Kings goalie search continues ?

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The LA Times is reporting that that Kings may be willing to entertain a number of different offers for Frolov or Brown in an effort to get a quality goalie.

Oh boy … the goalie problems do not ever seem to end for the Kings. Although Marc Crawford shoots down any speculation of a trade for a goalie HTR firmly believes that the Kings are actively shopping for a goalie because they need some consistency in net.

The sad reality for the Kings is that if they want to stop the bleeding in net they will have to give something up I order to get something that is any good. In the article it is suggested that the Kings may not be willing to part with any of their young talent but one would have to think that the Kings may be in a position where they may have to make a deal in order to salvage the young season. HTR feels that one goalie who may be available is Martin Gerber. It was heavily suggested all summer that the Senators may be looking to move him and his sizable contract.

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  1. broc says:

    If the Leafs can convince the Kings to take 1 of Raycroft or Toskala- that would rock. I mean come on- if the Kings can believe in Cloutier they can believe in anyone!


    3rd round pick, not having to pay Ray anymore

  2. Shorts_Pimp says:

        Hell, just give them Raycroft for free in order to clear cap space and bring Clemmenson up from the minors. Despite what everyone seems to think, Toskala has been nothing but solid, even in games when the Leafs have been blown out. He has always given them an opportunity to win, and seems to only give up weak goals when the game is out of reach. Raycroft on the other hand, seems to be solid up until the first goal, at which time he is susceptible to giving up one, or several weak goals at crucial moments in the game (Ottawa, Buffalo, Chicago – 3 out of 4 starts). PLEASE….SOMEONE…TAKE HIM AND HIS 2 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT AWAY!!!!
        Additionally, if you can, throw Tucker in the trade as well if you can obtain something half decent from the Kings. However, the kings will most likely go after Gerber or Bryzgalov.

  3. broc says:

    Add Tucker and ask for Dustin Brown.

    If the Leafs can suck enough the next year or 2, maybe they can get Tavares eventually.

  4. senators101 says:

    I don't really want to get rid of Gerber, but if we could get Frolov out of him, SIGN ME UP!

  5. Senatorsfan78 says:

    Sign me up to I would like to see Frolov on the Senators.

  6. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Cloutier = Raycrap. He said the kings were looking for an UPGRADE, not a SIDEWAYS. The kings already have a leaf cast off between the pipes, what the hell do they want another one for?

  7. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Now that Cole is injured, your switching your man-crush to Frolov?

    "I think murray should trade for frolov, thats what murray should do i like frolov u don't know anything about hockey u big stupid jerk"

  8. tancred says:

    If I were LA, I wouldn't give up Frolov or Brown or anything really.  Why trade for a goalie when you can go out and sign Curtis Joseph?  I've heard he kind of wants to stay in the Toronto area, but maybe he could be convinced otherwise.  He's really the best option out there if LA doesn't want to give up anything.

  9. neilios says:

    Raycrap sucks I dont think no1 wants that bum and Gerber maybe but the Sens should hang on to him cause Emery aint that great,and for Huet outta the Habs thats a differnt story I think Price is ready for the NHL and Huet would be decent in LA.I think the trade will go down like this and its also been mentioned from Lebrun from TheScore.

    To LA-Huet and Andrei Kostitsyn
    To Habs-Frolov

  10. senators101 says:

    you forgot to say "insert name here. you shut up"… but you did a pretty good job nevertheless.

  11. mojo19 says:

    Yeah, maybe Cujo, he might be done, but he might be okay. Or is Esche still kicking around?

  12. jakebmwe46 says:

    Crawford denied rumors printed in the Ottawa Sun that the Kings are trying to shop young forwards Dustin Brown and Alexander Frolov for a goalie.

    “There's no basis to that,'' Crawford said. “Everybody, reporters and probably coaches alike, try to fantasize about trades. They are exactly that — fantasies. That trade would never happen. Ever. It's a fabrication by somebody saying, `Hey, that might work. They need a goalie, and who can we get that's young and inexpensive?' They'll look at the salary chart and say that makes sense, but it really doesn't.''

     posted by Matthew Kredell on

  13. Rickler says:

    I really can't see Brown and Frolov traded.
    And if it were to happen, it wouldn't be for Bryzgalov or Gerber.
    I think if you see them moved it would be for a Marquee name.

  14. senators101 says:

    Marquee like who? There aren't many teams with 2 number 1 goalies.  What team would drop their number 1 for frolov and/or brown? Then they'd be in the situation the Kings are in now.  Nobody would do that.

  15. broc says:

    Of course I am just saying the Leafs should dump Raycroft. The Kings need an upgrade in goal yes- but by no means did I say it makes sense for them to go for Ray.

    If the Kings can have faith in Cloutier between the pipes, they could be convinced of anything.

  16. tancred says:

    I think he's in Europe some where, but he'd be a somewhat decent option, as well.  Much better than having to give up young talent in a trade for a goaltender.

  17. Hoondog2 says:

    Another softie to add to the collection over in Montreal.  I got news for ya, Huet ain't that good man.

  18. Asquaredx2 says:

    Let's not stir the waters…

  19. Lazarus says:

    You beat me to it. Although management everywhere tends to downplay rumors before they do happen, I don't see this one happening.

    Frolov is one of the most underrated players in the league, with one of the most cap friendly contracts as well. His cap hit is only 2.9 mil for two more years after this season. He's only 25 years old, has improved his point totals in every year he's been in the league, is very good defensively, is hard to knock off the puck and would be an upgrade to any teams top six.

    Saying all that, if any of you had a player like Frolov on your team, would you trade him for somebody else's goalie problems? I sure as hell would not. If you want to trade a Miller, Lundquist, Kipprusoff caliber goalie for him then there might be a deal to work out. Quit with all the rumors for goalies that are not much of an upgrade over what we've already got. The most glaring problem with the Kings this year is not goaltending, it is the concept of team defence, and until the whole team plays like a team and defends like a team, none of the goalies out available (Gerber, Raycroft, etc..) would not fare any better between the pipes for LA.

  20. Jenkinstein says:

    It's unlikely that any of the well known LA forwards will make their way to Ottawa anytime soon.  After Spezza signs they're right up against the cap (especially if this rumour about Forsberg ends up being true) and will need to find a quality defenseman to replace Redden next year.  Gerber has been great, but Emery should regain his form in the next few weeks, and Elliot is a good, cheap backup, so Gerber is the only real option to trade away.  I see a depth move by Ottawa for another gritty forward or defenseman and a draft pick.  Here are some possible trades between Ottawa and LA:

    Ott: Gerber
    LA: Brian Wilsie, 1st rnd dp

    Ott: Gerber
    LA: Raitis Ivanans, Kevin Dallman, 2nd rd dp

    Ott: Gerber
    LA: Ivanans, 1st rnd dp

    and this, which would be my personal favorite just for the irony:
    Ott: Gerber
    LA: Preissing

  21. 68north says:

    I don't know about you, but I've been watching Huet play-he looks pretty good to me- 3-1-2, 1.96 GA, 9.34 save %. Hes worth 2 of your toskalas and five raycraps also allstar last year. No he aint good at all…

  22. senators101 says:

    Do you honestly think a goalie would be traded for so little? You gotta look at what Fernandez and Toskala were traded for (And toskala had no contract with his). 
    1. Dallman: Too small (we have corvo)
    2. Willsie: -20 last year, -19 the year before.  Doesn't warrant a trade for Gerber, I'd keep if that's all i was offered.
    3. Ivanans – just a fighter.  We have Mcgrattan doing nothin right now and we have Yablonski in the minors.  As much as I like Ivanans' size, he doesn't offer much else.

    4. Preissing, good deal haha…but add Corvo as well.  now THAT would be ironic.  Corvo going back to LA, Preissing going back to OTT.

  23. MR40 says:


    Your quote is so true too.

  24. malkin_71 says:

    I'd like to start of by saying the Kings you be Idiots to let go of Brown! The guys a beast. About the goaltending, there really is only Bryz that looks to be on the block but… Two divison rivals pulling of a deal like that? I really can't see it. Is Tim Thomas avalible in Boston? Gerber could be a good fit, no? but imagine the Flames out of the playoffs (not likely though) Kipper get dealt to LA, I wonder what they would get in return, just a few thoughts.

  25. Lord says:

    What about bringing back Huet ?
    If youngs Montreal's goalies do the job (Price, Halak and Danis), why not?

    I see:
    To Montreal: Frolov, Brown
    To Los Angeles: Huet, Ryder, Dandenaut

    But I don't see a GM getting back (for high price) a goalie that he let go.

    Cause that means (overall):
    Garon, Ryder, Dandenaut    VS   Frolov, Brown, Bonk
    hum, not fair !!! … but who knows.

    But I really think the kings only need to wait Bernier to be ready and Johnson becoming a real 1st defenseman. That can happen sooner then later.

  26. A-Train24 says:

    If Ottawa gets rid of Gerber's 3.7 mil a year, how are they up against the cap?  And they don't NEED to find a replacement for Redden, if Redden walks, they'll have 6.5 million dollars to find a replacement in the Free Agent pool.  Anyway, no way any of the trades you are suggesting happen, the Sens are gearing for a cup run, they need secondary scoring.  Two possible trades:

      Frolov for Gerber, 2-3rd rnd pick
      Brown, Labarbera for Gerber

  27. Jenkinstein says:

    my comment of Ottawa being up against the cap was as long as Gerber was with the team. They have right now about 2.5 million in available cap space before resigning Spezza. The reason the trades I made make sense are to act as a salary dump, possibly to afford Forsberg this season, but it's not possible after 07-08. Frolov is not going anywhere and Brown is too valuable to LA, it would be like Ottawa proposing to trade Chris Neil or even Mike Fisher (whose cap hit will go up to 4.2 mil next season, plus an extra 3 mil for Heatley).  If Ottawa wants to survive as a competitive team, they need Reddens salary to pay for Vermette, Meszaros, Kelley, Eaves and Donovan.  After that, they need a defenseman to replace Redden, where does the money come from? The players I suggested are UFAs at the end of the year, so Ottawa will have over three million to spend on D with Gerber gone and Wilsie/Ivanans gone too. It makes sense, plus they can get some decent choices from LA for the first round pick.  That's why I proposed what I did.

  28. senators101 says:

    Brian Lee – Entry level contract.  He'll take reddens spot and save us like 6 million bucks.

  29. Asquaredx2 says:

    Noooooooooo thank you. LA's 1st rdp wouldn't be very high this year. I'd much rather just keep Gerber and trade him in the offseason. These are absolute rip-offs for LA.

    If Ottawa trades Gerber, it's going to be for a top-6 forward.

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