Kostitsyn = The key we don't expect for the Habs future ..with others as we

I am still very disapointed about the work of Bob Gainey since he is with us. But, I has to say that the draft picks that AndrĂ© Savard made were very very good and we begin to recognize how good he was. The problem with Bob Gainey is that he has to fight and be very convincing to bring a big player here. The problem is not pressure, or taxes or french! The problem here is that we are a team that is perceived by the others to don’t know what we want and where we go. When we’ll have a better team with the rising of the kids, everything will be easier. However, I really like the move to replace Bonk by Smolinski and serioustly Im getting used to the Hamrlik one.

For the really reason I’m writing, I’d like to talk about Kostitsyn. Do you remember how he gets confident at the end of the year? Remember that before his epileptic crisis he was the first choice for the draft in Europe. He is a big center, that skate fast, with quick feet, an excellent shot, one of the sweetest hand and finally a really good playmaker. I know my comparaison will sems too early but he had the Style of Malkin , except that Malkin is a goal scorer and Kostitsyn a playmaker. I know you guys really love Plekanec and me too. But i don’t expect him to be a potential superstar as Kostitsyn could maybe be one day. So why we don’t prepare him right away to take more responsability, as we all ask, we need a big and talented center…WE HAVE IT INSIDE OUR ORGANISSATION!

Let’s look to what I would try at the beginning of the year and I don’t think the habs will be worst than with Plekanec as our second center:

Latendresse Koivu Kovalev

Higgins Kostitsyn Ryder

Plekanec Smolinsky Lapierre

Kostopoulos Begin Grabovsky

Markov Komisarek

Hamrlik Streit

Bouillon Dandenault


-First thing, put Kovalev on a perceived first line with Koivu all year. He’ll feel more implicated, we have him and it seems we wotn trade him.

– Higgins and Ryder play good together and Kotitsyn will make the right pass to those sppedy or scoring guys. Don’t forget he was drafted as a center

-Plekanec can play as a wing, lapierre as played RW, smolinsky will bring experience to them

-Bring Grabovsky in the group to make him learn how the team is working.

-The key for our defense will be the rising of Streit (if he does so) with pairing him with Hamrlik. Imagine our the first duo if Streit is rising…

Thank you guys