Keith Primeau done for season. Doug Weight a Flyer?

Rumors are flying around Philadelphia that Keith Primeau will soon be shelved for the rest of the season due to lingering concussion symptoms that he cannot shake off. Similar to the symptoms Primeau suffered with almost a full year after the Flyers were eliminated from the Playoffs in 2003 by Tampa Bay.

The room under the salary cap freed up by Primeau being placed on long term injured reserve has spurred rumors that the Flyers would look to trade for Doug Weight from St. Louis or another top line winger in the coming weeks after the trade freeze is over.

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  1. wingerxxx says:

    Philly probably has quite a lot that St. Louis would be interested in, if a trade happens. Weight does still carry his pretty large salary, so it’ll be interesting to see how and if, the Flyers can fit him under the salary cap. If Primeau is put on long term injured reserve, I have no idea of if his salary would count again the cap or not, I don’t know how that part of it works. A Forsberg-Weight-Handzus combo at center ice would be pretty fun. But there could be a lot of other teams out there desperate for a center that could try and deal for Weight too. Ottawa comes to mind.

  2. Viller02 says:

    Theyd be stupid to get Weight.

    They need wingers or a defenceman… but in a recent arcticle on the official website, Clarke did say that everything that was available on the market was crap and he rather use his young guys…

  3. Viller02 says:

    They already have keith’s salary freed up since hes been on IR for more than 10days.

    Forsberg, Weight and handzus wouldn’t be good actually, They need to keep Carter and richards at center.

  4. wayne2 says:

    What is it with people that automaticaly assume that once a player is hurt he must be replaced,they should simply do what the sens do and give young players more icetime.

  5. wingerxxx says:

    I didn’t think of Carter and Richards…and thanks for clarification on the Primeau/cap situation. Hmm…if they want to keep those two at center, the only way I can see them going for Weight is if they really start struggling between now and crunch time for the playoffs. I don’t think that they’ll want to screw with the chemistry of the club right now, since they have two young centers that need ice time, and since they’re not doing badly. Getting Gagne back will help too.

  6. NemiNA says:

    Thats why I love clarke, he censors NOTHING. I have alot of respect for him!

  7. NemiNA says:

    Oh sh*t. This is the first I’ve heard of him officially being done. I hope its wrong. I really do. IF He doeas go down what we’ll need is a 2way player. Not a center, but a winger.

    They should go for ethan moreau. But I HIGHLY doubt edmonton would give him up for a draft pick.

    Weight is useless. We’ve already got Forsberg’s salary as a playmaker. Why 2? And for a guy who’s having a mediocre season? GRANTER the conditions in St. Louis, but still.

    I wouldn’t want weight as a Flyer.

  8. NemiNA says:

    i meant GRANTED. I type horribly sometimes.

  9. Veggetto19 says:

    Savage umberger and first rounder bring in bertuzzi lol

  10. jonnygf40 says:

    To the last comment made about savage umberger and 1st round for bert…i dont think so.

  11. N25philly says:

    First I’ve heard of any of this. Last thing I heard about Primeau was that he was skating on a regular basis and fairly close to coming back.

    As for a real rumor, this comes from someone in the Flyers organization. Supposedly the Flyers are interested in trading for Bryan Berard. How will they afford him? Supposedly their are very unhappy with Kim Jonsson’s play this year. Berard makes 2 mil, Jonsson makes 2.2…

  12. gojiclan says:

    There is no way the flyers are trading for berard. Even if they are unhappy with Johnson’s performance this year, he carries more value for a package for a better player than Berard.

    I stilll say they will trade for Zhitnik involving Seidenberg as part of the trade.

    As far as Weight, i have mixed feelings about this. Yesterday i heard on WIP (now this was a caller so it really does not have that much cred.) that a family member who is a scout for Calgary has said Savage + Umberger for WEight. He also said the flyers are looking to trade CARter+Sim/Handzus+Elisson for Luongo.

    I dont like getting rid of Carter this early in his career. He has shown flashes of greatness so far. I think if these two deals get done, they end up without two quality youth players for Luongo (a plus) and WEight-not worth the money or players given up.

    I say stick with what we have offensively. Defenseman is the answer, and possibly a 2-way forward.

  13. gojiclan says:

    I messed up on the weight deal

    Umberger+Savage+ESCHE for Weight

  14. Viller02 says:

    Keith has been hurt for well over a month and theres so sign of him improving whatsoever… He still has symptoms of the concussion.

  15. Viller02 says:

    We dont need a two way foward for shit, seriously.

    Umberger, Handzus and Kapanen are good enough at those roles, we need scoring wingers.

    Defence will be fine when Joni comes back…

  16. gojiclan says:

    we would need it if they are going to trade away two of the mentioned players; Umberger and Handzus

  17. Veggetto19 says:

    prems desjardins and a first rounder for Bertuzzi lol i have read somwhere that Philly was intrested In him and the nucks are un happy woth him and feel he may be in the same boot heatley was

  18. flyersfan10897 says:

    But you have to remember that Richards is out too, for who knows how long, and carter hasnt looked out of place on the wing.

  19. flyersfan10897 says:

    i highly doubt the canucks would be interested in primeau, who for all we know may never play again, and desjardins, who is likely to be out for around another two months.

  20. nyrhockey094 says:

    To the moron 2 spots ahead of me, ATL was not un happy with heatley at all, after the accident how can u blame heatley for wanting out of ATL. It was him wanting out, not the other way around.

  21. wingerxxx says:

    Berard would be a strange fit in Philly…He is better offensively than Johnsson (and most NHL defensemen for the matter), but Johnsson is steadier in his own end. Berard has a terrible plus/minus rating from playing over 22 minutes a night in a terrible defensive system in Columbus, and that might affect his trade value…and that he is not the best guy in his own end. But that’s not why you have a guy like Berard on your team. He would have to be paired with a very steady defenseman to be effective, and Philly could provide that.

  22. Viller02 says:

    They wont trade Handzus, read the official website once in awhile, not only the BS coming from most people on here.

    I dont htink the Flyers will do anything “major” till the deadline…

  23. gojiclan says:

    i do read the official website, and i think it is doubtful they would trade handzus and carter.

    Im just speculating. I personally think it would be a huge mistake to trade away that much talent for a decent goalie and a mediocre doug weight

  24. Veggetto19 says:

    no shit dutchbag i was saying maybe bertuzzi needs a change like heatley DUH

  25. cecilturtle says:

    Any chance the Blues will salary dump Tkachuk??? The Rangers are like 8-9 million under the cap this year. The last few games the Rangers scoring has slowed down a bit. I think Tkachuk would be a great fit if he came cheep enough.

    Cecil Turtle

  26. GaryPuck says:

    Can someone please explain to me what is so special about Doug Weight?

  27. gojiclan says:

    nothing…which is why i dont see this trade going down

  28. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    He made th olympics………….o wait that roster is pathetic nvm

  29. marcs797 says:

    richards is prcticing, most liely back tommorow vs ottawa

  30. Jrugges says:

    Sykora is on the market. We all know he can score. He is also a Right winger, meaning if you wanted you could put him on a line that looks like this.

    Gange, Forsberg, Sykora

    How scary would that look to some teams? Then again Knuble is playing good hockey and you might not wanan mess with team chemistry.

  31. NemiNA says:

    sykora is WAY to expensive for only 60 points. PLUS the fact that the flyers are pushing the cap as we speak.

  32. PinkFloydFreak87 says:

    All of these trade rumors are so shitty, and none of them will go down.

  33. Viller02 says:

    See we beat the “best” team in the league with 2 lines worth of so called AHL players…. Philly doesn’t need shit.

  34. Flyers70 says:

    The last report I read had Primeau going to a specialist at UPenn Hospital to look into the problems with equilibrium that Primeau is having. The feeling is that this may not be post-concussive syndrome. I hope they are right; while Forsberg is the most talented guy on the team, Primeau is more tenured on the team than Forsberg and brings leadership and fire to the lockerroom. With Handzus filling Primeau’s role of late, I am worried they are running Handzus into the ground before New Years. I think I would look in a different direction, before considering bringing on Doug Weight if they need to replace Primeau long term.

  35. tonyazucar says:

    Who would the Blues want for Weight now that is the question. If the rumor I heard is true from someone in the Flyers front office that they are looking to trade Esche, Sim and Savage for Weight to free up the necessary cap space then the trade would look good as long as Clarke can pry a better back-up goalie for Nitti, but from what I’m told the Blues would like Handzus back and that wouldn’t be good, unless of course the Flyers could cash in on this rumor that keeps floating around the Clarke is talking to Keenan about Luongo which would probably put them over the top, but after beating Ottawa and then squeaking by Pittsburgh and with Primeau seeing a concussion specialist to determine why he is still getting dizzy, I think Clarke will take a wait and see attitude until this current 11 game road trip is over before deciding to push the button when he is able to do so. Beside Weight will probably still be there come playoff push time!

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