Kovalev Close to Re-signing with the Penguins


TSN Staff reports:The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports both sides have agreed on money terms, approximately $7-million a season, and that the remaining hurdle is length of the deal. The Penguins have offered three years while Kovalev is believed to be seeking a five year term.

“We’ve had more discussions, but we haven’t resolved anything yet,” general manager Craig Patrick tells the newspaper. “We’re going to continue to talk.”

Patrick says if the two sides do not reach agreement on a new deal before the Penguins first game October 10, then negotiations will cease until the end of the season.

Kovalev, who rejected the Penguins initial offer of five years reportedly worth as much as $30-million, is in the final year of a contract which will pay him $4.6-million.

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  1. saiklo says:

    Kovalev was never going anywhere, the Penguins always had the money to pay him, they just tried to minimize the amount they would have to shell out. The increase is only 2.4 million a season, which the team can easily afford. So, to all the “experts” that stated the Penguins could not keep Kovalev because of alleged “financial reasons”, look at the facts next time.

  2. guinsfan4life says:

    I don’t think you should minimize how much of an increase Kovie is getting by saying “The increase is only 2.4 million a season..” because if you look at it right now they are sticking on the length of the deal.

    Kovie wants a 5 year deal and the penguins want a 3. So let’s figure they compromise and go 4, that is an extra 9.6 mil over the length of the contract. That is a huge sum of money for a team coming out of bankruptcy and looking to finance the costs of a new arena.

  3. saiklo says:

    They have the money.

  4. mikster says:

    Doubt it, but i agree with someone giving them the money.

  5. TrojanMan says:

    Look at it this way, in a year ot two Lemiuex will retire once again for good, thus freeing up another 5.25 million smackeroos so that will cover Kovy’s raise and then some. Plus, if you ask me having Kovy and Straka under contract for awhile is a good thing cuz it gives the pens at least one solid line they can rely upon when healthy becuz in the very near future the PENS will have a LARGE amount of young players on their big league roster.

  6. marcop says:

    why did they leave peterson and berry unprotected

  7. guinsfan4life says:

    I have no idea why they left Berry unprotected; I feel that is the dumbest move. So a team picks Berry, which WILL happen, and then you turn out to only have gotten Ville Niemenen for Kaspar??

    Peterson needs to go. He shouldn’t make the team anyway. Won’t miss him.

  8. guinsfan4life says:

    Here are my thoughts on Lemieux retiring:

    Let’s just say Mario has gone to Patrick and told him that this season will be his last.

    Why else would Patrick resume talking to Kovie’s agent BEFORE it is time, AND why would he be willing to increase payroll for next year knowing the team needs to make the playoffs to break even/make money?

    THis senario just doesn’t make sense. I don’t think the Penguins have the money, so I believe Mario will retire after this season and Kovalev will absorb Mario’s contract.

  9. saiklo says:

    Mario has recently stated to the canadian press that he intends to play 3-4 more years.

    So stop with your useless assumptions.

    It IS time to resume talks with Kovalev, he is a RFA next year and a team could offer him 9-10 million a year to leave, the pens will not match that.

    Do you look at the Penguin books, do you know what the payroll entails, do you know what their revenue stream is? It seems awful werid that you seem to “think” they dont have enough money but you do not look into the facts.

    Oh yeah, the team has broken even/made money for the past three years, which is more than most teams in the league. Playoff revenues are not the main consideration of the team, it is acquiring the new arena.

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