Keith Tkachuk sidelined at least for a month

St. luis blues winger will be out for 4 weeks to six weeks with a broken left foot. Blues genarl manager Lary Pleau said Thachuk was injured in the third period of Wednesday night 7-0 victory over Nashvill. When a puck hit his foot. He limped off the ice but returned for a few shifts. After the game, Thachuk’s wife gave birth to the couples third child, a girl. That delayed an MRI for Tkachuk until thursday when a fracture was discovered. Tkachuk had a team-high 38 goals last season and finished with 75 points

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3 Responses to Keith Tkachuk sidelined at least for a month

  1. Tradedude says:

    this can’t be good for the blues, pronger AND tkachuk out. what to do now. im sure blues coach will put up a good line-up.

  2. mikster says:

    Blues just beat the leaving crap out of the Isle’s. Rucisnky signed at a good time for them.

    I don’t think this will hurt the Blues significantly, they seem to be playing well with max effort. And, when there is max effort there’s always a good chance of winning.

  3. ProngerBlues44 says:

    Blues have been unbelievable as of late. Check out some of the stats for their last 2 games. They have outscored their opponents 13-1 in the last 2. Rucinsky scored against the Isles and was a huge part in the Mellanby goal as well. As long as they don’t lose their confidence, we will be fine.

    And by the way Micky, RANGERS ARE GOIN DOWN TO THE BIG BAD BLUES SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!

    just messin with ya

    ~Jeff P.

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