Kovalev Back on Broadway

The Penguins sent Kovalev along with defencemen Mike Wilson, Janne Laukkanen as well as forward Dan Lacoutoure to the Rangers.

In exchange, the Rangers sent defencmen Joel Bouchard, Richard Lintner and forward Rico Fata as well as an undisclosed amount of cash, believed to be around $4 million dollars in cash.

The cash is clearly the centre-piece of this transaction and the trade was initially held up while the league approved the amount of financial compensation going to the Penguins.

Kovalev has 27 goals and 37 assists this season. The 29-year old will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season, and will be eligible for arbitration.

Details to follow.

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  1. PeterPuck says:

    What is all the fuss about, I could be a 30 goal scorer playing on the PP with Lemieux, Kovalev coughs up the puck and is defensively VERY WEAK, he will fall in the rut groove along with other sad sacks, like Bure, Lindros, Holik, etc, , there is still no heart. who will pay the price….dumb move by the Rangers. Kovalev is another over paid whimp. The lock out season is going to kill the Rangers.

  2. Prosaic says:

    Don’t worry, they won’t. I didn’t hate the Rangers before, but this is just one step too far, they are doing so much harm to hockey with their stupid unlimited spending, when Canadian teams (the heart and soul of the NHL, along w/ a few of the US teams) such as the Oil and Sens can barely afford a team…and with the CBA coming up soon. They are a disgrace, as bad as the Yankees but STUPID as they don’t even win, they are a poor poor team. And don’t try to deny it Mikster, you know it’s true even though you have an answer to everything ALL TEAMS HAVE INJURIES. Still won’t make the playoffs, but ruining hockey nonetheless!! Such a crap franchise


  3. TrojanMan says:

    Why would he cry when hes used to it? PLus next season may look good but come the new CBA the Rangers are screwed. They ve dug themselves too big a hole and NO, there wont be a 60million dollar salary cap that they will work down from. There are what, 6 teams with payrolls over 40 mill??? SO theres 6 teams that will need to do some maneuvering under the proposed cap. The idea of a 60 million dollar cap defeats the purpose of a cap.

  4. BosBrn says:

    Let me start off by saying that bruinexpert is far from an expert. Especially if he thinks Ricther is garbage. Ricter is BY FAR one of the most under-rated goalies in years. He has had ONE legitimate defenseman in front of him…. Leetch! Ricter is far from garbage.

    But, if I must say beckfan, Moog WAS better! Granted the Bruins have cast off numerous goalies who never got a real chance to prove themselve. Lacher, Blue, & Carey to name a few.

    But I must reiterate…. Ricter was an excellent goalie, and a class act. He WILL be missed! Please don’t take all Bruins fans as moronic like the “so-called” expert!

  5. TrojanMan says:

    There owner isnt too great either.

  6. BosBrn says:

    Mikael Samuelsson will be sorely missed. But they DID have to give up something to get something.

  7. beckfan says:

    Hey, ill never call all fans of one organization morons because of one fan (except for the Islanders organization of course). But Moog had his better days w/ Edmonton, no?

  8. TrojanMan says:

    The proposed Antropov deal was better then this $hit.

    This gives them a payroll of 25 million next tops which will save them about 10mil under their self imposed cap to make up for the attendence of 8,000 to every game next season. Mario cant win a cup or carry a team by himself, not that he could or did before. He may as well retire so the Pens can save another 5mil.

    Ill be looking forward the new CBA and be laffing at the Ranger$ all teh way to the bank.

  9. TrojanMan says:

    Yes, well Id rather have gotten 3 unproven prospects rather than the Ranger$ waste products. I think Patrick WANTS to get fired. Hell, why else would he have hired Neil Smith?

  10. beckfan says:

    Leafsexpert does, HAAAAAA!

  11. TrojanMan says:

    Ill take mine to his front door step, have my dogs take some big, snelly $hits, light the posters and such on fire and ring his doorbell. Then when the little troll gets done stamping out the flames I’ll knock him cold with my Mario Lemieux collectors stick that I got in 1990 as a game giveaway.

  12. Dymd3z_TML says:

    i hope you are right, because i dont want the leafs loseing out on a a good player that could have a big impact on the team.

  13. slapshot1975 says:

    this trade is a fucking travesty. i can’t even believe that it would be allowed by the NHL!! two of the players that pittsburgh received were on WAIVERS!!!

    this is a joke. if i was a penguins fan, i would burn anything that i owned with yellow & black on it.

    unfortunately, i have a feeling that this is a sign of some very serious problems with the NHL, and that the NHL as we know it will never be the same. “deadline deals” used to be of some benefit to both teams in regard to talent pool and the standings for years to come.

    it appears that this is the first of what could be a trend of deals that sacrifice top-level talent for the sake of financial survival in todays NHL.

    shame on everybody involved. i have always hated the ass-rangers, but now i hate the penguins almost as much. what a mockery.

  14. bubbakazoo says:

    Lintner is a d

  15. amazing_jesse says:

    Right, some people just never get the joke. It’s OK, I’m sure you’re a nice guy.

  16. PeterPuck says:

    i am right, i have watched him play over and over, he is smooth and can score, but he gives up way too much on the D side, drives you nuts….

  17. PeterPuck says:

    the trade was about money, 4 million that the rangers gave, this is a story of ANOTHER over paid ONE WAY player heading to the rangers, that boat is full of sad sacks that all want to be the star of the boat. Let the rangers have him, the lock out season will sink the rangers…….

  18. Slovakiaz says:

    Di Pietro and cash for Kovalev … hehehehehe

    Isles haven’t money, so why they get rid of their very top prospect ? think, ya fool

  19. Slovakiaz says:

    Di Pietro and cash for Kovalev … hehehehehe

    Isles haven’t money, so why they get rid of their very top prospect ? think, ya fool

  20. Slovakiaz says:

    Di Pietro and cash for Kovalev … hehehehehe

    Isles haven’t money, so why they get rid of their very top prospect ? think, ya fool

  21. Slovakiaz says:

    I’m glad that there is a one who can think, understand 🙂 it’s a good deal for the Pens !

  22. Slovakiaz says:

    looser !

    sather an excellent GM, give me that cash he has and I will win the Cup in 3 years, you moron !

  23. Slovakiaz says:

    Lintner is a world champion of last year Slovakia team, he scored on shootouts against Salo, the GWG shootout goal in semis ! and was best defensmen in points total, with 4+3. Good PP dman !, maybe solid defensive ?

  24. Slovakiaz says:

    Hey morons, it was the salary dump !!! think … S.A.L.A.R.Y. D.U.M.P. !!! stop writing that BS that Pens got robbed etc.

    Good deal for the Pens and Patrick … not best but good. Think, Think, think … if you can ? :))))))

  25. Slovakiaz says:

    looser !!!

    Pens can have Gomez for him … heheheheeh 🙂

    And who would then pay Kovalev salary, you moron ? Cause devils won’t … hehe

  26. Slovakiaz says:

    Kovalev isn’t a messiah, he will not help them that much 🙂 and Pens have fresh air an free breathing now … is it so tough to understand ?

  27. Slovakiaz says:

    WOOW WOOOW ! it sounds you’re shocked 🙂

    like a little child who cannot understand things, hehe

    Got robbed … got robbed … the only one who can rob the Pens is Kovalev and his future-hefty salary, and Mario, but that’s different story.

    I can’t believe this deal … poor foolish little child who got lost, hey Sandsie :))))))))))))))))))))

    think first !

  28. Slovakiaz says:

    you’re dumb !!! loser

    if you don’t understand, please spare us of your comments …

  29. Slovakiaz says:

    that kind of trades you ‘re writing about will never happen … if you’d like to understand … Lumme 2.75mil., Hoglund 1.5 mil. and Berg 1.2mil. for who ? Just think … the other team can keep the player who has to be traded cause his salary.

  30. ew77 says:

    I love this. I love it that all the whiney fans of teams who do not spend their money complain about what the Rangers….who are not a playoff team… are doing. I must add that most of these crybabies follow teams that have not won Cups in a long time if ever. Only a handful of teams have won the Grail since the 1994 season other than the Rangers…..see Stars, Devils, Av’s and Wings…..no the Flyers, Nucks, Leafs haven’t come close. Enjoy the fact that the Rangers are barely treading water because they’ll be back one of these days. When that happens, you will all be really pissed.

    About the trade, from the Rangers perspective, how could you not do it? They get Kovalev who is a talented player, who helped lead them to a Cup and who has been labelled as a top 5(I’d say Top 10 player) in the league. The Rangers gave up little for him and also took back a few players to ease the Pens financial burdens. The Rangers needed a scorer and got one. This is Slats finest hour.

  31. Tradedude says:

    I’m just saying, that I’d take Gomez over Fata! Gheesh!

  32. Gothamcityblueshirts says:

    They are just jealous fan’s who allways thinks that a top player will come to the leafs, you cannot ask them to think.

    It was a salary dump, if Toronto was willing to take the other players then he would have been wearing a leaf jersey.

    Patrick saw this as a way to get rid of deadwood with Kovalev, and Stand Pat misses out on yet another player, and before the Leafs fans point out about the Rangers and there playoffs streak, at least I can remember the last time the Rangers won the cup, and I even went to the Parade how many leaf’s fans can say that?

  33. Slovakiaz says:

    super article ! finally somebody can think :o)

  34. Slovakiaz says:

    What Gomez ? Where do you get Gomez ?

    First … if Devils want Kovalev badly, they could have him singlehandedly ! But for Gomez who make actually 0.9mil. ? No way ! They haven’t enough money to take on Kovalev or Palffy, or Nolan capishi ?! Maybe Satan and players less than 4mil. for sure, not above. And there’s a free agency of Kovvy … so what Gomez ? Have you lost in time ? Wake up, this is the kind of deals that happening these days …

  35. Slovakiaz says:

    You’re right … I’m the Leafs fan too (for 10years) but not that kind you wrote 🙂 It doesn’t bother me that Kovy will not wear Toronto jersey … Quinn doesn’t make faults, but doesn’t make any major trades or signings (except Mogilny).

  36. BosBrn says:

    I won’t argue that! LOL True, Moog had his better days in Edmonton, but he was still a top class goalie, even with the Bruins team in front of him. He truly kept that team in games many nights.

  37. Tradedude says:

    they did but the cup, rangers cant even afford to but the playoffs

  38. Tradedude says:

    they did but the cup, rangers cant even afford to but the playoffs

  39. Tradedude says:

    they did but the cup, rangers cant even afford to but the playoffs

  40. Tradedude says:

    they did but the cup, rangers cant even afford to but the playoffs

  41. Tradedude says:

    they did but the cup, rangers cant even afford to but the playoffs

  42. Tradedude says:

    they did but the cup, rangers cant even afford to but the playoffs

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