Kelly: Whatever you think of him, Cherry’s slow fall sad to watch

Since our politics have become depressingly reasonable, Canadians looking for a fight are forced to pick sides on the issue of Don Cherry.

Cherry, who was always the first guy wading in, seems less and less inclined to punch back.

Over the weekend, he declined an honorary degree from Kingston’s Royal Military College after one faculty member wrote an angry letter and sent it to the local paper.

The guy handling my pension details will be heartened to hear about the renewed power of newsprint to sway this country’s leading citizens.

Don Cherry circa 2005 would’ve swaggered into the joint precisely to thumb his nose at his critic(s). Today’s Don Cherry called the whole mess off, saying he wanted to avoid a “circus” at the commencement.

He’s 77 now and while he still sets the agenda for our national hockey conversation, he is more of a cult figure than a trailblazer. After three decades spent listening to a remarkably consistent message, a great many people have decided that Cherry’s defence of violence isn’t just wrong-headed, but that it’s morally corrupt.–kelly-whatever-you-think-of-him-cherry-s-slow-fall-sad-to-watch