Koivu and Ribeiro fight at morning practice

According to RDS.ca, Montreal Canadiens captains Saku Koivu and Mike Ribeiro got into an intense fight at the morning skate at the Bell center. The two of them shared a rivalry since the beginning of the season for the top center spot. That rivalry turned sour this morning.

2 weeks ago, forward Pierre Dagenais shot a puck on defenseman Craig Rivet’s foot causing a similar scrim resulting in Rivet being sideline for a couple games, thus ending his consecutive game streak with the Habs.

All this is simply a whole lot of frustration and fatigue and there is nothing to overreact about. People in the Montreal area as well as the media are creating “clans” when there is none. Koivu-Zednik, Ryder and Rivet vs Ribeiro, Theo, Dagenais and Perreault being the two alleged “rival clans”. Unless these people have access to the dressing rooms or have bionic ears to hear behind closed doors, it is nothing but speculation.

Sigh, only in Montreal can we hear such nonsense and unfortunately it is this kind of nonsense that pushes the GM to move (not that he didn’t already need to)

Both Saku Koivu and Mike Ribeiro could easily be traded, any contending team would be interested. Is it really necessary though?