Ken Dryden leaves presidency to enter politics

According to Ken Ulmer of the Toronto Sun, Ken Dryden has officially stepped down as President of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Canadian PM Paul Martin has seduced Dryden into a political career, and Dryden has chosen to ally himself with the Liberal Party. The article can be found at :

The Maple Leafs’ website has posted his letter of thanks to the fans, dated 5/17/04:

In his farewell letter, Dryden offers paranoid praise to the Leaf fans for thier loyalty and dedication, specifically “in booing the Senators’ captain in his own home arena. . . In Ottawa, where you have defied special strategies to keep you out — no more ticket orders from the 416 and 905 area codes, no entry to a game without a donation to an Ottawa food bank. . . no matter how good and loyal the Buffalo, New Jersey, Carolina or Philadelphia fans are, they didn’t deserve a victory as much as you do. My goal since I joined the Leafs has always been to have on the ice a team as good as our fans. We have never quite gotten there. Some day we will.”

He even takes a swipe at the CBA opponents Bettman and Goodenow:

“So this summer and next fall, when Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow forget that they are acting as if the game belongs only to them, because in the heat of a negotiation everyone at times does forget, remind them. You are the critical third party in all this. Really, you are the critical first party. The deal will be done better, sooner, if you get involved.”

With his experience as a Hall of Fame goalie, lawyer and Maple Leafs’ President I had thought Dryden would make for a capable NHL Commissioner someday. He’s certainly not afraid to speak his mind, having spoken out this season about the ruinous effect of violence in the NHL. Perhaps politics is his true calling.

Maple Leafs’ chairman Tanenbaum, “said there would be no move to fill Dryden’s chair and added Dryden would be welcome back if his foray into politics doesn’t pan out. “

What does this mean for the Leafs? For Canada? Comments?

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