Kolzig and Gonchar almost Flyers????

On 610 WIP this morning they were discussing the Flyers need for a goalie and it was said that “inside sources” in the Flyers organization stated that prior to the Markov deal the Flyers were “very close” to acquiring Kolzig and Gonchar and that Williams was part of that package that fell apart at the last minute.

The injury to Vandermeer may put the Flyers in the market for another defenseman according to Tim Panaccio of the Philly Inquirer. So, maybe this new injury may spur talks with the Caps to renew talks with Philadelphia. Gonchar would be a huge addition and Kolzig would be a welcome sight in the nets for Philly.

From Panaccio – “There also could be another deal coming. General manager Bob Clarke and assistant GM Paul Holmgren huddled together yesterday afternoon for quite a while, and it’s possible they were discussing options to bring another player into the fold.”

Spector’s Hockey reported today that the Caps owner Ted Leonisis has decided to “cut his losses” and actively look to unload some payroll – which would include Bondra, Jagr, Gonchar, and Kolzig.

Given the timing of those events I could see the Flyers renewing talks to acquire Gonchar and Kolzig. If a trade were to occur look for the names Gagne and Handzus to pop up. Although Handzus suffered a rib injury against the Habs the other night it doesn’t look to be too serious.

I think Clarkie has at least one or two more moves up his sleeve. Only time will tell with the toothless two-faced GM from Philly. Gotta love that Clarkie.

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  1. Aetherial says:

    Geeze I hope not. The Flyers are already strong enough… and they are going to LOVE Markov comf playoff time. This guys guts will pick up that whole team.

  2. CechmanekForVezina says:

    I wouldn’t mind Gonchar and Kolzig one bit. Experienced defensemen are priceless in the playoffs, I wouldnt want to depend too hard on Pitkanen or Vandermeer to hold up the fort. Philly is so deep at forward I don’t think losing Handzus or Gagne would hurt too much, especially with Gagne’s lackluster performances lately. Although I absolutely love Handzus. Hopefully they’ll trade Captain Depression instead.

  3. eagle29 says:

    Even though they have injuries the Philly blueline is already strong.Does anybody remember how Danny Markov led the Toronto blueline a couple of years ago?Yeah, Toronto needs Gonchar more than philly.Come to think of it Gonchar might be exactly what the leafs need to the cup.Lets tke a quick look at the Toronto blueline with Gonchar in it:




    Then you have Pilar,Colaiacovo,Hedin,Jackman and Belak as extras which is great defensive depth.

    Who would they give up?How about the useless Renberg or Reichel and a late pick.

  4. cgolding says:

    They won’t be trading Gagne, and if they do Clarke should be fired. No matter what you want to say about Gagne’s offensive production he is one of the top Penalty Killers on the team, and when they traded Williams away there went one of their other top PK players this season. Not to mention that Clarke needs to not fall into the trap that we were just digging out of in terms of shipping away young talent… We need to continue to let players develop and not lose patience with them.

    As much as Primeau frustrates the hell out of me as a player he is CLEARLY the emotional heart of this Flyers team and cannot be moved. I’m not sure anyone can say it was a coincidence that the wheels really fell off in the games that Primeau missed with his broken thumb, and when he came back they showed marked improvement against Toronto.

    I cannot imagine them not moving Handzus at this point. He has not been the scorer that he was expected to be, while maintaining himself as one of the best defensive centers in the NHL. However, he won’t be playing in the top 3 lines for this team with Roenick, Primeau and Comrie filling those roles, so he is definitely expendable with the return of Lapointe.

    Another issue is that the Flyers are beginning to get low on quality wingers(depth wise) following the Williams trade so they really shouldn’t start shipping off what they got for a Dman if they can help it. I would love to get a Gonchar and Kolzig, but am pretty sure the price is too expensive for the Flyers to pay at this point. Not to mention I’m not sure what they would do with all those dmen. Though the idea of being able to johnson, pitkanen, gonchar, and desjardins on the point for the power play in the playoffs is somewhat appealing.

    Not to mention I want my jersey to still be a for a current flyer… who knows though, it is clarkie in charge.


  5. AfroCon says:

    What is it about Toronto fans? Always have to make every article about them…

    Also, you can’t just give away your useless players and a late pick to go get a first rate d-men…

    Use your head and post about the Leafs in Leafs articles please…

  6. DirtySanchez says:

    matteo, you anus licking faggot, you make a very good point here. The Flyers are very deep in their offence and could afford to give someone up but at what cost? Who would they give up? I think Handzus is an intricale part of this team and Gagne……well let’s just say that any deal he is involved in , better be a sweet one. I don’t think Clarke needs to make any more moves for a d-man as he has addressed the problem and is now just going to have to ride through it much like the Leafs and the Red Wings have. The defence corps when healthy is going to be vicious with their new addition of Markov. He is a warrior and fits in perfectly to the style of play and to the likings of the Flyers fans.

    Even if this teams takes their lumps for a few weeks, they will be a force to rekon with come playoff time…………that is of course if they do deal once more and address their biggest problem, GOALTENDING!

  7. big_booty says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Gonchar in orange and black, but Kolzig seems to be missing something. He’s still a decent #1 backstop, but he’s no longer the “money” player that he was four years ago.

    I highly doubt that Handzus will be sent packing, given Clarke’s penchant for larger-than-average centermen. I don’t think they’re ready to give up on Gagne either.

    There was a smaller deal made – the Flyers just acquired defenseman Mattias Timander from the Islanders for a seventh-round pick in next year’s draft.

    IF (and that’s a mighty big if) a goalie deal is sought, look for it to be Khabibulin or Biron, even though Biron has less playoff experience than Esche does.

  8. matteo says:

    Stop calling me your mom’s pet name for you. Although coming from you that sounds like a compliment…..and I know that is a good thing in the bars you frequently hang out in, but not here.

  9. TheShack says:

    The problem with the Leafs defensive core is that they can’t play defense. What good would Gonchar be, he’s a -20!

  10. CechmanekForVezina says:

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE Khabibulin. Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.

  11. TC_4 says:

    Your right on the money about Kolzig. Outside of 98, can you tell who else he’s beaten in the playoffs? If you said nobody, your correct! There is a difference between getting hot one year, and being a proven money goaltender.

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