Lack of development finally haunting the Leafs!

I have been a Leaf fan since birth and will be until the day I die. However, It is totally evident that the problem the leafs have to day are not the players but the management. In my opinion it is mainly the Quinn area which bothers me the most. He gives ice time to CHUMPS as we all have seen in the past. Fire him. I know that this will probably not happen due to his coaching of Team Canada but If JFJ were smart and cared about the Leafs Its time to send Quinn elsewhere. Just Look at the young guys who are not developled and still out playing leaf regulars. Berg, Klee and Khavanov are out which is probably the best thing that could happen to the leafs. In my opinion Woznowski, Carlo C. and Jay Harrison are out performing the “BUM regulars”. Trades should be happening but JFJ is not pulling the trigger. O’neill needs time off to clear his head and deal with the loss of his brother “I think a year” after that he should return to his way of hockey. Trade Sundin for Bertuzzi………… or something that will get the leafs some jump. Belfour……………………….time to retire buddy, No one would pick him up the way he is playing not to mention the contract (stupidist thing the leafs have done in a while!) Let the youth play. Everyone has said it, now its time to let it happen. The leafs would not be that bad off if Telly had the last year to gain experience in stead of Trevor Kidd. In my opinion dont blame the players, blame the asses who made them this way.

P.S. One more defenceman would not hurt JFJ. Think towards Brendan Witt before the deadline. Klee and Berg for Witt if possible or something a team would probably want for him. Anyway the Leafs and Leaf fans are up the stream with out a paddle because our young guys are not developed soon enough. If I were G.M. Maurice for coach next year because his youth development is excellent.

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  1. The-President says:

    Bertuzzi sucks, he will never be good again in the new NHL!!!

  2. Aetherial says:

    Depending on Klee’s injury, I would rather see them trade him for some future, than for Witt.

    Witt simply is not that good. He just seems like a good choice because there are so few quality D-men around.

  3. 92-93 says:

    Some of the not-so-great trades made by the Leafs in recent years (but remember, for every bad move there were 2 or 3 good ones – not counting the fact that many of the moves made by Leaf GMs in the past 15 years have rejuvinated this franchise):

    1996 Wendel Clark, Mathieu Schneider and unsigned junior Denis (D.J.) Smith from the NY Islanders for Kenny Jonsson, Darby Hendrickson, junior Sean Haggarty and the Leafs’ 1st round election in 1997 (Roberto Luongo) (Mar. 13).

    At the time this was actually a good move for a Leafs squad struggling to make the playoffs. around the same time the Leafs signed and traded for guys like Dave Gagner, Kirk Muller, and Don Beaupre – all of which helped the leafs to the playoffs that year. Soon, however, the Leafs had to rebuild in the next couple of years and letting go of Jonsson and losing the possibility of drafting Luongo hurt the leafs in the long run. perhaps there are some lessons here for the leafs this year: don’t trade away good young talent and draft picks for guys like Witt or Mogilny or whoever just to make the playoffs this year!

    1999 Cory Cross and a 7th round selection in the 2001 Entry Draft from Tampa Bay for Fredrik Modin (Oct.1)

    Modin wasn’t living up to expectations but the fact of the matter was he was young and needed more chances (and considering that Quinn gave way more chances to guys like Poni and Antropov this deal makes you wonder). Cross is a skating blunder, while Modin is a great offensive talent.

    1999 Steve Sullivan claimed by Chicago off waivers (Oct.23)

    This just plain confuses me. How did something like this happen?

    2001 Wade Belak claimed off waivers from Calgary

    (Feb. 16)

    This is self-explanatory. He has taken up valuable roster space from younger players and cap space as well. Makes no sense to have him around – regardless of the Leafs’ lack of toughness this year.

    2001 Aki Berg from Los Angeles in exchange for Adam Mair and Toronto’s 2nd round pick in the 2001 Entry Draft (Mike Cammalleri) (Mar. 13)

    Actually, this really isn’t that bad of a move. Berg has been a shaky presence on the Leafs blueline and it would have been great for the leafs to have a shot at drafting Cammalleri – but who is to say that they would have.

    2001 Robert Reichel, Travis Green and Craig Mills

    from Phoenix in exchange for Danny Markov (Jun.


    Yikes. Green wasn’t that bad of a player for the Leafs and, in reality , neither was Reichel. but Markov has helped every team he has played on and I would have loved for him to stay a Leaf especially for the series against the Flyers.

    2003 Owen Nolan from the San Jose in exchange for

    Alyn McCauley, Brad Boyes and a first round draft

    choice in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft (later traded to Boston – Mark Stuart) (Mar. 5)

    By far the worst trade in the Quinn era and maybe in Leafs’ history. Can you imagine what the Leafs forward lines would look like with these guys alongside Steen, Wellwood, Stajan and solid vets like Sundin, Tucker, and Allison. sounds good to me.

    2004 Brian Leetch from NY Rangers in exchange for

    Maxim Kondratiev, Jarkko Immonen, a first round

    selection in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft (transferred to Calgary – Kris Chucko) and a second round selection in the 2005 NHL Entry Draft (Mar. 3)

    Leetch helped Toronto immensely when he was here but giving up Immonen – who had a 5-goal game recently in the AHL – will prove to be a crucial blunder for the Leafs in the years to come. Kondratiev hasn’t played much at the NHL level but could develop into a solid defensive talent.

  4. 92-93 says:

    Some of the best moves ever made:

    1991 Grant Fuhr, Glenn Anderson, and

    Craig Berube from Edmonton for Vincent

    Damphousse, Peter Ing, Scott Thornton,

    Luke Richardson (Sept. 19)

    A huge deal for the Leafs because it signalled the beginning of the end of the dark period in Toronto. Anderson would prove to be crucial in years to come and Fuhr kept the Leafs competitive before the ‘big trade.’

    1992 Doug Gilmour, Jamie Macoun, Ric

    Nattress, Rick Wamsley and Kent

    Manderville from Calgary for Gary

    Leeman, Michel Petit, Jeff Reese, Craig

    Berube and Alexander Godynyuk (Jan. 2)

    Perhaps the most famous and complex trades in NHL history – and one that sealed the fate of the Flames for the few seasons. Gilmour WAS the Leafs during the early and mid-1990s. period. The Leafs loss 50-goal scorer Leeman, but no one’s complaining about that today.

    1994 Mats Sundin, Garth Butcher, Todd

    Warriner and Quebec’s 1st round pick in 1994

    (traded to Washington – Nolan Baumgartner) for

    Wendel Clark, Sylvain Lefebvre, Landon Wilson and

    Toronto’s 1st round

    Of course I have to include the deal that brought perhaps the best Leaf player in history. Sundin has been a constant and the ONLY reason why some fans don’t like him is because he is a Swede and because he is not a typical captain. In any case, my favourite player has kept the Leafs competitive. Clark would eventually return to the Leafs but many fans haven’t forgiven Sundin for simply being part of a deal that took Clark away – ridiculous.

    1997 Jason Smith, Steve Sullivan and Alyn

    McCauley from New Jersey in exchange for Doug

    Gilmour, Dave Ellett and a 1999 3rd round pick

    (Andre Lakos) previously obtained from Devils

    (Feb. 25)

    Great deal. Too bad the Leafs let all three go for virtually nothing in the future. Gilmour would go on to help NJ and Montreal but it was clear that his best days for the Leafs were behind him.

    1999 Bryan Berard and the NY Islanders’ sixth round selection (Jan Sochor) for Felix Potvin and Toronto’s sixth round selection, later traded to Tampa Bay – (Ferdor Fedorov) (Jan. 9)

    Potvin was great between the pipes for Toronto and part of the lineage of great goaltenders – Fuhr-Potvin-Cujo-Belfour. Berard was and still is an amazing talent. Too bad about the eye injury (is it me or does every major injury to the Leafs occur against the Sens: Berard, Tucker hit-from-behind, Nolan’s knee injury, Sundin’s eye injury, Coliacovo’s missed hit-concussion?).

    2000 Bryan McCabe from Chicago in exchange for

    Alexander Karpovtsev and Toronto’s 4th round pick

    in the 2001 Entry Draft (Vladimir Gusev) (Oct. 2)

    Quinn’s best move as a GM.

    2006: My prediction: Jordan Leopold from Calgary in exchange for Jason Allison

    This would be JFJ’s best move as a GM. will it happen? probably not – but it all depends on the Jokinen sweepstakes and if Calgary doesn’t deal Leopold before the Leafs get a chance to offer Allison (and, if JFJ could possibly think of something this good).

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