Kolnik Will Break From Union in an Impasse


Finally – A player making sense. Florida Panther’s forward Juraj Kolnik spoke up on TSN.ca saying that if the owners come to an impasse that he would suit up and play for the Panthers under a new CBA.

These comments come as both the league and the union have attempted to clamp shut the months of their members. LA King’s president was fined an undisclosed amounts for speaking out of school on the CBA about a month ago.

The reality is that there are MANY more players who feel the way Kolnik does which is going to feed the ownership to keep their demands for a cap. If the league claims they have reached an impasse with the union, they can start over with a new system and BREAK the union. At issue is the amount of time and effort both sides have invested in negotiating to come up with a deal. Exactly how long is long enough is an interesting question that you might expect to be answered in courts thus possibly nixing this season.

Nevertheless, this is the first sign of hope in this dark situation.

Personally, I am a Flyers fan living in Los Angeles and I have already put a call into my ticket rep for the Kings. EVEN if the Kings field a team of scabs (replacement players) I am in for tickets. Hopefully, I will be rewarded for my support of the team with great seat locations that years from now will be harder or impossible to get.

As for Kolnik, when my fantasy league’s next draft finally happens – you are mine!!! I don’t care if you can’t shoot a beach ball in the ocean, you are on my team because of the guts and integrity you have shown.