Kulikov trade talks continue

The Florida Panthers continue to field calls for defenseman Dmitry Kulikov, as the team has let its opponents know a number of players are up for grabs.

Last week, the Panthers shipped right wing Kris Versteeg to the Chicago Blackhawks and more trades are expected this season.

Kulikov, who is in the final year of his contract, is making $3 million this season, though his salary cap hit is $2.5 million.

Several teams believed to have shown an interest in Kulikov include the Edmonton Oilers, Detroit Red Wings, Carolina Hurricanes and Anaheim Ducks, though others appear to be up against the cap.




5 Responses to Kulikov trade talks continue

  1. doorman says:

    HMMMM,lets see young dman and good teams are interested, to me this says they should not trade him. However Tallon is going to and well the panthers will just keep on sucking. I know most disagree but pending the cost i would like to see Nonis explore this.

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      If the price is right then absolutely. If we gave up a package of prospects and pick I would love to acquire Kulikov but I wouldn’t give up a young NHL asset for him.

      • lafleur10 says:

        wel i think for a team to get kulikov from the panthers they wll have to give a young roster player i don’t know if picks and prospects are what dale tallon wants but your right if you could give that up for a player like that you definately have to consider it

  2. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    I don’t know. He’s young, has size, has skill…so why would a re-building team like Florida be thinking of moving him when young D is what they lack?
    Gilbert is the guy we should, should have targeted. I know when I suggested we get him in the off-season many said he sucks, but he is having a very good season. He is an RHD, has put up 7pts and a +5, while playing 22 mins a night on a crap team with a cap hit of only $900,000. Although panthers may not want to move him. He has arguably been their 2nd best d-man to Campbell.

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