With the recent trade of Kevin Garnett, the Boston Celtics join the Red Sox and Patriots as teams pushing for championships in their respective sports. On the outside looking in: The Boston Bruins.

ESPN recently ran a story following the trade of Kevin “The Big Ticket” Garnett to the Celtics and interviewed a Boston sports radio talk show host about the trade. He had some interesting thoughts, specifically regarding the significant moves three of the four major league teams in the Boston area have made in search of a championship. Of note:

CELTICS: The Celts picked up Kevin Garnett for a package of players and draft picks. Adding Garnett to the immense talents of Paul Pierce and Ray Allen gives the Celtics as dominant a top-3 as the league has seen in a long time. With the Celtics playing in the weak Atlantic Division, a rise to the top and high playoff seeding is certainly attainable and we all know that anything can happen in the playoffs.

PATRIOTS: The perennial favourite New England Patriots add Randy Moss to an already potent offense and dominant defense. Now Moss has shown that he can be a distraction on other teams, but the strong team chemistry he will find himself in with the Pats might be enough to keep him in line. There is no denying his talent and it is widely believed that he will bolster an already strong attack.

RED SOX: Following their 2004 World Series, the Sox have continued to add top shelf talent such as Josh Beckett, Dice-K, and J.D. Drew. As we saw at this years trading deadline, they are also willing to go toe to toe with the mighty Yankees, outbidding them for the services of Eric Gagne. The AL East leading Red Sox have only improved at the deadline and are looking like a lock to play some October baseball.

So, the fourth ‘major league’ team in the Boston area is … well … the Bruins. And after a 13th place finish in the conference, the Bruins went out and … well … traded for Manny Fernandez.


There is no question that this once proud franchise is near or at an all time low. This franchise has appeared in 17 Stanley Cup Finals, winning five times. Hall of Famers that wore the fabled B include Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, Cam Neely and Ray Bourque just to name a few. In a rich 83 year history, B’s players have won the Jack Adams award twice, the Calder Cup eight times, the Norris Trophy thirteen times, the Vezina seven times, and the Hart Trophy twelve times. (Source:

And they trade for Manny Fernandez after a 13th place finish. I think we can all agree that it is going to be a long season for the Bruins and it will be a shame to watch this once proud franchise fade to black as its cousins all push for headlines, highlights and championships.


  1. HotDogAllDressed says:

    boston accents are weird

  2. Tweek says:

    Haha well Fernandez is no Garnett and surely the Bruins are 4th amongst the 4 teams in terms of popularity but Fernandez is a pretty decent goalie and I personally think he will do the Bruins some good.  They do have a looong way to go though in terms of winning back fans.  Having a guy like Jeremy Jacobs as a owner certainly doesn't help.

  3. Tweek says:

    They just like adding "wicked" on the front of everything.  I see nothing wrong with that…They are pretty hilarious.

  4. habsrock99 says:

    What the F*** does that have anything do with anything?

  5. habsrock99 says:

    I hate the Boston Bruins and in my life I have never defended them EVER. But, I just have to defend them now, why, I do not know.

    What did the Bruins lack last season? A strong capable goalie and defence. Hannu Toivonen was supposed to be the Bruins savior in goal and Tim Thomas was just a fix until Toivonen could prove he could stay healthy. Well, Toivonen has yet to prove that he can stay healthy and has since been moved to St. Louis, where I believe he will emerge as the Blues #1 by November or December. The same thing happend in Toronto with Tellqvist and he was moved to another small market team in Phoenix, where I believe he will prosper. The Bruins answered the goaltending situation this off-season, picking up Manny Fernandez, a strong capable goalie who was on the outside looking in while in Minnesota because of injury, kind of the same situation as Boston had with Thomas and Toivonen. It is well known the BRuins have a potent offence that can only get better. Led by Patrice Bergeron, Marc Savard, Glen Murray, Marco Sturm, Phil Kessel, Chuck Kobasew and Brandon Bochenski, the sky's the limit for the Bruins offence. Bergeron is just hitting his prime and with improved defensive work, he could become a lethal scorer while being a decent defensive player. Savard is gonna have at least one more good year before he crashes but by crash, I mean he's gonna hit a bump that'll allow him to score "only" 70 points. Murray is the veteran leader of the Bruins offence and is a constant 30 goal threat. Sturm has the potential to score 30+ goals and if he can keep his mind straight all season, he'll do just that. Kessel is gonna have a HUGE season this year. Their's a reason he made the jump to the NHL and it's not just because the Bruins lacked scoring last September in training camp. The guy's the real deal and now that he is cancer free and will likely play the whole year, he'll be a legitimate 20 goal threat this season and a legitimate 30-40 goal threat in following seasons. Chuck Kobasew may not be the flashiest player on the ice but he gets the job done. He won't put up big numbers but what he will do is add scoring depth to any team. Brandon Bochenski is gonna be the new age Peter Bondra, the only difference being, Bochenski passes and knows he has team mates. Letting both Bochenski and Havlat go to Chicago will make John Muckler's "legacy" as the Sens GM look like a joke. But he had to let Havlat go but letting Bochenski go will be written down as the worst deal in the Sens franchise history (1993-present). Bochenski will undoubtedly be known as the player who both the Ottawa Senators and Chicago Blackhawks let go and the Boston Bruins picked up. Though it may seem the Bruins have a good team, their defence is a little below par. Chara was a HUGE disappointment in his first season but he'll bounce back. Andrew Alberts has some mean talent in him and will eventually become the Bruins defensive leader. Their's a few bright spots on this Bruins team but the only way they can make the critics shut up is if those bright spots shine like stars this season.   

  6. 2buxaslice says:

    Actually they also remove the letter R from all words that have it such as turning "car" into "cah".  They also add the letter R to words that do not have it, many Bostonians will tell you they have a great "idear" instead of idea.  Finally people from Boston are great at turning any word into a two syllable word.  Like how the city of Worcester is pronounced "Wustah".

    So yes it is hilarious and Boston is the only city where you can actually hear someone say:

    "I had this great idear to drive my cah wicked fast to Wustah." 

    The other thing you'll hear people from Boston say is:


    When the name Jeremy Jacobs is announced at B's games.

  7. nordiques100 says:

    the bruins killed themselves.

    they hired a weak GM in over his head.

    that GM hired a coach who completely wasted a full year for the bruins and luckily was replaced with Claude Julien. in fact previous regimes have not hired a good coach in quite some time. kasper sucked, sullivan sucked, sutter, keenan, lewis couldnt do the job.  

    they have an owner who doesnt like to spend, and when he does spend, he spends foolishly

    they have a nice building…..but it doubles as a morgue and lacks the intimacy that the garden had.

    for the last several years they easily had the worst uniforms not just among the orginal 6 teams but in the league with those yellow honey bear jerseys. they were quite the laughingstock.

    they have built a team that is soft and has too many of the same type of players.

    they wasted two years with bad goaltending.

  8. Jrugges says:

    Now you know why detroit fans watch so much hockey instead of football.

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