Kronwall out!

Nick Kronwall is going to be out for at least 6 weeks. This injury occured during the Red Wings preseason game vs. the Av’s


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  1. dcz28 says:

    That sucks since Kronvall had been one of the best defenceman for the Wings in pre-season…if only Rivers would have played instead of Kronvall like he was suppose to do this would not have happened but its life i guess

  2. 19Yzerman says:

    Unknown is the road untraveled. Perhaps if Rivers did play that night it may have been another player on the ice for that moment and not Rivers. Say like Fisher or Schnieder.

    You made three good points though. 1st if Kronwall did not play at all he would not have suffered that injury. 2nd he had been playing very well in this preseason and 3rd that is life.

    IF?? What if the limo crash never happened? Can you imagine a Konstantinov and Bykov defensive pairing? Maybe Bykov would have stayed IF he was on a pairing with the Vladinator. OH the Whelm of the unknown.

  3. dcz28 says:

    Yea injuries will happen to every team and life is full of big “IF”…Konstantinov was a huge lost for the Wings no doubt about that…i know Bykov is still in Europe but why have the Wings not brought him back? i guess they are still bitter about his contract demands after his first season but i think he would add good young depth for the Wings on defence

  4. Montrealsdogg says:

    according to tsn, he is out 4-6 months after surgery

  5. detY192003 says:

    yea thts what they changed it to. detroit is f**ked now honestly….tho he wont count against the cap right?

  6. dcz28 says:

    Not until he comes back to play he won’t count against the cap so that probably means Delmore might start with the Wings or they might sign Woolley now which would be a better replacement in my opinion…one question in my mind is who’s going to be the enforcer? They need someone to make sure the other teams don’t rough up the stars and Shanahan can still do some but he is counted on more for goals this season

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