Kings playing a risky game with Doughty

The complex and dangerous game the Los Angeles Kings are playing with Drew Doughty could wind up impacting their franchise for the rest of this decade.

They are, in essence, screwing around with their own future and the pettiness of general manager Dean Lombardi — threatening to penalize Doughty for every day he remains unsigned — borders on the juvenile.

With Doughty, one of the few franchise defencemen in hockey, the Kings can contend for the Stanley Cup, if not this year, then certainly next year. Without him, they have no chance. But potentially poisoning the relationship between the team and the one of the few indispensable players in hockey, is fool’s play.

Steven Stamkos signed a five-year, $37.5-million US deal with the Lightning — $7.5 million a season — and you can make a clear case that a 28-minute-a-game defenceman can impact a team far greater than a scoring centre can: Which means the comparable salary is either what Stamkos is earning or more.

The Kings are offering a long-term deal at Anze Kopitar money. Too long a deal. Not enough money. And who knows what residual effects will be left behind assuming Doughty eventually signs — assuming the animosity between team and player comes to an end.

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  1. alpalstewart says:

    I read a rumor on hockey buzz that mentions Doughty for stastny.

  2. TheOnlyIslesFan says:

    I feared when I clicked this it was going to be that bonehead Steve Simmons and sure enough it was…this guy is a pompous joke who shouldn't be writing anything outside of MCDonalds Menu boards.

  3. Steven_Leafs says:

    no kidding, this was probably the dumbest thing I ever read.

  4. lukeleim says:

    Vote for the best tweet of the week on Chirp Hockey!

    This site is sick!!!!

    My vote goes to BizNasty!

  5. reinjosh says:

    No kidding. Toronto media blows…

  6. mojo19 says:

    I actually agree with everything said in the article, except that Doughty should warrant the money Stamkos got, because if you look around the league, goal scoring gets paid the most, and a top 3 goal scorer in the game should be paid more than a work horse d-man.

    Other than that, Simmons is bang on with this one. I know its pretty obvious shit, but the overall point is that Lombardi is a tool. He does this kind of thing all the time. I hope this time it comes back to haunt him.

  7. Leafs_Wallace says:

    I used to think I hated Al Strachan but he was the only guy was JFJ should have packaged a bad contract with a good contract (i.e. Sundin with Tucker) for a medium contract coming back.  An idea I posted in HTR four months before he first wrote it.

    I used to hate Simmons but he was on board with my critique of Burke, although from my point of view he was a year late with it.

    These guy are occassionally fall falt with stuff but their at least stirring the pot and have their own voice.  All Bob Mackenzie and friends do is toe a safe line and never really say anything.

  8. mojo19 says:

    That's really true

  9. MystifoLeafs says:

    Honestly I don't mind Simmonds that much, it may be because I follow the leafs. But there is one guy I HATE and hes this pompus blogger with Hockeybuzz called Matthew Barry. Matt if your reading this I don't hate you as a person I just hate that everytime I read an article you wrote it comes off as a *****y fan rant. I have to deal with fan rants in life I don't want to read them.

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