Kesler for Carter?

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During last nights broadcast of the Canucks and Oilers on TSN a rumor was mentioned between the Flyers and Canucks.

Apparently the Flyers are actively seeking a forward who is fast and defensive minded and the suggestion is that the Flyers are very interested in the Canucks Ryan Kesler who almost became a Flyers several years ago when they signed him to an offer sheet. In exchange for Kesler the Canucks would get back Jeff Carter who is more offensive than Kelser and may help the Canucks to put an end to their scoring woes.

35 Responses to Kesler for Carter?

  1. smooth4488 says:

    I would take Carter for Kesler straight up, however I would try to get Richards and sweeten the pot a little for the Flyers….witha  draft pick and mid-level prospect.

  2. WYflyerfan says:

    There is no way the Flyers will give up Richards…….

  3. beatles24 says:

    It's a possible trade.

    A good deal for the Canucks but not bad for the Flyers. The Flyers have a lot of offensive players skills but they need a good defensive foward and they like them with a good shape.

    Carter with his speed will give to Vancouver a different style player with more offensive. But I think the Flyers want to trade Knuble more than Carter.

    For Richards….forget it…he's too hot….don't dream for the impossible…it happen with Luongo but not again, all the GM are not Crazy like Keenan !

  4. crazyamazin says:

    i would think that nonis would be skeptical on trading away kesler.  kesler has been one of the canucks best forwards, and is proving right now that he's becoming the player that he was expected to be. 

    on the other hand… the canucks need two things (as any hockey club would want), and that is more scoring and youth.  not to say kesler isn't young, but carter definatly has more scoring ability. 

    i think that this wouldn't be a bad trade for either team.  i think it would be more likely to happen if clarke was still the GM of the flyers, seeming that he made the initial offer to kesler.  but then again, nonis wasn't the canucks GM at the time either. 

    i believe that carter would be a great addition to the canucks, and kesler the same to the flyers. but i can guarentee you this, i will not be a straight up deal.  the flyers will want more than just kesler, and i don't think nonis will be willing to give up more than say a 3rd or 4th rounder as well.  if the flyers are looking at getting edler, bourdon or schneider as well in the deal… its never going to happen.  nonis won't have it.

    as for richards… pft… like that will ever happen.  not now, not ever.  maybe if it was like 2 years ago, but he's developed into a really good player, and will (in my opinion) most likely become their next franchise player and someday captain.  any team would be crazy to give him up… unless a player of say, crosby status is received.

    richards to the canucks is just wishful thinking.

  5. Swagz says:

    There’s no way this will happen. Carter is potentially a first line centreman. He displays talent Kesler is unable to acheieve. The Flyers WILL NOT trade Cater for Kesler. Thats like Stajan for Umberger for all you dumb leaf fans

  6. habsrock99 says:

    That would be one of the worst possible trades the Flyers could do. If it was Knuble for Kesler, then it'd be a great move by the Flyers. Jeff Carter will eventually turn into a 40 goal man and Ryan Kesler will be nothing more then a 20 goal/3rd line player, he's like a less-talented Jason Blake.

  7. neilios says:

    Its not gonna be one for one deal it will be a5 or 6 player deal they where saying on TheScore from Ludzig and Lebrun.The players been mentioned in the possible deal are as no-Heartnutz I mean Hartnell was mentioned.

    To Flyers-Kesler1.7mill,Bieska3.5mill,Hanson,and Cory Schneider
    To Canucks-Carter1mill and Hartnell5mill

    Good trade for both teams.Things havent worked out in Philly for Hartnell maybe things will change playing back in the West,and the Canucks get couple good players who will fill in nice on the 1st and 2nd line.The Flyers get a gifted Dman who will be there new point man and plays with lots of heart and plus they get couple good young players in Kesler and Hanson and a goalie who could be there#1 in couple years.

  8. neilios says:

    Canucks new lines when and if they ever pull this trade off.

    Sedin Sedin Naslund
    Hartnell Morrison Carter
    Burrows Linden Cooke
    Cowan Ritchie Isbister

    Ohlund Bourdon
    Mitchell Kraijeck
    Salo edler


    Not bad looking lineup.

  9. TheStryker says:

    If Carter is available, I think Mr. Gainey needs to be calling The City Of Brotherly Love. Carter is a big, skilled, intense player that Montreal desperatly needs

    How bout this one

    Ryder,Begin,Fisher,2nd rnd pick
    to Philly for

  10. papichulo71 says:

    If you want to win the Cup you have to give up some building blocks.  I see Carter getting moved but closer to the deadline for a top 4 d-man rental and a backup

  11. svenki says:

    even though im a canucks fan, i agree with you all, as much as i'd like to see carter in a nucks uniform, that trade may not happen, and if it does, it'll cost more than just kesler

  12. KingCanada says:

    Stajan for Umberger is actually more even then you think.  Umberger is more offensive and Stajan is better defensive.  Altho Stajan is doing much better this year and is due for a breakout year hopefully, also is outscoring Umberger.

  13. nonhl2005 says:

    Not gonna happen, Kesler is too much of a punk, as has been stated by a few players on the Flyers already. They would not mess with the chemistry they are building now for a pot stirer. Why do the Flyers need speedy defensive minded forwards? They have Kappanen and Richards, 2 of the best in the game today. Nah, this is just some knuckleheads idea and pure speculation.

  14. KingCanada says:

    I cant believe this is coming from a Canucks fan.  Thats a pretty sh!t trade for Vancouver.  Hartnell makes WAAAY too much money, he has no trade value, hes scored ONE goal this season that is way too risky.  Your essentially giving up Kesler (great defensive young forward), Bieksa a great young defenceman, Hanson (no idea about his potential to be honest) and Shneider an excellent goalie prospect for Carter and big lump of salary.  Absolutly horrible, that is risk not worth taking because Hartnell is under contract for 6 years.

  15. FlyersFan20 says:

    Who ever wrote this article needs to go relook at the Flyers roster. We already have 3 amazing defensive forward in Richards, Kapanen, and Dowd. As speed goes there are only about 10 players in the league who are faster then Kapanen. Richards is the “best” penalty killer in the league and his numbers will prove it. Jim Dowd is still one of the best shut down forwards so I don’t know why you would think the Flyers need defense. And come on now you heard this on FSN, they have more pointless babbling on that station then actual commentating.

  16. mozzy says:

    Catrer for Kesler is ridiculious. the Flyers have vested much time in Carter and have high hopes for him. Their not about to shell out a potential 30-40 goal scorer for another 3rd line mucker and grinder. And on another note, it has been stated that Umberger did not get along so well with Kesler when they played together and neither did Upshall. Upshall actually had some less that positive comments to say about Kesler during the game the flyers played the canucks. Not to mention a flyer (Boulerice) almost took his head off. This will not (and better not) happen. As for Richards. He ain't going anywhere for ANYBODY! He is the Flyers future and even more so a fan favorite. Hartnell for Kesler, thats more like it. Flyers do need a defensive forward with some touch, but this deal is beyond a loss for them.

  17. wingerxxx says:

    Interesting scenario, but no chance it will happen.  Makes too little sense in the long run.

  18. canuckstocup says:

    I'm not saying this trade will happen but I'm positive that a lot of the posters on this trade have never seen Kesler play. Kesler is not a mucker by any means; he's extremely quick, can fight, has decent offensive upside, size and will be one of if not one of the top shut down player in the league in the next 5 years. Regarding some Flyers not liking Kesler as someone posted above the supposed story is that Kesler and Umberger were actually quite good friends (and linemates) in University but Umberger took offense to Kesler signing for less than the rookie maximum, which was then used by Burke to as embarrass Umberger by saying that he was greedy and could be playing in the NHL consistently like Kesler if he would sign. Now regarding Hartnell(sp?), correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to remember that he was extremely disliked in the Nashville dressing room so I don't know if I would really listen to his opinion, plus part of Kesler's game is to aggravate opponents so I'm sure he also got under Hartnell's skin. 
    Finally, do I think this trade will happen?? Only if the addition to Kesler is a prospect like Grabner or a roster player along the lines of cooke or burrows.  Just remember everyone, there is a reason the Flyers offered so much money to Kesler.

  19. canuckstocup says:

    I don't get a chance to see the Flyers play very often but is Richards really that great or is he just on a hot streak. I always thought that Carter was the far better of the two with the exception that Richards was a great leader off the ice. I see Richards is on pace for something like 90 points this season but is that realistic or just inflated by some surprising early season scoring?? I really am curious if someone can tell me.

  20. MR40 says:

    Hansen is definately going to be an impact player in the NHL (can't say that about many players). The thing is no one knows where he'll be making an impact though. Will he be a relieble 3rd line guy who provide's offense, or a guy who can round out a 1st line.

    I think he'll become a solid 2nd line player, who can play on the first line when needed (like Brenden Morrison) He's already an NHL ready player.

  21. neilios says:

    If Carter played with the Sedins he would be guaranteed 50+ golas and I think Nassy,Moe,and harnell line would pretty nice to better then the 2nd line they have now.

  22. MR40 says:

    Have you guys ever Ryan Kesler play (excluding the Philadelphia game)? He's quick, has speed, can play defense, and he can score. He CAN score. He is a potential solid 2 way 2nd line centre. He can put up 60+ points in the NHL. He's already a solid 3rd line player, so obviously he has more he can become more then a 3rd liner.

    I think the trade is fair, but it doesn't really make sense for Philly. With Briere, Richards, Downie all centre (Carter too) it doesn't maek sense to get a centre. Maybe aquiring a defensemen would make more sense, but a veteren d man.

  23. Atomic_Wedgy says:

    There is no way the Flyers give up Carter or Richards.  Especially not for Kesler and a pick or prospect.  Those 2 players are the cornerstone to the franchise.

    No doubt you would take Carter straight up for Kesler.  That's b/c it would be a rape for VAN.

  24. Atomic_Wedgy says:

    It is my opinion that Richards will be a good 2 way player who can pitch in with the odd 80 point season now and again.  I don't think he was ever expected to be a 100 point player.  I think he is currently playing above his upside. 

    Carter's upside is expected to be higher than Richards, but it was Richards' intangibles that make him such a commodity for Philly.

    Richards' upside will be 70-80 points, potential Flyers captain.
    Carter's upside is 80-90 points.



  25. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    He Obviously has no clue what hes talking about.  Take whatever Nelios says with a grain of salt, because noone else in vancouver for a second believes what he does.

  26. Rico71 says:

    *shakes head*


    Not Gonna Happen.

  27. papichulo71 says:

    To Van: Carter + Hartnell + 3rd round
    To Phi: Ohlund + Kesler

  28. neilios says:

    Ohlund will never be traded the heart and soul of the Vancouver defence.It will be Bieska or Salo getting moved to Philly not Ohlund.The trade will look like this.

    To Philly-Kesler,Salo or Bieska,Hanson,and Corey Schneider
    To Canucks-Hartnell,Carter,and a prospect or high draft pick

  29. UsedandAbused says:

    Flyers would be stupid to do this deal. It won't happen. Carter is on Snider's no trade list. So won't happen.

  30. UsedandAbused says:

    You have NO CHANCE of getting Richards.

  31. MR40 says:

    Does anyone remember the last time one of Neilios "rumors" have came true?

  32. Archion113 says:

    Holmgren already came out and said this isn't true.

    Maybe the Canucks wanted to do this, but Flyers GM said they weren't interested in trading Carter.

    Besides we don't have any room under the cap for another half a mil more.  So it would have to be more players involved, and i really doubt the Flyers are looking to shake things up right now.

  33. broc says:

    That's dumb- you're talking like Umberger is something special- which he isn't.

    Stajan has been getting better this year and is playing his best year so far. Umberger seems to have peaked already and is playing worse. Stajan this year is more appealing than RJ is, sorry Swagz..

  34. neilios says:

    Mr40 go suck a nut,u nut sucka

  35. MR40 says:

    I was being serious.

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