Kovy must go, maybe time for Saku too?

Alex Kov needs to be moved – 4.5 million with 13 goals just don’t cut the mustard. Get a good young player for him. Someone with heart. His salary can be used to keep Souray and say whatever you want Souray has become the voice of the team. I stood behind Saku the whole time he’s been with the habs but I’m serious when I say it’s time for a new leader.I think Gainey needs to move Saku for a good player that can provide some offense and make Souray the captain. He is going to be a leader and everybody knows he is going to be a captain somewhere in the league within a couple years if not in Montreal. If we don’t beat Carolina tonite and Columbus tomorrow then the season is done.

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  1. xJayce says:

    Who is willing to give a 'good you player' for an overpriced underachiever,  in the later stages of his career, appears to be bad in the dressing room, especially when word around the league is that he's very hard to coach and he's already spoken out a few times critisizing his coach.

    I'd pretty much take ANYTHING for Kovy to net pay his salary next year, and with the 4.5M, I'm sure it could be invisted elsewhere.

    Same thing for Saku. What 'good player' could you get for him? He's making 4.75 this year. Good luck moving that.

    I'm very curious to see what could be brought in for either player.

  2. mikster says:

    I was not upset when the Rangers traded Kovalev last time. The most unispired player, yet at his best he is arguably in the top three of overall talent in the NHL.

    Koivu out?

    Weiss, Kolnik, Anthony Stewart, 3rd rounder.


    Koivu, Kostistyn, Chipchura.

  3. TheStryker says:

    Even if we win both games, I still think it's time for Koivu to go. He has to agree to waive his no trade clause, I think he would if he's going to a contender. After the Forsberg deal lots of teams in the east are looking to improve.

    To Detroit

    Kovalev,Dandenault,Perezoghin,3rd pick
    To Vancouver
    Burrows, Luc Bourdon 

    To San Jose

    Rivet,Bonk,2nd pick
    To Pittsburgh

  4. EasternHockey says:

    Top three talent?  I've never heard Kovalev being ranked so high.  I know you're talking purely of his puckhandling skills.. in that regards yes… but overall talent, no way.

  5. kovy007 says:

    I am a huge Kovalev fan and I know it is very easy to point the finger at him. However this guy is loaded with talent and at his best he can dominate this game of hockey. When we first acquired him, it took him almost 15 games to score his first goal with the habs. In the playoffs, this guy is awesome. That same year we acquired him, he had 6 goals and 4 assists in the playoffs. Who was your top goal scorer in the playoffs of that year? Alex Kovalev. Who was the top pointer in the playoffs? Saku koivu 11 points (3 goals and 8 assists) and then Kovalev with ten points. Who was your top pointer last year in the regular season? His name is Alex Kovalev with 65 points. Who was your top scorer and pointer in the PLAYOFFS last year? Alex Kovalev (4 goals, 3 assists) in 6 games. This year is a little different. He only has 38 points and he's making 4.5 million. With the money he's making he should have had close to 60 points at this point in the season.However, aside from Souray who is having a heck of a year offensively, who are your two top forwards so far? Koivu with 46 points and Kovalev with 38 points (tied with Ryder). They haven't performed according to the money they're making but they are the biggest contracts in the team and the two top pointers (in terms of forwards). Now here's a positive note about Kovalev. I believe kovalev has been playing with an injured elbow since probably november. If this guy can get me 38 points with one ARM, and is the second top forward in the team think about what he is able to do when he is healthy and is using both arms. I believe that when he comes back, he will be better. He's not going to put the points he's supoosed to put but he will finish top three in the team (in terms of forwards). Watch this guy in the playoffs and take a look at who is going to be the top scorer and pointer of the team in the PLAYOFFS this year. His name will be Alex Kovalev. Kovalev and koivu should not be moved and they should be together on the first line with ryder and you build around those players. They maybe the two biggest contracts but they are the two top forwards. Do not always look at the money players are making because almost every player is overpaid. 2 million for Hal Gill, 7.8 for Richards and only 51 points?
    As for Souray, he is the one who should be moved. He may have 20 goals but he had costed us more goals than what he has actually scored with his terrible plays in the defensive zone and Souray is as horrible as Ninima in the defensive zone. His offensive stats are impressive but he struggles in the defensive zone.
    Say what you want about Kovalev but he is the best player in the playoffs and that's when it counts.

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