Kovalev wants out

Alex Kovalev told Gainey that he didn’t want to be back on the team if he was treated the same way he was this season. I heard if Souray and Kovalev go, Gainey is going to pick up a Headlined UFA.

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    i smell a buyout

  2. jocool_88 says:

    i really dont think montreal can afford to buy out both samsonov and kovelv, that would be about 6 million off there cap space.  I could see them talking him into staying one more year and then either buying him out unless they can trade him to someone willing to take a chance on him.  I really would like to see him back for one more year to see if he can still play the way he did when he was with NYR and PIT.  He can still work magic with the puck but he just has to put the effert into each and every game, he can be the best player in the league one game and the worst the next game.  When he slumps he slumps for long stretches and when he plays well it only lasts short periods of time.  I think i remember him saying at the beginning of the season or something like that that he loves playing in montreal and wanted to stay.  Anyway, would love to see him stay but dont want a buyout.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    what did New York, and pittsburgh have that montreal doesn't?


  4. ferron says:

        We are not gonna buy out "Kovy" we are going to trade him, here's what i tought would be fare and good for bot teams. to Tampa= Valatenko, Kovalev Dandenault, Danis, Gorges 3 first rounder, 2 this year ( 12th and 26th overall) and one next year. to MTL= Lecavalier, Ranger, Roy, Roy's there cause last year everybody had a shot at are goalies plus Koivu, Higgins, Plek, Ryder, Kostityn ect in fact the toughest guy with MTL last year was "Souray" and also the only player man enough to defend "Koivu" when "Armstrong" ran him over this past season and this time i'm not talking about bums like " Murray and Downey" these where supposed to be are enforcers last year,what a joke! If these guys are back( Please Bob don't), well once again everyone out there will get a piece  of are small players asses, which consist of Perez, Ryder, Koivu, Higgins, Kostitsyn, Plek, Streit, Grabov, Dandenault, sammy, Bouillon's small but ever since i saw him explode with a rage wich i never experience before and unleashed on "Darcy Tucker" I swear, if you look upclose you can see DARCY cry! Way to go Bouillon, i think Mtls fans will remember that night for a long time. 65% of all are players are under 6' tall and how many are over 200lbs , i know MTL are base on SPEED but how good is "Speed" if nobody can put it in? We need big guys up front, Quebec born( Lecavalier and Roy) would fit perfect and "Ranger" would bring stability out back. As for Tampa they would get a Vertigo infected mutha, a washed up D-man a decent goalie(Danis in NHL 6 game played two SO, 4W-2L 2.20 avg, 927%, also Tampa would get 19 years old one of Russia top prospect and at 6ft 5 inches and still growing"Valatenko"(trading him could prove to be a terrible mistake) on top of this 3 first rounder! This mean, both are first picks this year(12th and depending on where SJ will finished in the playoffs, i say around 26th overall and another first rounder next year. It would look like this.

    Latendresse-Plekanec-Lecavalier (Plekanec better passer than Koivu in 07/08
    Begin-Lapierre-Roy ( checking line Begin new capt.)
    A.Kostitsyn-Grabovski-S.Kostitsyn (the famous Belarus line) X=Perezhogin,Milroy,Chipchura

    x=Jansevski, O'byrne, Cote, Yemelin


  5. honestabe says:

    I smell a trade comming.  Even if all they get is a bag of pucks, montreal would still win that trade.
    As far as I'm concerned, good bye….
    Or what is it that the fans sing?  Oh yeah…  Sha na na na, Na na na, Hey hey hey, good bye…..
    He doesn't want to play in Montreal, well alot of montreal fans don't want him playing there either.  Sounds like a win win situation to me.  bye bye.
    Kovalev's a bum.  A $4.5 M bum.  Not worth the money he's getting.  The only bigger bum in the league is Yashin and maybe Samsonov after last years performance.  Hmmm, do I detect a common element in each one of these bums?  Oh yeah, they're all Russian.
    Anyways, time to get off my soapbox.  Hopefully ths little temper tantrum is the just the incentive Gainey needs to get rid of him. 

  6. honestabe says:

    8 for 3
    somebody's smoking something

  7. Les-Habitants says:

    It's unfortunate it has come to this with Kovalev, but as much as Kovy has to be responsible for what he says, Carbonneau and the coaching staff are responsible as well.  I still have faith that Carbo has the makings to be a good coach, but part of that is managing and communicating with your more 'difficult' players, which Kovy is.

    However, with all this drama, unless Kovy can come to some sort of peace with Carbo, he is going to have to be traded.  Buyout is not feasible, for it'll be a 1.5mil per year over 4 yrs, which is too much (especially with Sammy being bought-out too for 1.2mil/year over 2 yrs).
    I've always been a Kovalev fan, his skill and ability are often yesterdays garabage after one bad performance, although this year has been an odd one.  But I honestly believe if Gainey had still be coach,  none of this would have been nearly as much of an issue…Carbo doesn't know how to communicate, and if this much dissatisfaction is visible to normal fans, imagine how much is not being said.

  8. Les-Habitants says:

    There is no way Tampa is gonna trade Lecavalier, that'd be like Pittsburg trading Crosby.  Of the 'big three' Brad Richards is the ONLY one who might get traded, and even then I doubt it.  They seem dedicated to holding onto them, depsite how unbalanced the team is as a result.  But as for Vinny, no chance…and if Tampa's GM does trade him, he is offically retarded.

    I also doubt they'll trade Ranger, as he's making the league minimum and is a pretty solid D, perfect for Tampa Bay's cap situation

    As for trading Kovy: due to his salary, there is no way that we would get a 'honest' return…if Kovalev is traded, it'll be for draft picks of mid-level prospects…that or another under-achiever.  Man, I think Gainey needs to have a sit-down with Carbo: Carbo has all the makings of a good coach, but he is still realllllly rough around the edges, and I think he needs to be told straight up where he screwed up so that he can improve.

    Pleks is not, nor will he be next year, better then Koivu.  Koivu is such an under-rated center, and if he had more size, would be one of the top ones in the leage.  Pleks is good, but Koivu is more creative, a superior passer and playmaker(even with a blindspot) and after he gets that cataract removed, he'll be even better.  Pleks is good, but Koivu is simply better.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    sure would be nice if instead of churning the roster, the team could build around a solid foundation.  something is wrong with a team when every high priced player is either a mistake or malcontent. 

    kovalev and samsonov pretty much put a lid on montreal making any kind of credible pitch to a free agent. 

    i hope the team keeps perezoghin.  he was the leader in plus minus which speaks volumes of his vlaue to the team. 

  10. Smacky says:

    This is the most useless post I have ever read…

  11. Sedin23 says:

    And it's still a terrible trade for Tampa.

  12. habsgod says:

    blue and white; you my friend are a moron!!! this is the montreal canadiens not the toronto make me laughs!! wedon't buyout to many players!! especially our star players!! gainey isn't that dumb! he's not going to do this because of the hit it would cause against our cap!! he's going to do other things to free up cap space!! like not offering contacts to:aebischer,bonk,johnson,and buyout samsonov(the stiff) this will allow gainey to sign a top notch free agent(BRIERE)!!!! we don't make to many mistakes like J.F.J done/does for the make me laughs!! ex:gill, kubina 8 million on those 2 pilons!!! what a joke!!! no wonder it's been 41 years and counting!!!!we will win the cup again before the make me laughs even get close!!!

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