Kovalev, Jovanovski searching for Extension

Well, Jovanovski is searching a contract extension, his contract expires July 31st, year 2003, and don’t expect him to sign one any time soon, more on that & other news around the NHL. Ed Jovanovski News

(Oct. 10th) Don’t expect star defenseman Ed Jovanovski to sign a contract extension with the Vancouver Canucks during this season. While there have been preliminary talks between the Canucks and Jovanovski’s agent Pat Morris, the Canadian Press reports that real negotiating will begin after the all-star’s current deal expires July 1. “We had some exploratory talks. They had thoughts of offering an extension. But to date that offer hasn’t happened,” Morris said from his Mississauga, Ont. office Thursday. “But to characterize it as contract negotiations … I think there was some general discussions. Nothing has transpired to date and I’m not optimistic that anything will get done.” The Canucks would like to get pen to paper on a new deal before Jovanovski’s stock continues to rise. Jovanovski, who will earn $2.8 million this season, could probably demand as much as $7 million a season if his play continues to soar.

Jason Arnott News

(Oct. 10th) After being injured at 8:22 into Dallas’s season opener in Colorado on Wednesday night, Stars center Jason Arnott could be out of the lineup for up to 2 weeks with a right ankle sprain. Arnott’s right leg was caught underneath Vaclav Nedorost and bent at an awkward angle as he went down.

Alexei Kovalev News

(Oct. 10th) Alexei Kovalev and the Pittsburgh Penguins have broken off contract extension talks Wednesday until the end of the season. Penguins GM Craig Patrick repeatedly said any negotiations would cease once the season started. Kovalev said Tuesday the talks had all but ended, and the two sides did no serious negotiating over the last week. The Penguins’ final offer was believed to be about $7 million a year over 3-years. Kovalev apparently wanted a longer deal.

Kyle McLaren News

Oct. 10th) Defenseman Kyle McLaren remains in limbo, reports the Boston Globe. GM Mike O’Connell said McLaren’s fate could well be tied to how the Bruins fare in the first 10 games or so. ”If someone offers us something we can’t refuse, we’ll do it,” he said. ”Until that point happens, and it hasn’t, I’m just going to wait and see how we look and what we need if we need anything, or if we need draft picks. At the 10-game mark, I think we’ll probably have a better idea how our team shapes up after the road trip and give ourselves a couple of games at home and we’ll probably revisit that.”

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16 Responses to Kovalev, Jovanovski searching for Extension

  1. MantaRay says:

    No player is worth than $7 million a year.

    The economics of hockey can not support such greed. As a hockey purist I detest reading about this kind of thing, but it is a part of the game now.

    Hopefully, the union and management can get some revenue sharing so the league itself won’t implode financially.

  2. mikster says:

    Makes me feel like crap that a player gets paid $7 million for hitting a ball, throwing a football, or shooting a puck, and doctors, my dad too, gets paid half of the half of the half of the half of the half of that. Well…except the doctors who own the business. Sucks when my dad comes home and saved a man from having a heart attack and i say gee….for saving a man’s life he gets that much?

    Sports suck now, not what they used to be. But hey, now it’s all a business….sad but true.

  3. tgray says:

    Jovo has a case for big money since he was dealed for Bure straight up (or am I wrong, please correct me if). Besides I wouldn’t pay many defensemen that much money, besides Rob Blake, Jovo may be the best in the game. Face it Pronger is really hurt and hasn’t had the intensity that Jovo brings. The Detroit crew is OLD.

    ‘sides this is a good article no bullshit and SOURCES!!!!

  4. mikster says:

    Anyway, that post had nothing to do with the article, but Manta got me to write it….

    I think the Pens will get some help in order to re-sign Kovalev, somehow….

    JovoCop thinks he deserves $7 million because he sees that even stay at home defensemen make that much money, like Stevens….Pronger makes ridiculously $9 million. Leetch makes an outrageous 9.6 million (damn you Smith).

    Oh well, shit happens…buh bye JovoCop

  5. tgray says:

    Micki IS capable of love and admiration. Thanks for the soft and fuzzy side.

    remember doctors have to pay huge malpractice insurance (especially in the northeast).

  6. Tradedude says:

    I agree! Like, this is an amazing sport and all, and same goes with all other sports. But 7 million $ is ridiculous, you see lidstrom , stay at home defense, gets 10.5 mil APPROX. could go higher next year, hockey aint wut it used to be, hockey used to be a game of great competition and hard work and back in the 70’s 80’s players would get around 10-20 thousand, 70 thousand tops, i heard this from my dad cuz oviously i wasnt born back then.


    $25 000 APRROX. which it should be.

    if i was a player and my contract was about to expire, i wouldnt expect to ask for how much money id sign for, instead id ask for HOW LONG for? if they offer me a high salary, sure! id take it, but dont go out there asking for a raise! just not the kind of hockey we like to see.

  7. go_nucks_go says:

    the trade was like this:

    to fla:

    pavel bure, bret hedican, brad ference, 3rd round pick

    to van:

    ed jovanovski, dave gagner, mike brown, kevin weeks, 1st round pick (’99 or ’00)

    hey… what a deal it was… our “second-line center”, “tough guy of the future”, and “goalie of the future” and all gone… hahahaa….. now only jovo and nathan smith is left…. damn…..

  8. tgray says:

    parden my ignorance, the only names I remembered were Bure and Jovo, thanks for the info…

    do you think bryan allen will pan out, you guys have been waiting awhile for him to come around??

  9. Habs4ever says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, I though Leetch made 8.6 million…..Still way too much

  10. YingYan says:

    Next year the Pens & Kovy’s agent will have to deal, they are close and i see them… closing it at 7/y over 5 y or up to 40 millions for 5 y or less but proportionally if it’s a 3 or 4 y deal. 🙂

    YingYan – “Is Mario for real?” 😉

    HTR – “

  11. Rushing says:

    Nope, he had it right, at least close enough. Leetch is getting paid $9,680,000 this year.


  12. CanuckFan says:

    Am i the only one that’s scared, that if we pay Jovo his 7 million, then when Bertuzzi becomes restricted, he’ll wan’t 7 million, and then morrisson in 2 years when his is up, he he performs well, ( a full year with bert and Naslund will help) then he’ll probably want around 4, then basically, the canucks are such an amazing young team, we’ve finally rebuilt, and now that we’re looking to be a superpower in a couple years, we might be forced to trade one of these guys? I’ve waiting too long for my canucks to be this good for Burke to start trading our guys, i hope we can get jovo for around 5, and extend bertuzzi for around the same, or we’re gonna lose all our players, again…

  13. Rushing says:

    The thing about all of these “HIGH” contracts is the way the players/agents look at them and the way the owners look at them.

    A player will want a contract as high as possible period. They don’t care how they play after they sign that contract.

    I see that it may turn out three different ways. A player may sign, let’s say a 3 year $15 million contract. Yet, let’s say they turn out to really stink and not live up to what that contract is worth. It don’t matter. They still get paid and that Owner get’s pretty much screwed.

    Let’s look at it another way. They sign another 3 yr. $15 million contract and the player gets hurt right at the beginning and is out for the year. Well, there goes another $15 mill down the tubes for the owner. The player still gets his yet the owner is screwed again.

    Let’s look at it one other way. They sign the same contract and the player lives up and possiblly beyond it’s value. It not only looks good for the player but the owner too.

    So in other words, the Owner is taking a huge gamble on each contract he signs here. The players don’t look at it this way though. They just see the $$$$$ signs. They pretty much have smooth sailing on any signing yet the Owners are taking a gamle with 1-3 odds. Yet all you hear from the Unions is how they make more money than the players and how they deserve more of the share.

  14. mikster says:

    Leetch is worth $5.5 tops.

    Last year was $8.6 now it’s $9.6

    Sad eh? As if Neil Smith would have signed Richter at $4 million a season, yeah right…..

  15. saiklo says:

    Oh an Bobby Holik deserves 9.6 million? He doesn’t even SCORE. Robert Lang outproduces him in almost every category and was bought up for almost half the price.

  16. saiklo says:

    Oh yeah hes for real, and now all the nay-sayers will have to eat crow.

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