Has Kesler asked for a trade out of Vancouver?


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  1. 93killer93 says:

    “What they’re going to be looking for is to pick up a young centre between the ages of 20-25 who can grow into the role that Kesler is in right now. Somebody that gives you a fighting chance at a reload if not necessarily a rebuild.”

    From Bob McKenzie.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Bozak? I mean are they getting a better center? Bozak and Franson would be fair value.

      Wonder if Nonis and Gillis’ history disqualify any possible trade, it would at least be an obastacle.

      Gagner? Won’t trade Kesler in the division given they wouldn’t trade Schneider.

    • Gambo says:

      That kind of spells Ryan O’Rielly, but I don’t see why Colorado would move him for essentially a clone.

      Isn’t Bo Horvat supposed to develop into a Kesler type player?

  2. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    I do get a laugh how everyone seems to believe the media about a “feud” between Nonis and Gillis, but when it comes to Kadri’s poor attitude (or things about other Leaf players), which is as widely speculated in the media…then about half say “where’s the proof? you have been listening to the media too much”.lol Gotta admit it’s kinda funny. No?

    As for Kessler. Forget Gagner, the Canucks are likely not interested in a Gagner swap for other reasons than he is in the same Division/Conference. He is too small. Team Canada showed that Size that can play and puck possession can dominate a game. I’m a firm believer in those two things and Gagner brings neither, but they would lose it in Kessler should he go.

    Bozak is not going anywhere.imo They just gave him a new long term deal with an NTC (limited I believe) and he is playing the best hockey of his career. He is not as physical as Kessler, nor does he have the ability to dominate as Kessler can, but he is locked up longer at a better cap hit and gels well with JVR/Kessel.

    Think Kadri if it’s a Leaf. It’s about the only player that Leafs can offer that would makes sense to Van for the here and now. Not saying the Leafs should or will, but he is the guy the Canucks would want.IMO Maybe a Holland ++ if they are truly starting a rebuild. Holland has the size, is defensively responsible and is a ppg player in the AHL. Maybe a Holland, Gardiner, pick/prospect IF Van is starting a rebuild might get it done. Otherwise, Kadri.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      People tend to cite the media when is congruent with their perspective. Of course everyone is going to be critical of them. You can’t insinuate that it’s hypocritical to suggest that if you believe the media about Gillis then you have to accept Kadri’s attitude problems, and even if Kadri has a bad attitude who cares.

      And it wasn’t the media, it was the reality that Gillis forced Nonis out of his job. Speculating that they might really hate each other but that’s just me speculating.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        I don’t remember using the word hypocritical. I said funny. i.e, people use it when they agree with the media…basically what you said.
        I didn’t insinuate that if you believe one thing the media says, you have to believe everything they say. My point was, it’s funny how people will protest it in one instance and applaud it in another. Just like stats.

        It would be hypocritical though to call out others for agreeing with what is said in the media and then turn around and agree with something else said in the media and say “well that’s different” in my case.

        I mean, I don’t remember Nonis coming out and saying that Gillis forced him out, I could be wrong, but I believe it was more speculated in the media and people either chose to believe it or not. If I remember, Gillis said he didn’t like the scouting and they needed to draft better when he took over, which of course made Nonis angry. I do believe there may be some bad blood though. Enough to stop a trade? Who knows. It’s not as public or vocal as Burke/Lowe.

        As far as Kadri goes, it was Kadri’s current coach(es) and former coaches who have said things that have sparked Kadri having an attitude problem discussions. I care about his attitude if it means he may disrupt the room with it. Poor attitudes can divide an otherwise tight room. No team needs “that guy” in the dressing room if it’s true. So to me, attitude matters and obviously it does to coaches as well.

        • doorman says:

          Congruentis a great adjective, lol, love it. As for Kessler he won’t wanna play in Toronto so it doesn’t matter. besides while he only be turning 30, his style of play has him an old 30, IMO. Good player but for what it would take to get him, no thanks I would rather see how Bolland plays out.

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