Kolzig Possibly Going to Avs?

www.thefourthperiod.com reports that according to AM980 CKNW radio in Vancouver, the Avalanche may acquire Olaf Kolzig and deal Alex Tanguay to the Washington Capitals. The third team is reported unknown.

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  1. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, well the 4th period also said that Nieuwendyk re upped with the Devils. Having said that, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Caps deal their franchise goaltender. They have NHL ready Maxime Ouellet, and Sebastian Carpentier in the wings, so dealing Kolzig and getting Jammy Jagr some help would make sense. But I don’t believe Tanguay is the type of guy they need. They need a power forward.

  2. Zamboni says:

    There’s two guys, well contracts actually, that I think it’s safe to say the Caps would love to rid themselves of. No one in their right mind is going to take Jagr’s contract, so I’ll be surprised if Kolzig doesn’t move this season.

    They aren’t a contender with the lineup as is, so they might as well go younger and cheaper and start building again.

  3. daredevil says:

    Of course everyone will speculate that the “third team” is Detroit and, of course, Cujo’s name and Robert Lang’s name will pop up. Hey, why not?

  4. mikster says:

    Dallas wants to sign Turco, they won’t waste money on Joe before re-signing Turco. Jow will sign with the Devs, they are in desperate need of a center.

  5. Bishop7979 says:

    Of course Detroit Cujo and Lang/Jagr are names that are expected to be added to this rumor. But the thing that doesnt make sence is why a team that wants to cut its salary by dumping either Lang or Jagr would be willing to trade their starting goalie who makes much less then 8 mil a season only to pick up Cujos contract. Just take that thought out of your heads everyone It just doesn’t make sense

    Dont make me use the chewbacca defense.

  6. absolutehockey96 says:

    diddnt the avs just ink tanguay to a new contract? i dont see a goalie change happening in colorado till they realize what they have isnt working

  7. FNGretzky says:

    I agree with abshockey96,

    While I would be surprised if Aebischer turns into a top tier goaltender this year, I believe the Aves will give him that chance…

    Chewbacca defense, LOL!

  8. tmeyers says:

    Kolzig to the Avs

    Tanguay to the HABS

    Brisebois +

    1 mystery man to Caps(possibly a prospect)+

    future consid dealt to Habs in linden/Zubrus deal.

    I believe it to be a salary dump for the Caps. Jagr and bondra have high salaries, the Caps are backed up in goal depth and short on “D”. There may be some pics and prospects also included to even things out.

  9. MantaRay says:

    What is so wrong with Tanguay that the Av’s just want to get rid of him???? He has been mentioned is almost ever Av deal the last season and a half.

    Kolzig is on the downside of his career the Caps are smart to get rid of him while they can get something of value in return.

  10. Dutchamish says:

    If the Red Wings were the third team (and IF Burke’s yapping is even remotely true) the deal does make sense from a financial standpint. Colorado swaps Tanguay and Kolzig. Caps flip Tanguay + Lang to Wings for Cujo + (say)Dandenault.


    Lang (20 mil over 4 yrs) + Kolzig (6.25 a yr for ?) = 11.25


    Cujo (16 over 2) + Dandenault (1.25 over 1) = 9.25

    In short: Caps give up talent for cash and depth on their shallow blueline.

  11. RangerSteve says:

    Lets get serious here..why on earth would Colorado want to be apart of a 3 way deal with DETROIT. These teams hate eachother and have ever since 1996 when the Nordiques moved out West. I know the article posted by mikster does not say the Red Wings are involved, but looking at previous responses, many believe this to be true. To say the Wings are gonig to be in a deal with the Avs is like the Rangers, Isles and Devils making a 3 way trade.

    Tanguay, I don’t know why, always seems to be up on the block for the Avs. I guess this is the only thing you have marketable on your team when you trade a Vrbata(great upside goal scorer) for a banger in Battaglia(dumb move, we already know this).

    Who knows who the 3rd team is. If Kolzig heads to teh Avs for Tanguay, who would Tanguay then be shipped to? It’s all hypothetical. Its all based on the 3rd team’s needs. TSN is reporting Mike Comrie wants a trade from EDM. What if..the Caps traded for Tanguay then turned around and shipped him to the Oilers for Comrie? Not saying this is true or will happen, but just a thought.(yes, i know the Oilers would be weak down the middle even more esp after losing Marchant via Free Agency).

  12. movingfire says:

    Would really like for this to happen but it wont. Brisebois is what the Caps are trying to get rid of…High priced, average talent.

  13. movingfire says:

    Tanguay would be a great fit on EDM. Your right about the (C), but I am sure Lowe could trade some of his excess wingers for one.

  14. MoscowDynamo says:

    Kolzig makes only 1.75 mil. less than Joseph. Still a lot of money, but doesn’t warrant your “much less” qualifier.

  15. av21fan says:


    The Avs will not be getting a new goalie this offseason. It makes no sense to resign Tanguay and trade him a week later. He contributed a lot last season and the Avs aren’t stupid enough to trade him.

  16. titans says:

    No…not gonna happen.

  17. avsfan19-33 says:

    The Avs are not looking to add more payroll, even if it is Kolzig. They WILL stick to there young guns. Also, it was heard on the radio….enough said!!

  18. PeterPuck says:

    why would the habs want to be part of a 3 way deal with the bruins, they hate each other? sometimes it is the only way to get a deal done……

  19. PeterPuck says:

    are you saying that jagr and kolzig are average talent…..

  20. Gforce says:

    i think they rather dump lang& Jagr’s contracts and gladly take on cujo’s. if able to, there would have to be have more ensentive for washington,in the forward possition.

  21. Gforce says:

    Jagr is overrated…and Kolzig is alittle above average

  22. Gforce says:

    Jagr is overrated…and Kolzig is alittle above average

  23. GretzNYR99 says:

    It just doesn’t make sense.

    Chewbacca is a wookie. What is he doing on Endor? THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! IT HAS NO RELEVANCE TO THE CASE!

    Colorado needs a goaltender… but if Washington gives up Kolzig, they’re going nowhere. I don’t get why this trade would happen. The fact that it also came from Brian Burke’s mouth (who also believed in LaCroix’s decision to stand by Aebischer and Sauve) is another reason why I don’t believe it. I think Burke just wants to create controversy, and I don’t believe that this trade is going to happen.

    Just look at it, without Kolzig, Caps go nowhere. Aebischer is believed to be more than ready to be a starter at the NHL level, otherwise Colorado would’ve signed Felix Potvin for 3 million, and they wouldn’t have to give up Tanguay in return. They’ve already given the young tandem the vote of confidence, and I think it’s time for the new to step in. I don’t think the Caps want Joseph either, due to the fact that he’s old and overpriced. Unless Washington is dead serious about rebuilding, and is looking to completely rebuild and start over by dumping salary (Just dump Jagr to the Rangers by eating some of his contract and getting next to nothing for him… no bargaining power.) Then I don’t see Washington doing this. They’ve consistently been a contender, winning the Southeast year after year. I don’t think they want to just stop this trend now and get killed off.

  24. original6dan says:

    Tanguay was signed so that the Avs can retain him as “trade bait”… and they WILL trade him. It’s only a matter of time. They can’t trade anyone else from their 1st or 2nd lines, and they don’t have much to offer from their 3rd or 4th lines.

    He’s the most expendable of their young guns (hell, I could chip in a few on a line with Forsberg!) and if I’m not mistaken, didn’t he hold out from training camp (at least a couple of days) this past 2002-03 season? If so, he’s outta there — Lacroix doesn’t put up with that crap.

    Expect him to be gone by Christmas for a G or top D.

  25. PeterPuck says:

    ummm, since when does overrated players win the scoring title, how many times as Jagr won it? what is point to games played ratio? Kolzig numbers are just above average? , come on………….

  26. defenestrate says:

    Damn terrorists are spiking the water supply again…

  27. defenestrate says:

    And..who’s this “Unknown” team? Never heard of them. Is that the new Cleveland franchise?

  28. rojoke says:

    I have a rather stupid question. Why is there a third team? Tanguay is with the Avs. Kolzig is with the Capitals. Seems like a simple one-for-one deal to me. Why is there a need for another team? Or is there something else in the source’s initial report that wasn’t mentioned here.

  29. Flyersfan03 says:

    How many times has he won on a team without Mario ? nough siad.

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