Kostitsyn = The key we don't expect for the Habs future ..with others as we

I am still very disapointed about the work of Bob Gainey since he is with us. But, I has to say that the draft picks that AndrĂ© Savard made were very very good and we begin to recognize how good he was. The problem with Bob Gainey is that he has to fight and be very convincing to bring a big player here. The problem is not pressure, or taxes or french! The problem here is that we are a team that is perceived by the others to don’t know what we want and where we go. When we’ll have a better team with the rising of the kids, everything will be easier. However, I really like the move to replace Bonk by Smolinski and serioustly Im getting used to the Hamrlik one.

For the really reason I’m writing, I’d like to talk about Kostitsyn. Do you remember how he gets confident at the end of the year? Remember that before his epileptic crisis he was the first choice for the draft in Europe. He is a big center, that skate fast, with quick feet, an excellent shot, one of the sweetest hand and finally a really good playmaker. I know my comparaison will sems too early but he had the Style of Malkin , except that Malkin is a goal scorer and Kostitsyn a playmaker. I know you guys really love Plekanec and me too. But i don’t expect him to be a potential superstar as Kostitsyn could maybe be one day. So why we don’t prepare him right away to take more responsability, as we all ask, we need a big and talented center…WE HAVE IT INSIDE OUR ORGANISSATION!

Let’s look to what I would try at the beginning of the year and I don’t think the habs will be worst than with Plekanec as our second center:

Latendresse Koivu Kovalev

Higgins Kostitsyn Ryder

Plekanec Smolinsky Lapierre

Kostopoulos Begin Grabovsky

Markov Komisarek

Hamrlik Streit

Bouillon Dandenault


-First thing, put Kovalev on a perceived first line with Koivu all year. He’ll feel more implicated, we have him and it seems we wotn trade him.

– Higgins and Ryder play good together and Kotitsyn will make the right pass to those sppedy or scoring guys. Don’t forget he was drafted as a center

-Plekanec can play as a wing, lapierre as played RW, smolinsky will bring experience to them

-Bring Grabovsky in the group to make him learn how the team is working.

-The key for our defense will be the rising of Streit (if he does so) with pairing him with Hamrlik. Imagine our the first duo if Streit is rising…

Thank you guys

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  1. habskovalev27 says:

    disagree about Grabovsky on the fourth…

    you can't put a skill and speedy player on the fourth with those two.  If you bring him up, you have to play him on the 2nd or 3rd
    Chipchura maybe on fourth…gritt player

    And I see a Hamrlik Dandenault pairing…

    I think they will keep Streit in front…maybe on the fourth line with Begin and Kostopoulos

    Bring O'byrne or Côté as a 6th defense

  2. The_Dynasty says:

    I'm pretty sure Kostitsyn is a winger, not a center.

  3. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    Higgins is a natural center though is he not?

    So the line could still work, just switch Higgins and Kostitsyn.

  4. Komic-J says:

    While I agree that Kostitsyn should become a very good player, I don't think you're looking at a second Malkin. I'm happy if he reaches the 60-point mark on a regular basis. Another thing; Kostitysn is not a center. I don't think he ever played center, and moving him there could slow his progression. Plus, I think we're set with Koivu, Plekanec, Smolinski, Chipchura and Grabovski. All we have to do now, is find the big right-handed center we've been looking for next year.

  5. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    Not bad, I think you've got it close to right.

    I would put Plekanec with Koivu and Kovalev though, and Latendresse with Smolinksi and Lapierre, Latendresse is a big guy, would do well on a physical checking line that can score to a degree(Smolinksi and him should both score 15/20 goals)

    But then again, maybe Koivu and Kovalev do need a big guy to clear some room, and I don't necessarily think that Plekanec is first line material.

    Indeed, the Habs don't have too many true first liners, if any, HOWEVER having lots of second and third liners isn't such a bad thing, spread the load around. Having the ability to run four lines equally would be a great asset. The Habs can't exactly do that right now, but the day may come.

    Also, now that I think of it…Johnson should be resigned quickly and put on the 3rd line..then the line of Latendresse/Smolinski/Johnson would be a pretty good checking line that can chip in offensivly?

    Lapierre would go with Begin and..Kostopoulous I guess..maybe they should've kept that spot open for a rookie though…If only Kovalev could be traded..I'd like to see

    ______(or Kostopolous)/Begin/Lapierre

    One or two spots for rookies. Not a cup winning team, maybe not even a play-off team..but it gives something to build on.

    Of course, Johnson probably won`t be resigned, so that`s makes 2 or 3 spots for rookies, depending on what Mr. Carbonneau does with Kostopolous.

    So it will be more like:

    Plekanec or Latendresse-Koivu-Kovalev
    Plekanec or Latendresse- Smolinki- Lapierre
    Kostopolous or rookie-Begin-rookie

    Defensivley I like:

    Markov-Hamrlik (offensive line, responsible defensivley)
    Komisarek-Bouillon (shutdown pair)
    Streit-Gorges (young line that can progress over time)

    But more probaby Dandenault-Gorges

    Streit may end up on the fourth line, or possibly even the 3rd checking line. with Lapierre on the fourth line.

    In Goal:


    Huet hopefully will stay healthy, he`s a UFA so should perform really well
    Halak will of course progress, and maybe become better trade bait

    And maybe in 2008-09 Price will be ready to come in, though he should start in a back-up role, so Huet should be resigned for 2 more years at least after this year.

    I really hope Mr Gainey doesn't trade Ryder or Plekanec, they could be players to build around(not that they are stars or future stars, but they are both good young players that hopefully keep up scoring 20-30 goals.

    Sorry about the length.

  6. TheStryker says:

    I have a feeling that Bob is working on a deal. I just see us having too many skilled forwards. You can’t put guys like Grabovski and Pleckanec on your 3rd and 4th lines. As well as our goaltending situation, one of Halak and Dannis has to be traded, they are both ready for the NHL, so a team looking for a good back-up could be interested. I think if Bob wants to go young, he should look at dealing away Kovalev and Ryder, package them with Halak and go after a young but proven center. You have to look at teams with depth at center.

    Rangers: Gomez, Drury, Cullen, Avery
    Penguins: Crosby, Stall, Oulette, Christiansen
    Flyers: Briere, Carter, Richards, Umberger
    Bruins: Savard, Bergeron, Kessel
    Kings: Armstrong, Handzus,Cammalleri
    Blackhawks: Ruttu, Lang,Perrault, Williams, Towes

  7. 29teamsrock says:

    Yes getting rid of Theo, Ribs and Sammy were easy things to do right? Drafting guys like Price and avoiding wusses like Espistio were the wrong choices… Mr. Gainey is GOD. How many sports writers call him Bob…not many. It's always Mr. Gainey. Look at the Laughs no one calls him Mr. Junior. It's always JFJ, total lack of respect. 

    Can you imagin how much pressure french guys get on this team? Why would they want to play here?
    The thing we have to do is get rid of Saku… I like the guy and respect all he's been threw, but it's time to move on. 
    The Habs will never get any where with Saku as thier leader. 
    The Rocket, Beliveau, Plante, Gainey, The Flower, Shutt, Savard, Robinson…etc…and Saku?
    I don't think he's names deserves to be up there with those other Gentelmen. He's not good enough. 
  8. damien_ralentass says:

    Hey men, I don't want to put a dent in your article, but Kostystin is not a center, he's right wing. He's a good play maker like you said, but he's also a great goal scorer. I followed him since before he was drafted. At the time, I never thought he would be drafted by Montreal. I thought he would go a lot sooner to another team. He has the ability to take the puck and find some space in front of the net and take a wrist shot to score. If he doesn’t find the space he need’s to score, that’s when he will make a play for a teammate. He’s got really good hands, a good forward speed and lateral speed, he’s got good vision (he always know where his teammate are), he’s got one of the best wrist shop I’ve seen of all the young kids of the team (better then Ryder and more precise) and with his body, 6,1 and 210 lb, he could do pretty much what he want. The only real problem in is case, like some russan in particular, it's is adaptability to the North American culture in general and the fact that he was alone here far form home. Our culture is a lot deferent form russa. Actually it’s so deferent that they are at opposite side of the spectrum. But in the case of Kostystin, he got past that in the last 2 year. In addition, when he was retrograded to Hamilton after is talked with Bob Gainey and Guy Carbonau, somewhere in the middle of last season, about is performance and how they were disappointed with him, he changed is game completely. He was told what to do to get better and they encourage him telling him he was needed. When he got back to Hamilton after that he got is focus right on track. He led the team for points from there. He did so good in Hamilton that he was call back a second time and that’s when we saw him perform. From what we saw at the end of the last season, we can expect him to be with the big club. If he doesn’t make it, I would be greatly surprised.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    who knows if montreal can develop any of their offensive talent.  they need stable linemates and a consistent strategy. 

  10. habsrock_19 says:

    yes i agree with kostityn being a rising star and like evryone else said hes a winger,

    the only other thing is Chipchura will be there instead of grabovski

    i dont think obryne will crack the line up but if he does then hey carbo and gainey see something in him so good but i dont think he will so i think the defese is good cause i do think streit is rising as well so keep him on defense and put Chipchura who i think wil, IN TIME, be a star

  11. sheam316 says:

    OK Getting rid of ribeiro was good but not for what we got for him. and Theo and Sammy leaving was obvious choices. I agree with Espisito not being drafted by montreal. He has talent but last thing we need is a little kid on the ice crying because of a injury in a playoff game to stop the play. (GOTTA LOVE RIBEIRO) As for Koivu. KOIVU MUST STAY AS CAPTAIN. We need him. He's the heart. I'm not saying keep him as number 1 center. just keep him on the team as number 2 center. Or get a number 2 center as good as him. I hope they keep him as their captain for the rest of his career. And I can't wait till they win a cup with him. And when they do win a cup. I want the first person to hold it up be Koivu. Don't care who else is on the team but Koivu must hold up the cup first. After all he's been threw with the canadiens he must be the captain when it happens.

  12. sheam316 says:

    I don't think theres anything wrong with that team. I mean no Souray who cares. He scored 26 goals but was the cause of about 30 of them the other way. He wasn't a good leader. When Rivet left he should of took over the defensive leadership ability. But what did he do. Nothing. (To my knowledge anyways). Hamrlik gives us leadership on D. gives us a decent shot. (Which by the way we won't be number 1. But what did that give us. 10 place) and doesn't be made a fool of. As long as were at least 0+- on 5 on 5. It's a improvement. Whats the good of being number 1 power play if were 30th 5 on 5. Last time I checked most of the game is 5 on 5. And if more teams want to take pentalty's to check how good kovelev can be on the powerplay then go nuts. BY THE WAY WE STILL HAVE THE PK THAT MADE US NUMBER 1 AT THE BEGINNING OF LAST SEASON.

  13. MTL_HABS_24 says:


    Not quite, we lost Bonk and it looks like Johnson's a goner too.  But the philosophy is there.  You don't have arguably the 2 best defensive forwards to ever play the game as your GM and coach and not have it rub off on the footsoldiers.

  14. GoalJudge says:

    Saying that media and socio-political pressure, economics, and Language are not the reasons Montreal is having trouble signing players is just plain gullibility.

    These have come up repeatedly why players do not want to sign, and a prime reason why they keep chasing the last great players to come out of Montreal.

    Why else do you think that the LeCavilier to Montreal room NEVER dies?

    Its not that there hasn't been comparable talent to shop for, especially before his 100pt Rocket Richard trophy winning season, or his Stanley cup.

    It is precisely the results of the above reasons that Montreal is FORCED to wait for the kids to develop. Not that they prefer it.  They have littel choice.
    I will not argue that it only takes one or two players to act as a catalyst for other players to come to a team, Havlat in Chicago is a prime recent example of that, so has Sakic his entire career.

    Montreal has not had a player or two like that since Roy left. Sorry but that's facts. It is not a case like the leafs, where despite having catalyst players on the roster, they still bungle it up. Montreal does not have an environment developed that is anglophone friendly, or having a major player on the rise for others to want to be apart of.

    Carey Price might. MIGHT!  Do that for the team, but not now.
    Salaries clogged by mediocre signings, lack of post-season performance. Always trying to get deals on players, never accepting to overpay for top talent, although they are often left over-paying for the left-over talent anyways. This is problems in Montreal. Add that to the other reasons, and you have only history as an excuse to go there. And the past does not outweigh the paper. 

    Put any anglophone (english speaking, specifically non-bilingual) player in the situation of going to Montreal, with its problems and pressures, or say Anywhere south of the border that is not original six, although Boston or Chicago could qualify these days, and the player will most assuredly sign elsewhere. Why? Less hassle.

    As good as Montreal could be, they aren't building a winner right now.
    No matter how decent their prospects are.

  15. habsalicious says:

    "Montreal does not have an environment developed that is anglophone friendly"

    What the hell are you talking about? Have you ever been in Montreal? Why do you think guys like Gainey and Muller come back? Souray and Higgins are some of the fan favourites. It's fools like you who perpetuate Montreal stereotypes of anti-anglos. Heck, half the city speaks English and the other half is bilingual at varying degrees.

  16. Knowledge says:

    Why would anyone put Plekanec on the wing when during the course of last year he became fantastic at Faceoffs. Carbo was putting him on for all the important faceoffs. Kostitsyn is a great prospect. But not at center, a lot of the scouting reports out on him have been saying he is not the greatest in his own end(which he slowly is improving with hamilton). A Center has to be the most defensively responsible of the forwards, taking the high slot. I think he'll be an impact player in about 4 years, but he's not the answer to the habs problems by any stretch of the imagination.

  17. habsrock99 says:

    Putting Kostitsyn on the 2nd line will do 2 unreversable things. One, it'll hamper Plekanec's growth into the Habs #1 centre, which he is on course to become in about 2-3 years. And second, it'll kill Kostitsyn's confidence to the point that he'll do what Perezhogin did and sign with Russia. Plekanec will become the new Yanic Perreault when it comes to faceoffs and will take over for Koivu in like i said, 2-3 years. Koivu, bless him, he's my favourite player but his time on top of the Habs charts is coming to an end, sadly. And Plekanec will be the successor and if Kostitsyn grows into what his potential suggests, the Habs could have 2 good, young centre's who could lead victories to the Habs. But til then, Plekanec stays as the #2 Centre and Kostitsyn continues to battle for a roster spot.

  18. ferron says:

       either one of them can realy excell at face off and why would they want to be second line center if they can be first line wingers?

  19. ferron says:

      how about Malkin and Esposito for Pits?

  20. ferron says:

      your right on the money, stable linemates and consistent strategy like teams like NJ, Dallas,Detroit who have been playing the same strategy for the last 10-15 and being very suscesful at it! I say if Carbo can't find the rythm this year, he will be dismiss!

  21. GoalJudge says:

    Sorry, but I am not nuts.

    People on the Island may speak soem english, but still french is prefered.
    The same laws and policies that govern the rest of the nation don't hold true in Quebec, the easiest to pick on is bilingual signs in public.
    As for being to the city, many times.  If you want to argue fine, but I hold degrees in Poli-sci, so think before you waste your breath.

    As for Gainey and them coming back. They will go where the money and the job oppurtunity takes them.
    You think that if he lost his job tommorow, and was offered either a job in the AHL or QMJHL for 1 million or going to the Blue Jacket for a million, that he would stay in Quebec. Or worse yet, stay as an advisor to MTL for 500K or move to Phoenix to be a Coach or GM for 750K he is staying in MTL. Your nuts.  The players, like the front office staff, follow the best oppurtunities. Like Sykora ditching Edmonton for less money, to play with Crosby and Malkin. That's oppurtunity.

    MTL, like Edmonton, offers little right now.  Why do you think Souray turned down a deal that he initially wanted. Because his prospects of being on another team for the same money, look better.  He has been part of the team already, and knows the lack of direction. He will cut and run.
    The only reason Koivu hasn't left is because he is not valued anywhere else as much as he is in MTL. End of Story.

    They are all as faithful as their options.

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