Kovalev in the dog house

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Bruce Garrioch from Slam Sports is reporting that Alex Kovalev is quickly entering into coach Carbonneau’s doghouse.

Kovalev openly ripped Carbonneau after a recent loss and it is well known that Kovalev has been reported as possibly being on the trade block as of late. HTR believes that Kovalev was out of line for ripping his coach in the media. Carbonneau and the Habs are not off to a horrible start and there is not talk about removing him from his job … so why try to start a huge debate in the media. Things like that need to stay in the locker room.

HTR believes that when the right offer comes along the Habs will jump at the chance to make a deal. Although Kovalev is a super talented player but teams (especially the media crazy Habs) do not need a player to vent his frustrations through the media.

What is Kovalev worth? What could the Habs expect to get for him?

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    The only way I can see Kovalev making any impact in the league is to play on a team where he is not considered the best player… Better still a team that has a future hall of famer that can keep Kovalevs mouth shut with just presence.

    Koivu may the the captain of the Habs but I think more pressure is put on Kovalev to "teach the young kids" he needs to go to an older team…

    Detroit maybe?

    I think Atlanta should make a deal.. it is pretty obvious that Hossa isnt going to sign, and the Habs are deep in prospects, why not pull a blockbuster and start rebuilding… Ofcourse there is no way that Hossa is going to sign in Montreal either.

  2. TheStryker says:

    A guy like Kovalev will always have value, but in my opinion he has to be somewhere where he isin’t the main guy who’s relied on to win you a game. He’s always had succes when he’s been on a team with a good suporting cast. His first stint with the Rangers and when he was with the Pens. I think he should be moved to a team that is looking for secondary scoring.

    Here’s a few trade scenario’s I can think of:

    To Pens for
    Talbot,3rd pick

    To Flames
    Tanguay,Godard, 2nd pick

    Kovalev,Ryder,Fisher,1st pick
    To Thrashers
    Hossa, Holik

    Remember, those are just my opinions, no need to jump all over me and say I’m an idiot

  3. simplyhabby says:

    While this may cause issue with the media, I have not seen Kovalev play better in a Hab uniform since the playoff victory agains the Bruins.

    Far as I am concerned, if its not causing a rift in the dressing room (it may very well not be as it is the media playing the ype), then keep him in Montreal.

    What is concerning me is this distraction is allowing guys like Latendresse and Breezy fall under the radar with there awful play.  In addition, no one is talking about the puzzling decisions of Carbo putting Kostopolous on a thrid line.  I would rather see smokes on that wing and Chips playing fourth line centre then him.

  4. simplyhabby says:

    The Atlanta trade is intruiguing but it I would not suspect Fischer to be dealt.

    Montreal has two blue chip defensive prospects in the system (Fischer being one of them and McDonnaugh being the other) that are untouchable (unless its a huge blockbuster)

    Your assessment of Kovalev is crack on and it would of been great for Montreal to have landed some additional talent to take that pressure off him.

    Personally, I would like to see Kovalev move the first line on Ryder's Wing and package ryder to a team and obtain a powerforward to play with Plex and Kostisyn. 

    I like Grabovski and understand why he needs to play on the second line as typically your third line should play both ways but if Latendress in on the third line, well Grabovski can move to that wing.  Dandenault can play the other wing centered by Smokes.

  5. simplyhabby says:

    As for the fourth line, bring back Lapierre and put him on with Begin and Chips.  I don't care about off wings, these three guys are perfect fourth liners and is exactly the energy line this team needs.

    Its a joke to see our star players being roughed up without consequence.  It does not have to be fighting, just some punishing hits and constant aggitation.

  6. darcysucker says:

    I just wanted to say that Bruce Garrioch knows absolutely nothing about the montreal canadiens, I've seen so many false reports coming from him, he's from ottawa for f's sake!  Second of all, the whole kovalev thing is overreacting, the guy made a dumb comment after the game, he said they should've taken a timeout, they would if they could, he obviously didn't realize that.  He's playing great so far this year, so I doubt the habs are looking to trade him, he's a guy they'll need come playoff time. 

  7. MR40 says:

    I'm I the only one who thinks trading your mos talented player, best goal scorer, a 1st round pick for one of the best players in the league and another team captain a block buster trade? Add Fscher to the trade and it looks even more like a block buster. That would be the biggest trade of the year. If you have a chance to get Marian Hossa without moving any huge major piece's of your farm system, then do it (Fischer is not a huge piece. A guy like a Marc Staal, or Bobby Ryan would be a big piece).

    Ummm… what who would give up a good power forward for a one dimensional incosistant goal scorer? Maybe an AHL power forward…

  8. MR40 says:

    If Maxim Lapierre decide's to push around Zdeno Chara. then Maxim's gonna get his ass kicked.

    Montreal needs a goon who has some hockey talent. Maybe a guy like Ben Eager, or Travis Moen.

  9. Rickoo7 says:

    The solution for Kovy is IN the club….put Higgins on the center of the second line…Higgins is a former center…he play all is junior and in the AHL at this position…and u put Latendresse or Kostytin ( one of them will go one the first line ) on the wing….After you put Plekanec on the third line with Smolinski and Lapierre…smolinski could play at the wing ether…. for the fourth line….whatever…Dandenault with grabovski at wing and begin on center….something like that…I dont any trade this year…the team is competitive…maybe we could move huet if price done the job….but im not sure

  10. simplyhabby says:

    Tell me one person in the NHL who can push around Zdeno Chara?

    I would agree a talented good would be ideal but as previoulsy stated, we don't neccessarily need someone to fight all the time, we need somone who can respond with agressive play.

  11. habsoverserver says:

    Montreal has scored seven even strength goals in six games.  Defensemen have scored three of those goals.  The first line has scored one even strength goal, the second line has two and the third line one goal.  The team is taking over 30 shots per game but has a shooting percentage of 7.2%, worse than last year's 9.85%.  Like last season, Montreal ranks near the bottom of the league in shots against per game, allowing 31 shots per game.  If they can't score and can't prevent scoring opportunities, then what is their gameplan?  

    A GM needs a strategy around which to build his team. Any strategy – offense, defense, speed, or physical play – can work.  However, there is no plan here.  Shuffling players is useless and frustrating.  It would be better to get a system then get someone who fits that system.  Until then, asking what can they get for Kovalev is pointless. 

    If the plan is to build from within then why did management get three veterans in Kostoplous, Smolinski and Brisebios for the frings spots on the roster?  If the plan is to build around a franchise goalie, why are they letting teams take 30+ shots against him per game?

    Bottom line, get a plan, hire to suit the plan.  Until then, everything is just hoping for dumb luck. 

  12. simplyhabby says:

    I would agree that would be a huge blovkbuster with a second thought  but of note, the two defensive prosepcts I mentioned were drafted on purpose based on the fact Montreal has no defensive prosects making them big pieces of our system.  O'Byrne…sure but not a stand out.

    I did mention to package Ryder not Ryder exclusively.  For Ryder straight up, a decent prosepct or a 2nd round pick depending on what the going rate this year at the deadline.

  13. simplyhabby says:

    Bingo.  Very few teams are like the Pats who have depth and strength with every facet of the game.

  14. habsrock99 says:

    Sorry, Ben Eager isn't a talented goon, he's a goon period with very little hockey upside, just like Jesse Boulerice. Talented goons are a hard breed to find. Off the top of my head, I can think of Chris Neil, Travis Moen, Georges Laraque, and that's about it. I'm sure if I tried I could think of more.

  15. my_sphincter says:

    This is rediculous!  The media makes a mountain out of a mole hill once again. 

    It really pisses me off that sports stars are not allowed to speak their mind at all.  They are all expected to be "good sports" and to have no personality.  Kovalev never came out and named Carbo or said that Carbo did the wrong thing.  He said that maybe this is what they should have done.  BIG FREAKING DEAL!!!  Besides, HE WAS RIGHT.  They should've done something differently.  It's not like Kovalev was saying something that everyone already didn't know.  He wassn't calling Carbo out or trying to get him fired, he was just a frustrated competitor whose team lost a game they should've won.

    Why don't we just build some robots to go out and be our sports heroes because apparently that is what we expect.  I, for one love guys that bring a little colour to professional sports.

    Jeremy Roenick

    These are (or were) great players who speak their mind.  I only wish that more people would do the same.

  16. Gretzkin says:

    Can people start spelling ridiculous properly?

    I don't know if it's the same guy over and over again, but it's a little bit annoying.
    It sends shivers down my spine every time I see it.
    We're supposed to be somewhat of a literate nation (Canada that is. Our friends to the south aren't really known for their education).
  17. intelligentscorpio says:

    Kovalev played his best hockey in Pittsburgh. Now, he is not the same today as he was a few years back, but still, he can light it up in the midst of all the young talent Pens have. The only drawback is his salary. I do not think Shero would be interested in swallowing that pill. Mind you, if we got Huet, who would certainly be a huge improvement over Sabourin and a good challnege to Fleury for Malone, some prospects from WBS team and some picks could make up the deal.
    Kovalev, Huet for Malone, Filewich or someone else, Ruutuu, picks, IMO.

  18. rojoke says:

    So let's look at this situation.  Kovalev "ripped" into his coach when he wondered aloud why they didn't take a timeout in a key moment in a recent game.  Carbo became so incensed that as revenge, he limited Kovalev to a regular shift and a regular spot on the powerplay, where he scored the team's only goal of the night.  Then he proceeds to trot out the Tanguay rumour, which has already been shut down on the Calgary side, if the fat buffoon who calls himself a journalist could even bother to read another actual journalist's story.  The Gazette, Calgary Herald and Calgary SUN all printed the same basic story debunking it.

    Then to put a cherry on top of the shyt sundae, we have "HTR" (as a collective?) believing that Kovalev was out of line for "ripping" his coach in the media, and believing when the right offer comes along, the deal will be made.  Well, duh!!!  What GM in his right mind turns down the right offer.

    "Hey, Bob.  You gotta do me a favour, man.  I can't afford to pay this Ovechkin kid anymore.  Can you take him off my hands?  A couple of mid-round picks and a warm body will be enough."

    "Sorry, man.  No can do.  I need those picks to fill out the team in the East Coast league."

    Garrioch is a joke of sports writer, who won't allow the lack of truth or research get in the way of a good story.  The only difference between him and Eklund is Garrioch at least puts a face to a name.

  19. MtlHabs09 says:

    HTR, this is REALLY old news… Montreal is off to an awful start I don't know why you'd say it isn't bad, Kovalev is our best goal scorer so far (at least the only one who converts…)
    I mean EVERYONE knew that Kovi and Carbo argued… but its already been announced that its behind them. Please don't waste my time by making me read articles like these again.

  20. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    I think this whole thing is being kind of over-blown.

  21. modk09 says:

    well as long as HTR says hes in the doghouse without ANY legit sources, he MUST be in the doghouse……..

    The team, Kovy, and Carbo have ALL publicly acknowledged that the french media blew the whole thing out of proportion and made up a story. hows about you "rumor" guys stop making crap up and post some rumors k? Oh wait, you dont come up with anything new, or anything insightful, all you do is REpost other people's news and articles

  22. Girardi46 says:

    Malik for Kovalev… straight up.

  23. habsgod says:

    put the crack pipe down!!!

  24. dcz28 says:

    I would love to see Kovalev with the Wings to play with Datsyuk…i think he would light it up 1. because of playing with Datsyuk, 2. because of the puck possession style of the Wings would be a great fit for him. This would also enable the Wings to split up the Zetterberg, Datsyuk Holmstrom line to provide more scoring balance. Not sure what i would give Montreal for him because his value isn't too high right now and his salary would take a big bite out of the remainder of the Wings cap space. What do Habs fans think it would cost the Wings for Kovalev? (forget about Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Holmstrom…has to be something somewhat realistic)

  25. Rico71 says:

    You just resumed Montreal's multiple problems.


    He shuffles lines like a poker player shuffles a deck of cards. At least in the deck…there are a few aces.

    Can anyone who knows hockey tell me what the hell is Tom 'Giveaway' Kostopoulos doing on the 3rd line? Plekanec and Latendresse must hope to see someone else play with them every game. For some reason, Carbo refuses to play Pleks, Lat and Smoly together. In the preseason, they were a good line. Dandeneault would be better.

    Why is he so stuck on the idea of playing Higgins-Koivu-Ryder together? Why not try Higging at his NATURAL POSITION, which is center? He could center Kovalev and Kostitsyn. Latendresse needs to play with offensive players, so put him with Koivu and Ryder…or with Higgins and Kovalev. He plays ok with Plekanec…if not paired with a waste of space like Kostopoulos. These guys can't score at even strength. They work on the PP…rarely at even strength. Shuffle the frigging lines Carbo. Its not like they are putting it in. How about:

    Lapierre(after being called up)-Plekanec-Smolinsky

    Send Grabovsky to the AHL…or he can leave for Russia…I don't care.

    Why does he insist on putting guys like Grabovsky, Kostitsyn and Kostopoulos in the last minute of a period on the ice? What tactic is this? Why not come back with the Koivu or Kovalev line. Load a line with the best players in the last minutes of a period. They will have 20 minutes to catch their breaths. How many teams…losing by 1 goal…will put out suckers like Kostopoulos? Out of 30 coachees…not a lot.

    A system? What system? I've watched the Habs this year…and I have tried to decypher what kind of system we are playing. I'm still looking. Apart from trying to protect 1 goal leads as soon as we have one…I don't see one. Jam the neutral zone? At 30+ shots a game…its not working.

    Stupid penalties. This is year 2 of Carbo's reign…and still the team takes the most lazy and stupid penalties. A lot of them are hooking penalties. You would think that having Carbo, Gainey, Jarvis and Muller…we would have players using their heads instead of their sticks. That's 4 defensive players and 2 of them won the Selke trophy. They haven't managed to instill a discipline in this team. I'm not impressed.

    Communication. Carbo mentionned last year that he should've communicated better with his players. Latendresse mentionned last year that he did not received any real instructions from the coaching staff until later in the season. This year, Bégin gets benched and doesn't really know why. Same with Rivet last year. Does Carbo think that by benching his veterans, he will get any respect from them? They see guys like Kovalev & Ryder float on the ice for a few games and never get punished. That makes for great player-coach respect.

    Carbo is still learning some say. Some can only learn so much. Maybe his coachong potential stops at being a good assistant coach.

    I don't know.

  26. Girardi46 says:

    haha… sorry… I just want Malik gone

  27. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    The Islanders are in desperate need of another sniper, and have too may defensemen.

    Would love to see the Isles make a move for Kovalev NOW.

    Isles are already likely to make the playoffs this year. Addition of Kovalev would pretty much guarantee a playoff birth.

  28. Rico71 says:

    You ain't happy? YOU post something.

  29. modk09 says:


    the isles are already likely to make the playoffs??? If Nolan wasnt your coach youd get about 6 wins ALL YEAR. as it is, youll be lucky to even sniff the playoff race as it speeds away from you. On most teams, Comrie, Guerin, Fedotenko are all depth forwards at best, not top line guys…

    keep dreaming

  30. ryrad8 says:

    to habs: Chelios, Draper, 1st rounder

    To Wings: Kovy, gorges, Streit

    wings get kovy and couple of young dman
    habs add some depth with draper, i really just like chely and bob gets his draft picks
    I don’t think this would ever happen ,but i can hope can’t I

  31. ryrad8 says:

    funny though, they sure look like there 1st liners

  32. billypilgrim says:

    The french media has been all over Latendresse about his play. His intensity was up for the game on Thursday so hopefully the message has got through to him and he gives more of the same tonight.

    I think everybody's just surprised Brisebois hasn't been worse than he's been. He's only caused, what, 2-3 goals against us so far. lol. To be fair he's prevented a few from going in on some nights.

  33. dcz28 says:

    I doubt this would happen for a couple of reasons. Chelios i don't think at his age would play for any other team than the Wings (maybe Chicago). I also don't think the Wings would want to move him as he's pretty cheap in salary and can still be a top 4 defenseman when injuries hit the Wings blueline.

    I also have a hard time seeing the Wings let go of Draper after they signed Maltby for 3 years last season. Most of the players the Wings had during their cup runs of 97,98 and 02 were not traded by the Wings…they were let go because another team offered them more money as a UFA. Wings are pretty loyal to the players who helped them win cups.

    I don't have anything against Gorges and Streit (not that young at 29 years old) but the Wings already have couple of young defenseman (Kronwall, Lebda, Meech) on the roster along with Quincey (who they had to be sent down because he didn't have to clear waivers while Meech did), Ericsson, Kindl who are ready or very close to it to be on the big club. Wings need a top 4 defensive defenseman (if they get anything on defense to replace Markov) and i don't think the Habs have any to spare for a trade. I wouldn't mind getting Komisarek but no way the Habs would deal him unless the Wings overpaid for him.

    How about (i know it won't happen) Kopecky, Lilja, Meech and a 1st round pick for Kovalev and Komisarek?

  34. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    We'll then lucky for us Nolan IS our coach!

    Mark my words here and now.

    I guarantee this Islanders team, makes the playoffs this season.

  35. my_sphincter says:

    I am not sure why you'd say that Montreal is off to an awful start.  It isn't a great start granted, but they are over 500 and have been competative most nights.  Right now, they are battling for 8th in the conference, which I expect them to be doing at the end of the season. 

  36. jpmac says:

    No No No The Islanders are getting McCabe from Toronto..how can they have too many d-men, I mean Toronto fans are making all kinds of trade scenarios with the Isles so you cant have too many dmen

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