Kolnik Will Break From Union in an Impasse


Finally – A player making sense. Florida Panther’s forward Juraj Kolnik spoke up on TSN.ca saying that if the owners come to an impasse that he would suit up and play for the Panthers under a new CBA.

These comments come as both the league and the union have attempted to clamp shut the months of their members. LA King’s president was fined an undisclosed amounts for speaking out of school on the CBA about a month ago.

The reality is that there are MANY more players who feel the way Kolnik does which is going to feed the ownership to keep their demands for a cap. If the league claims they have reached an impasse with the union, they can start over with a new system and BREAK the union. At issue is the amount of time and effort both sides have invested in negotiating to come up with a deal. Exactly how long is long enough is an interesting question that you might expect to be answered in courts thus possibly nixing this season.

Nevertheless, this is the first sign of hope in this dark situation.

Personally, I am a Flyers fan living in Los Angeles and I have already put a call into my ticket rep for the Kings. EVEN if the Kings field a team of scabs (replacement players) I am in for tickets. Hopefully, I will be rewarded for my support of the team with great seat locations that years from now will be harder or impossible to get.

As for Kolnik, when my fantasy league’s next draft finally happens – you are mine!!! I don’t care if you can’t shoot a beach ball in the ocean, you are on my team because of the guts and integrity you have shown.

22 Responses to Kolnik Will Break From Union in an Impasse

  1. nordiques100 says:

    finally someone making some sense. there are many players out there who when they say they are playing for the love of the game, they really mean it. not just saying they love the game (and the money that comes with it). i mean an average salary of 1.3 million which is what the league is willing to offer is well beyond what many of the players ever dreamed of making. you could especially say that about european players as they really dont make all that much living in their home land (even though through exchange rates, it still factors into alot of money).

    and with the players selfishly going to europe or going to the AHL to play, they take away jobs from Joe Average Hockey Player. this is where you wont see just Kolnik cross the line to play, several players will be willing to cross that line as they just simply want to play.

    it will be unfortunate however over the next few days hear the Union shoot down whatever Kolnik says and pretty much demean him and probably say he isnt much but a fringe player or career minor leaguer at best. and by doing so, they clearly show that this fight by them is to protect the pretty boy millionaires who dont want to lose their 1 dollar bill even though they have 50 million more like them in their wallets.

  2. rojoke says:

    How long before Bob Goodenow issues the press release stating Kolnik “was taken out of context.”

  3. wingedim says:

    Well Kolnik has since backed down from his original satement, now saying he won’t play until an agreement has been reached between the union and leauge.

    Personally, I’m getting sick of the strong arm tactics of both sides when one of their members breaks ranks and expresses what they feel. I understand the need for solidarity on both sides, but forcing someone to retract a statement ‘taken out of context’ (yeah my a$$ is was) just for someone speaking their mind is horsepucky. I thought this was the land of free speech and thought. I guess that’s only when it’s in line with the unions’ or leagues’ goals in this case.

  4. 19Yzerman says:

    To all the members of both the NHLPA and the Owners of NHL teams. I don’t want to hear any of your mouths. If you cannot speak to each other and settle your disagreements in terms of finance then I have ears for you.

    I can’t wait to see that little weasle get boarded by Holik. Didn’t his agent tell him to keep his mouth shut?? When I think of guys like that words like spineless weasle come to mind before Guts and integrity.

  5. habsoverserver says:

    Since he retracted his statements, he has less guts and integrity than you might have thought. It’s tough to know what a 20 year old high school graduate who barely speaks English really means. This isn’t Joe Sakic or Brian Leetch saying they want to come back and play hockey at any price.

    There is no hope in this situation. The season is toast. The owners do not want to meet with the players. The players are not going to fold until next summer when the spectre of losing another year of pay looms large over their heads.

  6. Aetherial says:

    No question this season is DEAD!

    Hopefully, fingers crossed, next season will be toasted also… actually, better still, a whole crop of replacement players.

    I really really want the NHLPA to get it stuck to them.

    It was good for the NFL when the owners finally stood their ground… While the cap system is not perfect and some teams (like my 49ers) managed to mortgage their future to win a couple superbowls, at least every team, every year has a legitimate shot.

    Besides, when I hear comments from hockey players trying to explain to the fans how this is their livelihood… and even one direct comparison I heard to other labor negotiations, I want to strangle them.

    This is NOT about livelihood or security of the families or any such thing. The fact that we are talking about millions per year salary vs. regular negotiation that are working with 20 bucks an hour type of things makes ALL the player’s arguements completely invalid.

    Not to mention that the players would cry collusion INSTANTLY if the owners let them back with a free market system and then refused to pay big bucks for free agents…


    I want to see this union SHATTERED! Even if it takes 5 years with no hockey!

  7. 19Yzerman says:

    5 years with no hockey? Are you NUTS?

    Why would you want to see the NHLPA “get it stuck to them” instead of a CBA that would be equally fair to both sides?

    I can understand that sometimes players get outrageous amounts of money. However the owners quite often guilty of causing these player contract auctions to the highest bidding owner.

    You don’t really believe that statement you made about every team, every year has a legitimate shot at a superbowl do you? You see being a Lions fan I can tell you No One I mean No One here in Detroit has felt that the lions have had a legitimate shot at a superbowl let alone even making the playoffs over the last 5 seasons and prior to this current trip to the cellar it has never been anything more than an 8-8 season lose the playoff game.

  8. Minky says:

    good for you kolnik.

    how come the NHLPA cant just realise that many of their players just want to play hockey. IE Kolnik.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if alot of players do the same as Kolnik.

  9. habs_punk says:

    trying to understand what you’re saying there, and it’s not so easy, its a tad confusing.

    if you’re calling kolnik a weasel for saying he wants to play hockey, then im gonna call you a complete asswipe. are you an effin player? i cant imagine anyone supporting the players as much as it sounds like you are. i mean you pick one of the most overpaid players in the game as who you want to see smoke him. personally i think holik should have his balls cut off and shoved down his throat, but thats a bit off topic. if i was in kolnik’s situation, i’d probly do the same thing. i mean why would i, a player making well below the league average, want to sit out so that the players making $10 million can make even more?? its completely retarded.

  10. habs_punk says:

    my favorite quote from kolnik

    “You’re talking about $300,000 paychecks every two weeks. Excuse me, but you could buy a house every other day”

  11. 19Yzerman says:

    Let me attempt to give you my perspective here. First I used Holik because of a previous article on here titled “Holik Tells NHLPA Players To Shut Up”and because I knew someone would become outraged from it.

    Your 100% correct in your analogy of Holik. However I must ask you how he became so grossly over paid.

    Kolnik has not yet played an NHL game and he has already displayed his inability to to work within a system devised to work for his advantage in the long run. He has also shown that he is willing to step over the line known as comradery. I am calling him a spinless weasle for that reason. So you have taken that out of context.

    You ask, ” why would i, a player making well below the league average, want to sit out so that the players making $10 million can make even more”

    My answer to that is so that we the NHLPA which you are a part of can best situate ourselves for future contracts for players such as your self. You are also taking what the NHLPA is trying to do out of context.

    Its ok that you and I maybe of Different opinions. But it would be nice if the NHL and NHLPA could find a way the have a new CBA that is fair for both sides.

  12. Minky says:

    lol, ya, i heard that on TSN and i was thinking that wasnt right

    cant blame him, he had the right idea, just english isnt hist first language

  13. Habfan1234 says:

    Actually, Kolnik has played 99 NHL games in the past 4 years With the New York Islanders and the Florida Panthers. Last year, he scored 14 goals and added 11 assists for 25 points in 53 games for Florida.


  14. wingedim says:

    Okay so TSN is repoting that Andrew Ference has expressed some negative views on the lockout and blasts BOTH sides….wait for it…..wait for it…by tomorrow there will be a retraction with a “out of context’ comment…..

  15. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    If he has recanted his statment then he is OFF my fantasy team.

    Screw him.

    I want some hockey and hope is fading about as fast as George Bush’s chances at a second term. At least there is THAT to be happy about in 13 days.

  16. 19Yzerman says:

    I looked at that link you posted and discovered this player has in fact played 99 NHL games. But, he is yet to play a full season which is perhaps why he couldn’t resist speaking out and the same reason we are not hearing guys like Andrechuk, Sakic Francis, Yzerman, MacGinnis Chelios and Hull. I am quite sure this guy will have a change in heart once he comprehends that his skill does have a marketable value that the NHLPA is trying to secure a lucrative future for and that his verbage is not helping get the NHLPA and NHL to come to terms any faster.

    I have said it before and I will say it again both sides need to keep thier mouths shut. If they cannot speak to each other and come to terms then I don’t see how they can think we want hear anything they have to say other than the season is going to start once again and that they have come to terms for a new CBA.

  17. Malurous says:

    So, someone whose knowledge includes not hearing of Kolnik before comes to comment? Whatever… Ok that was inappropriate.

    Why don’t Sakic et al say anything? Because they are the high-end guys. The Union is fighting here for the right to let those guys keep making 7-11 million bucks a season. If guys like Kolnik lose their jobs when maybe six teams go down, they don’t care. They have expressed that they don’t care. Shouldn’t a union’s first and foremost agenda be not losing jobs of one-fifth of the members? Instead of giving the top paid five percent more money?

  18. Malurous says:

    Just thought the same when I read it 😉

  19. 19Yzerman says:

    Lets say that the NHLPA agrees to a new CBA that has a 2 million max player yearly pay and that rookie players can make 2 million also. How would helping rookies make more now help them to make more in the future? there will come a day when Kolnik is a seasoned vet who will be entitled to more then some High skilled unestablished rookie.

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