Kipper off the trade market? Will not report to new team


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  1. leafy says:

    Now Nonis can’t do anything dumb.

    Remember, Nonis spelled backwards is sin on. Would be a sin to trade for Kiprusoff.

    • Wasn’t everybody calling this such a great trade to make last year? Now, kipper can’t play anymore? Nobody is saying trade for kipper so he could be your starting goalie…

      • leafy says:

        You’re joking right? The backup goalie is HUGE, especially for a team fighting for a playoff spot like the Leafs. Every point counts.

        The LAST thing you need is a goalie who’s struggling this year.

        • Steven_Leafs0 says:

          point is moot, I heard Kipper is refusing to report to the team he gets traded to. What a douchebag.

          • leafy says:

            He’s a good kid. Probably likes the Leafs, so he put the kibosh on the trade idea.

          • LN91 says:

            He just had a kid…Doesn’t want to leave his family? How is that being a D-Bag.

            I guess Sundin is a giant D-Bag as well #LeafFans #DoubleStandards

            • Steven_Leafs0 says:

              Sundin had a NMC, he negotiated it and took a pay cut to get it, he had the right to refuse. (I hate it but that is the hard truth)

              Kipper purposely signed a NMC for ONLY the first 4 seasons so that his team could move him when his contract was near the end. He is handcuffing his team who has the right to move him. There are hundreds of other NHLers who get traded everyday, some who also just had children that are not being complete douchebags and telling their teams that if you move me I wont report (which means I officially have ZERO trade value and you still have to pay me).

              If Kipper TRULY wants to be there for his family and Calgary does not want Kipper on their team anymore then Kipper should flat out retire. He would never do this though because he still wants to get paid. That makes you a D-bag.

              Kipper could have easily signed a FULL NMC if he was willing to take a 1-2 million dollar pay cut throughout his contract easy. He didn’t because he wanted the money and now he needs to honor his contract and pay the consequences.

              I don’t get why just having a kid gives you protection in this regard, you make millions to provide for your family for life, being moved is a part of the deal, get over it.

              • doorman says:

                There aparently are complications from the birth of his child actually, in which case leaving does not make him a Dbag. There is also talk he may retire and not play next year.

                • LN91 says:

                  Thank you, I agree. Steven, like usual, is talking out of his a**.

                  That’s like me calling his mother (who is probably a nice women) a D-Bag because she took a maternity leave when he was born. In his theory, since she has a job…She should be working and not spending time with her newborn.

                  Analogy is a bit off, but you get the point. He wants to spend time with his family, they always come fist. NOT the FLAMES.

                  • JTRAIN1966 says:

                    I agree with you too ! But, his no-movement clause is up & if they ( being the Flames ) decide to trade him, this thing will turn into something like what happened to the St. Louis Blues a few years back with Craig Janney ! Nothing but a F#€KING MESS !

                    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                      I wouldn’t call him a DB either. I also wasn’t pissed at Sundin for not waiving his NTC.
                      An employee has the right to refuse changing jobs and the owner (in this case) can suspend him without pay. It is what it is.

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