Lack of development finally haunting the Leafs!

I have been a Leaf fan since birth and will be until the day I die. However, It is totally evident that the problem the leafs have to day are not the players but the management. In my opinion it is mainly the Quinn area which bothers me the most. He gives ice time to CHUMPS as we all have seen in the past. Fire him. I know that this will probably not happen due to his coaching of Team Canada but If JFJ were smart and cared about the Leafs Its time to send Quinn elsewhere. Just Look at the young guys who are not developled and still out playing leaf regulars. Berg, Klee and Khavanov are out which is probably the best thing that could happen to the leafs. In my opinion Woznowski, Carlo C. and Jay Harrison are out performing the “BUM regulars”. Trades should be happening but JFJ is not pulling the trigger. O’neill needs time off to clear his head and deal with the loss of his brother “I think a year” after that he should return to his way of hockey. Trade Sundin for Bertuzzi………… or something that will get the leafs some jump. Belfour……………………….time to retire buddy, No one would pick him up the way he is playing not to mention the contract (stupidist thing the leafs have done in a while!) Let the youth play. Everyone has said it, now its time to let it happen. The leafs would not be that bad off if Telly had the last year to gain experience in stead of Trevor Kidd. In my opinion dont blame the players, blame the asses who made them this way.

P.S. One more defenceman would not hurt JFJ. Think towards Brendan Witt before the deadline. Klee and Berg for Witt if possible or something a team would probably want for him. Anyway the Leafs and Leaf fans are up the stream with out a paddle because our young guys are not developed soon enough. If I were G.M. Maurice for coach next year because his youth development is excellent.