Khavanov Injured

Maple Leaf defenseman Alexander Khavanov, left after the first period with a “upper-body” injury. Sure this isn’t a trade rumor, but with McCabe already out, and now Khavanov, John Ferguson Jr. could be forced to make a trade soon.

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  1. BleedinBlueTillDeath says:

    Haha nice my first article got posted. And for anybody who reads this article, the topic button was suppose to say “Awesome News” hahaha.

  2. mojo19 says:

    They might not have to make a trade, don’t forget about free agent signing Brad Brown who could fill in short term with the big club.

  3. Darcy16 says:

    Does Brown have to clear waivers? I think there might be some injury issues with him as well so I think Jay Harrison would be a more likely call up. Could be kinda rough having three rookie defencemen in the lineup though. But I guess it’s better than having Belak back there.

  4. BleedinBlueTillDeath says:

    Haha, anything is better than having a rookie back there. I agree though, if this is a short-term injury they will just call up Harrison, Woznieuski or Brown. But if this injury is for a somewhat lengthy period of time, I would expect a trade considering McCabe is already on the shelf.

  5. 92-93 says:

    i agree that a trade is necessary but i don’t think JFJ will do it now.

    this is another opportunity for the young D-guys to step up and prove that they can outlplay Khavanov even though they are rookies (Coliacovo, Kronvall). but this opens a spot up for another D-guy.

    yes Brown is available but I’d like to see if Woz could play for the leafs (or even Harrison).

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