Korolyuk back to the Sharks

In an odd move for a player who hasn’t played in the NHL for three years, the San Jose Sharks have acquired Alexander Korolyuk from the New Jersey Devils in exchange for a third round pick.
The Devils first acquired Korulyuk from the Sharks earlier this year, along with Jim Fahey, in exchange for Vladmir Malakhov, who has also yet to play this year, and a first round pick.

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  1. Sharks06 says:

    This is like, the 4th time the SHarks have gotten Korolyuk back. He's a pretty good player when he's consistent.

  2. Sharks06 says:

    And according to the Sharks' website, Ron Wilson said that "we look forward to him integrating quickly into our line-up". Which leads me to believe that one of the Sharks forwards (Probably Goc or Bell) might be traded before the deadline.

  3. Sharkattack01 says:

    So essentially the Malakhov trade now looks like this:
    To NJ- Jim Fahey, 3rd round pick
    To SJ- Malakhov's contract, Alex Korolyuk, 1st round pick
    Funny stuff…

  4. kamullia says:

    Since Korolyuk made a round trip, it’s like he never left, therefore you can say:

    To NJ – Jim Fahey, 3rd rnd pick

    to SJ – Malakhov’s contract, 1st rnd pick.

    I think a lot of GMs will be upset by the turnaround of Korolyuk, because it makes the original deal it all an even more blatant cap hit dump.

  5. Pucked says:

    Korulyuk is basically a 3rd or 4th liner, but a scrappy little guy. Heard this story, then heard Marleau was out of the lineup. A chill ran through me. Injury they say, hopefully he is not on the block. Sharks do need a kick in the pants, but not that…please!

  6. Sharkattack01 says:

    That would be a very hurtful kick in the pants (and in the wrong spot too!). No, I think that Marleau just probably tweaked something, but now there will be a lot of "MARLEAU TO HABS?!?!?" threads until Patty's back in the lineup in a game or two (hopefully against Dallas, we can't afford to drop another game against them).

  7. axel6886 says:

    i read at hockeybuzz.com that this move to brng in korolyuk is a set up move for another major deal…the potential deal is for sheldon souray, two teams are in the running for him, the sharks and the ducks who cant seem to have enough good defenseman already. the sharks are offering centerman joe pavelski and a first rounder and the canadiens are intrested in it rather than the ducks offer. So SORRY NO MARLEAU TO HABS!!! he is a shark folks lol

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