Kings Sign Armstrong for 2 More

According to TSN – The Kings have signed Derek Armstrong to a multi-year deal for $1.5 Million a year for 2 years.

One more name is off the list of players to be traded…

Here is the link…

3 Responses to Kings Sign Armstrong for 2 More

  1. halgillfan says:

    I heard that they signed him so they could trade him to the leafs

    the leafs apparantly only want him if hes signed so they told LA to sign him and then they would trade bell and a 2nd round pick

  2. Superman4452 says:

    someone needs to make 'the list'

    left wing, centre, right wing
    dmen, goalies
    scorers, playmakers, etc

    i would but im not gonna cuz im lazy
    someone else should tho

  3. BieksaForMVP says:

    And you heard this from who…?

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