Kessel to Pittsburgh

Leafs trade Kessel to Penguins in multi-player deal

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  1. leafy says:

    With Kessel gone, I can frankly state that I never warmed up to this guy in his 6 years in Toronto. I absolutely hated the trade from the get-go (Burke did not have to make it) and I simply saw him as a magician with just one trick. He wasn’t versatile at all (lazy and horrible defensively) which wouldn’t bother me so much if he scored 50 goals, but he has never even scored 40. Also, he just seemed like a cold fish – no personality (the anti-Jeremy Roenick). Happy to see this sad chapter end.

    • LN91 says:

      I feel like a weight is lifted with the loss of Kessel (Not just his lazy self).

      The Leafs are free of his cap, the culture he brought to the dressing room, his effect on younger players, and much more.

      Now, they will be in the bottom next year, but things are heading in the right direction. FINALLY.

      Not to mention, 10 draft picks in 2015, 11 in 2016 (with more to come) and the Leafs can start adding their own talent.

      Always said, Burke made one mistake as GM, but it overshadowed all the positive.

  2. kessel_leafs81 says:

    I wasn’t overly sure about this trade when it happened, but I was golfing with my good friend matt murray, pittsburgh’s goalie prospect who plays on wilkes-barrie, when it happened and he got me super excited about the deal saying that both of them have great work ethic and super nice guys and kapanen will be a top 6 forward in the NHL next year. He said his skill alone is rediculous. Im a little biased but I wish we got matt back in the deal also and spiced up our goalie prospects a bit but we deffinitely have very good pieces at forward rn for prospects and reilly and harrington is a good start as well but could use some work

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