LA lose Allison for season.

Los Angeles Kings centre Jason Allison has a torn MCL and may have a torn ACL. He is out for the rest of the season, thus really hurting the Kings chance for the playoffs.
With Allison out and with the need for 90 points or more to make the playoffs in the West does LA have to make a move? Maybe, and the Dallas Stars may be the place LA looks for a center.

With Turgeon the new rumor going around in Dallas, and Arnott now centering the 3rd line, Dallas may want to move one of them. LA now needs a center-men to take Allison’s place, and, since Dallas has those centers, the Kings may look to the Stars to cure their ills.

LA has to be thinking trade and Dallas might have to make a move. Watch these two teams make a deal in the future.

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  1. TheRumourGod says:

    No torn ACL. No surgery needed. Out 2 – 3 months. roughly 40 games….as reported by TSN

  2. mikster says:

    So, basically he is out for half a season.

    Not good at all for the Kings. They aren’t the strongest team without Allison….

  3. Leaf_Expert says:

    It has already been reported that he will miss 2-3months…not the WHOLE season.

    But a trade might happen considering LA has been looking for a decent 2nd line center for some time. Which they tried to aquire last year in Ronning.

    P.S. don’t forget LA is on a tight budget. Or else they would have got a least anything during the offseason rather then shopping their washed up vetrans. So don’t think too hard that they will get an all-star player or one with an all-star payroll…..

  4. mikster says:

    They have a very very very rich owner, they can add $5 million to their payroll.

  5. MantaRay says:

    The Kings have a lot of young talent that can fill in until Allison is back.

    They are still a fast skating team. The loss hurts but LA will still be alright.

  6. mikster says:

    Smolinksi is not the best player to have for the first line, Palffy is not 100% healthy, Laperrier would be their 2nd line center.

    They don’t have much to work with at all.

  7. regdunlop says:

    I posted a while ago that they should go after Arnott. He fits in with the kings game plan and they are weak down the middle. another guy that they should go for is kovolev. Pttsburgh is not going to be able to afford him after this season and they Kings have some assetts that could really help the pens in the long run. 1st round picks and prospects and even a guy like smolinski or visnovski could add to either one of those teams. The kings have stuff to trade and they need to make a move. They can not afford to play for two or three months without a player of allison’s caliber missing from their squad.

  8. MossRocks says:

    They also have a very, very cheap owner. To Anschutz, adding $5million to the payroll would be like bailing out the Italian economy. (OK, last Italian dig)

  9. mikster says:

    Italian economy is up in the tops in Europe. If anything, France’s economy is down the drain.

    Finally, since the right wing gov’t (conservative) came in…Italy’s been going up. Unlike the leftists socialists (clowns) who would have kept humiliating Italy and probably be against the USA on Iraq. Take Germany for example, leftists retards….

  10. Jcclark says:

    I disagree,

    If you have seen any of the kings games you would know the Eric Belanger is playing well. He will fill the role well with more ice time.

  11. MossRocks says:

    Germany is an industrial and economic power that dwarfs Italy. France is still a bigger country with more people and more resources. The value of the Euro is propped up by the old Deutschmark and certainly not the Italian lira. Germany is free to take whatever stance on Iraq that they please and just because the Americans may not agree makes no difference. It’s called autonomy – you have it and other Western nations have it and they would certainly like to keep it that way. I don’t know why it is so hard for the US to understand this. This country is not always right and should not expect other nations to just agree de facto.

    By the way – it was just a joke.

  12. Prosaic says:

    Italy’s right wing government is actually a corrupt, anti-democratic, reactionary parasite: Berlusconi, who even included neo-fascists in his coalition, is abusing his position in order to get himself off the hook in a Milan trial. So in fact it is he who is humiliating Italy, not the socialist ‘clowns’

    Ok, back to the hockey….

  13. DaAvs says:

    I find it intresting that some aren’t picking LA to make the playoffs. I have a hard time singling them out because of that first line of Ziggy – Allison – Deader. Problem is Ziggy and Deader are great shooters, but Allison is one of the best setup men. This isn’t where Smolonski can fill in and making this line just or nearly as good. Unless Potivin goes on a streak like he did once he got traded to LA, I don’t think LA makes the playoffs because of their division and their confrence. (Hell I have a hard time betting against the Wild to not make the playoffs. Throw in Dallas will make it in, that means two of the teams that weren’t in there will be.)

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