Koivu and Ribeiro fight at morning practice

According to RDS.ca, Montreal Canadiens captains Saku Koivu and Mike Ribeiro got into an intense fight at the morning skate at the Bell center. The two of them shared a rivalry since the beginning of the season for the top center spot. That rivalry turned sour this morning.

2 weeks ago, forward Pierre Dagenais shot a puck on defenseman Craig Rivet’s foot causing a similar scrim resulting in Rivet being sideline for a couple games, thus ending his consecutive game streak with the Habs.

All this is simply a whole lot of frustration and fatigue and there is nothing to overreact about. People in the Montreal area as well as the media are creating “clans” when there is none. Koivu-Zednik, Ryder and Rivet vs Ribeiro, Theo, Dagenais and Perreault being the two alleged “rival clans”. Unless these people have access to the dressing rooms or have bionic ears to hear behind closed doors, it is nothing but speculation.

Sigh, only in Montreal can we hear such nonsense and unfortunately it is this kind of nonsense that pushes the GM to move (not that he didn’t already need to)

Both Saku Koivu and Mike Ribeiro could easily be traded, any contending team would be interested. Is it really necessary though?

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  1. kovalev says:

    he’s probably a uneducated redneck, that has nothing else better to do than make racial comments about people over the computer

  2. kovalev says:

    Talk Hockey

    not what you like getting happened on your spare time

  3. nelsog says:

    Not my point at all. Why don’t you stay out of this Jack. Come back when you have a point.

  4. rojoke says:

    And I bet dollars to donuts that Koivu would get the same points with a guy like Bertuzzi. Hell, Rob Brown scored 100+ points when he rode on Mario’s coattails in Pittsburgh, but couldn’t keep an NHL job to safe his life after he left. He had a great career in the minors though.

  5. rojoke says:

    Isn’t Lapointe’s contract up at the end of this season? Knowing the Bruins, it probably is, and they probably won’t re-sign him after it does expire. But I don’t see the Bruins dealing him to Montreal. Of course, I didn’t see Hackett being dealt to Boston either, but it happened.

  6. OldNord says:

    Still has a year or two in his contract.

  7. rojoke says:

    “It’s also good to compensate for the leafs who simply refuse to have french canadian players on their teams :-)”

    Really? The Yanic Perreault, Felix Potvin and Vincent Damphousse were all secretly trained by CSIS to infiltrate the QMJHL and gather intel on militant separatist groups in La Belle Province?

  8. jouby says:

    you mean you did not know???

  9. jouby says:

    I’ll admit that baseball is alot more popular and accessible than Hockey and ALOT more people know about the Yankees than the Habs.

    Concerning detroit, I may be mistaken but when things were alot harder (in the 80’s??), fans were scarce in the arena. The reason I chose the Yankees was exactky because they are the most storied franchise in baseball and the two might be compared on tradition.

    Anyways, it’s getting pretty far from the conversation. I just wanted to say That there is a reason the the habs try and choose french Canadian players. A Habs team full of europeans and americans (not that they can’t play. Some are very good…) would certanly lose it’s appeal in hard times like a yankee team composed of non-american players on a losing Yankee team. (it’ all hypothetical, I know). People tend to want to have local talent. Now is local talent better than good talent? of course not! but you still need local talent.

  10. jouby says:

    No but seriously, The Leafs don’t usually like French Canadian players because it might give Don Cherry a heart attack. a bunch of Visor wearing wimps just does not fit on the Leafs Chrash and bang philosophy, right???

    Comon, you know I’m right!!!

  11. gman says:

    The Islanders have a good team and they were on a tear for awhile, thats not to say they’re not playing well right now (although that 6-2 loss to NYR does hurt them in the standings). It makes me sad to hear all the team bashing that goes on here by ignorant fans, although I like to partake in the odd Leaf bash, but who doesn’t?


  12. tricolore says:

    About Koivu vs. Ribeiro. Forget it, move on. No one is trying to sweep anything under the rug. There are cliques on every team in the NHL. This sort of things happens all the time – everywhere. You’re being naive if you don’t believe it. Henri Richard once smacked Serge Savard in the face – both former captains and hall of famers.

    After 4 losses in a row, the team was obviously frustrated. It’s about time they showed some intensity and it was up to the captain to shake them up. The same captain I should mention that has been a fan favorite, a hero that beat cancer, and the team’s heart and soul for the past 9 years. Granted Ribeiro is leading the team in points, they’re averaging equal points/game. (Ribeiro has played more games) However, the scoop on Ribeiro is his cockiness in practices and lack of work ethic. When the team is behind a goal or 2, he attempts low percentage plays that seem very individualistic. This perhaps is why Koivu singled him out and ticked him as well as others off.

    Unfortunately some members of the francophone media are the first to jump on these situations and like turning them into lingustic issues. This has been going on for the longest time and will probably always exist. (this is why some players refuse to play in Montreal). This is not a linguistic issue, nor about two clans feuding, but it does sell newspapers and attract viewers and listeners. Shows like 110% dedicate their total air time to this pointing out how many times Koivu didn’t pass to Ribeiro on the PP continuously dissing Saku. They went as far as stating Koivu is jealous of Ribeiro??? Sad, and very juvenille. Week after week they focus on Hackett vs. Theo, Rivet vs. Dagenais, and now Koivu vs. Riberio. And now unfortunately some fans that don’t know any better pick up on this and attend games actually booed Saku -their darling up until not long ago.

    Another episode in the ongoing saga of the Montreal Canadiens. Brisebois (francophone) gets booed, it must be the Anglos, so let’s boo Rivet (anglophone) to seek revenge and so on.

    The intelligent fan must ignore these incidents and continue to support their team.

  13. Jack_Laviolette says:

    This guy knows too much.

  14. kovalev says:

    Bamboo is actually Oilersbabe

    They been kicked off before, now they are Bamboo

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