last season, it just sounds right.

  2. poulin20 says:

    Murray’s a stiff and Tkachuk is ultimately too pricey. Considering what the Flyers need and how much it would cost: 1. Samsonov 2. Recchi 3. Calder

  3. deuceswild says:

    I second that. But I dont know about Samsonov over Recchi.

  4. mtrakker85 says:

    They could probally pull 2 trades off to get 2 of the 3 players mentioned…. Recchi, Calder or Samsonov

  5. lagsetsfire says:

    Tkachuk – i dont like this guy, not worth the extras (attitude, price), i dont think hes what the dressing room needs, plus no whtat primeau announced he wont be back hes been more involved with the team (going on roadtrips, in the dressing room)

    Jokinen – too much of an asking price, hes a center and clarke has said hes not interested in centers but his mind changes all the time

    Recchi – i think hes what the team needs right now. but i dont see recchi going anywhere, he said pitt was his last stop, although phillys the only team i could see it happening with

    Samsonov (27)/Murray (33)/Calder (27) – the flyers have a bunch of these guys (savage, knuble) theyre good players who need other good plaers around them, i think theyll get lost in the fold or cause others to. i dont think either of these are worth what theyll cost kid-wise, especially murray.

    i dont see the favorable trades happening, but i think clarke will do something (i dont recall him standing pat come deadline time when fans are expecting something)

    [anyone know a site with player contract info (i.e. yrs remaining) thanks.]

  6. JoelOtto says:

    Murray’s a stiff??? What?!!

    I’d say he’s good for 30-35 goals a year with a set-up man, like Joe Thornton or Bryan Smolinski, on his line. I think Forsberg would fit that mode.

    He’s a sniper…but he is older.

  7. JoelOtto says:

    I don’t remember the “player to be named later” that came over to the Flyers from the Kings for Roenick.

    Can anyone fill me in on that one?

    Last time I spoke with JR, he had nothing but wonderful things to say about Philly and how he misses it.


  8. mtrakker85 says:

    The Flyers need to address a few things.

    1. Goaltending – I don’t think a trade is necessary, but either Esche or Nittymakyi need to get some confidence in net.

    2. Fowards – Centers are solid if healthy. Forsberg, Handzus, Richards, Carter and Nedved. The top line has been the only reason why the Flyers are where they are at now. But that line is never healthy. If the Flyers go out and make a trade for a winger or wingers, they need solid, durable players who won’t hurt the team greatly by not being around.

    3. Defence – A trade isn’t necessary, but like with the goalies, the D needs confidence and to be healthy. Every game I watch, at least 1 defencemen looks like he is lost out there. Getting Desjardins back helped a little, but now with Johnsson going down, it leaves a lot of pressure on the other D-men to provide offensive output.

    4. This is the most important one…. Get rid of Brashear and Therien lol I say, in return the Flyers get one of those goalies you tie onto the net.

  9. mtrakker85 says:

    that would be great, have JR come back and play RW on a line with Gagne and Forsberg!!!!

  10. nonhl2005 says:

    I had thought the same thing but with LA fighting for a spot not sure if they would do it now. The other thing I don’t know about is the timing, if memory serves he can’t come back to them this season, remember the Pete Peeters & Keith Acton trade to Winnipeg just to hide them for the Supplemental Draft. I think because of that if a player is traded from one team to another before the supplemental draft they can not go back to that team during that season, but I could be wrong, it’s happened before.

  11. Mario_n_Sidney says:

    Who said it was recchis last season?

  12. Mario_n_Sidney says:

    wouldn’t it be funny if roenick was the player to be named later?

  13. flyersfan21 says:

    I think we need to keep Recchi away from this team.

    He’s a cancer.

    He hasnt gotten along with the rookies in Pittsburg so what makes you think he’ll get along with the rookies we have here.

    He has too much of a mouth. He causes nothing but problems.

  14. Flyer_Dman says:

    Anybody is good for 30-35 goals with Joe Thornton on their line. I totally disagree that he would put those numbers up with anyone except Thornton or Fosberg, ie Bryan Smolinski.

    Bringing in Murray and putting him with Gagne and Foppa seems pointless. Knuble is doing exactly what Murray would be doing. The Flyers should go after someone that can make their second line better or a Dman.

  15. Flyer_Dman says:

    I LOVE the idea of Jokinen to the Flyers, but it just doesn’t make sense. Going into next year are centers would be…









    Now, I am assuming that if we got Jokinen either Carter, Richards, or Umberger would be on their way out. But still, we have too many centers.

    The only way I see this working is if we give Florida one of either Umberger/Carter/Richards, a really nice package of picks and prospects, and Nedved.

    Nedved would fill in for Olli in the short term and give the Flyers enough cap space to resign Olli. This is assuming Primeau retires.

    But again, prolly not happening.

  16. marcs797 says:

    the thing is, of those players, nedved AND handzus can play wing… who said primeau is even coming back, and one of the little guys is out of here, most liekly umberger unfortunately

  17. lagsetsfire says:

    Dean McAmmond to and from calagary a couple of years ago

  18. kicksave856 says:


  19. Flyaz says:

    Who the hell told you that? If you do have a sorce fine, I apologize, I’ve heard a lot of things about Recchi over the years but I’ve never heard him referred to as a cancer before. He wears an “A” everywhere he plays….sometimes if the captain is injured he wears the “C”…are you saying there are three teams out there that would let him do this if he was a cancer….sounds F-ed.

  20. Flyaz says:

    Yeah, sorry you are wrong, Beauregard (that bum) comes to mind immediatly because he sucked so much he sticks out.

  21. Flyaz says:

    I think there’s about a 90% chance that whoever trades for Jokinen does it as a rental pickup. The guy is good but not 5 mill a season good….that and he’ll be traded to a contender, and which contenders out there can afford to add that salary to there cap?

  22. Wakka says:

    Aijt here’s the deal…..

    Readin about Bert for Esche and Brashear, this would be the biggest robbery in NHL History.

    I would trade myself against Esche right here on the spot and immidiatly commit suicide for the good of the Flyers. Mention the name Jagr and Esche cant move.

    What Flyers need is to get rid of Esche ASAP.

    We got MVP Nittymäki, if hes not available ask Storr, if hes not available ask Little, if hes not available forfeit the game.

    What we need is trade Esche for Lindros.

    Yeah I know everybody hates him, his mother, his father his oncle and all his family.

    Yeah I know hes injured

    Yeah i know he stinks today….

    Yeah I know, Lindros is the best player ever in a Phi-uniform.

    Lindros back in Philly – everybody would be trippin’.

    Yeah I know, never gonna happend

    Yeah I know, u think Im trippin

    Yeah I know, Im trippin’….

    My point? Trade Esche for 27 pucks and our problems are solved…

    Yeah I know, hes American…thats why you gonna complain…BUT we dont need another goalie!!

    Yeah, bash my!

  23. flyersfan10897 says:

    I’m starting to agree. Niittymaki has shown he can compete. You don’t win Calder Cup Playoff MVP and Olympic Ice Hockey MVP by being a choker. I thought he was just the goalie of the future coming into this season, but it is easy to see he is also the goalie of NOW. Without Esche in the lineup, Niitty has played amazing. I think they just need to tell him that he is the starter and he will again be amazing.

    The truth with the Flyers right now is that the defense is absolutely terrible. They have not had a full defensive lineup all season, and it is really showing. The number of 2-on-1 goals, breakaway goals, and ridiculously easy lets-leave-this-guy-all-alone-in-front-of-the-net goals have been just gone off the charts recently. This team needs to get it together.

    I love the Flyers more than any time, but i think this season is beyond hope. There have been too many injuries, and the team has never had time to build chemistry. I hate to say it, but I don’t think they have a chance in the playoffs unless they start to turn things around right now.

    In my opinion, they just need to build for next year. If they can come back healthy next year, that team should be amazing, especially if Primeau comes back. The number of rookies that have been playing will have more experience and be given larger roles, they will have had more time to build chemistry, and even if they have half the amount of injuries as this season, they would be so much better off.

    Imagine if the Flyers had not lost around 300 man games to injury at this point in the season. They have been one of the best teams all year until recently. Just think about how good they could have been if they had been healthy.

    So my solution for the trade deadline would be for the Flyers to acquire some scoring depth on the wing and a quick defensive defenseman, with contract years remaining.

    Samsonov or Recchi would be good pick-ups for the Flyers. On defense I don’t really know who is available that satisfies that role. They should never have traded Danny Markov, that was a dumb move.

  24. poulin20 says:

    Thank you. That was my point.

  25. poulin20 says:

    I’d dig it. I miss JR. The current roster has no b*lls, except when Gratton or Eager get called up, and the occasional fisticuffs from Richards. Otherwise they are kinda soul-less.

  26. poulin20 says:

    God I hope Johnson comes back…a defenseman with wheels who actually occasionally passes the puck to someone in the same colored jersey. Imagine!

  27. lagsetsfire says:

    wouldn’t happen before this weekend. wont happen now that linndros is out for the year.

  28. JoelOtto says:

    Can someone please explain to me why Flyer players always get the most concussions? Is it just plain bad luck?

  29. mtrakker85 says:

    Skate with their heads down to much. Luckly, Stevens isn’t around anymore to plow them down.

  30. NemiNA says:

    Any proffesional athlete that makes over 550,000 dollars that would rather eat doritos than work out can kiss my ass. Let Tkachuk get fatter and stick him in goal. VLADIKOV VLADIKOV!

  31. jphaze says:

    please tell me you’re joking. rebuild for next year? 20 games left, a few games out, and throw in the towel for this year? might be the dumbest comment i’ve seen on here in a while. (and this site is filled with dumb comments!!)gagne probably comes back tonight. Kapenen just got healthy. Forsberg showing no signs of the groin injury. Nedved looking better. Zeus will be back in 10 or so days. I’ll agree they have looked pathetic at times lately, but to say start building for next year is ridiculous. if this team gets these guys back and can gel together, who knows who can stop them. Obviously,anything can happen, but why not see what happens before throwing in the towel. you sound like a leafs fan.

  32. poulin20 says:

    Or the Comcast Spectacor paper machier helmets!

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