Lack of officiating consistency

I have been a fan of the NHL since 1990. However, I am questioning my commitment to the league because of deplorable officiating. During the 10 years of clutch and grab hockey, the officiating, for the most part, was consistent. You knew that only the most egregious infractions were going to be called because refs did not bother to call borderline infractions. In this year’s rendition of the NHL, one does not know what the refs are going to be like from game to game. The prime example was last night’s game between Montreal and Toronto.

The calls that were made in that game and the calls that were not made really got on my nerves. The penalty given to Steve Begin on Tie Domi was not an infraction. It was two players that were fighting for the puck and no penalty needed to be called. Unfortunately, for the Habs, the penalty resulted in a Jeff O’Neill goal. In addition, the penalty given to Rivet when time expired should not have been called because he did not show any intent to trip Antropov. He was going for the puck. Unfortunately, again, this call resulted in Sundin’s game winning goal. The only penalty that should be called without due consideration for intent is high sticking. Furthermore, there were many penalties that were not called, on both sides, during the third period and the ref decided to call something when time expired. Just stupid!!! There were, moreover, some strange non-calls during the game. The disallowed Markov goal really perplexed me. It was a goal and Belfour was interfered with by his own player and not Markov. And Markov did not kick that puck into the net so that cannot be the reason it was called off. Indeed, the Toronto players appeared to be resigned to the fact that it was a goal. The non-call of the hit-from-behind on Riberio also got on my nerves.

What I conclude from this is that their needs to be greater accountability in the officiating ranks. The quality of the officials is also something that needs to be questioned and improved as expeditiously as possitble. As a fan, the one thing that I want to see is consistency in applying the rules of the game. It appears that that has gone out the window this year. Whenever I watch a game this year, I am totally dumbfounded about the apllication of the rules in any given game.



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  1. rojoke says:

    The PA announcer said, if I heard correctly, that it was because of contact with the goalie. The fact that Markov and a Leaf player were sliding towards the net didn’t seem to matter, nor that the puck went in before they ever made contact with Eddie.

    Harry Neale, on the other hand, piped in with the theory that it was because Markov kicked – his word, I believe – Belfour’s stick out of his hand, preventing him from making the save. That’s kind of odd when you realize that (a) as I said above, the puck was in the net before Markov and the Leaf player collided with Belfour; (b) Belfour’s stick was on the outside of the post, and he lost it after play was stopped; (c) Belfour didn’t do the Hasek-like fish flop that many a goalie in the league uses to alert the refs that they’ve been interfered with, much to his credit I’ll add.

    But the call was early enough in the game so that it shouldn’t have mattered that much. It may have been a momentum changer, but it shouldn’t have mattered as much as the Rivet penalty did.

  2. rojoke says:

    It’s kinda hard to get higher ratings for Habs games and Sens games when the only games HNIT televises are Leafs games, isn’t it?

    I’ve got a question for the folks in La Belle Province. Does CBC, not SRC, air Habs games in English there?

  3. gg_idiot says:

    HAHAHAH!!! Its hilarious that Montreal fans have the attention span of about 30 minutes. They obviously don’t remember their high flying circus act of diving they were performing in the playoffs 2 years ago.

    Ribeiro – the amazing heart attack on command man

    Kovalev – the spooky broke my wrist and take down my own defensive useless piece of junk man

    And… for good measure

    Theodore – the worst goalie in the league

    Take that home, chew on it for a bit, tell me what you think

  4. Mikeyribs says:

    OH they are consitent!Being constantly incontistent makes you consistent.

  5. CSakicGAP says:

    I’m from BC and if I had the chance I’d put every single canuck in the penalty box and then blow it up….I dont think where your from is really an issue.

  6. CSakicGAP says:

    That was an exaggeration by the way….I know this site. I dont need any of you trying to kidnap my kids or something becasue I said it.

  7. 92-93 says:

    yeah, but i think the habs are going to do fine this year regardless so Kessel might not be within reach for them. I am just pumped about the race for 4th in the conference this year. Assuming the Lightning and Flyers regain 1st in their divisions, its going to be a race between the habs, leafs, devils, hurricane, rangers … and maybe even the Isles, Bruins, and Sabres too.

    in any case, there are going to be 2 or 3 teams that will miss the East conference playoffs that deserve to be there, which is a shame.

  8. EM_Flames says:

    "… but Toronto is the largest urban centre in the country…"   /     well sure, we know that but is that what drives it?  Let's compare us to the United States.

    Ok, baseball, you think of Yankees.  Why?  Well, New York City is the largest urban centre in the country.  So you think it makes sense.

    But now I'll throw a wrench in:  football.

    Yep, football.  Who do you think of?  NY Giants?  NY Jets?  I don't think so.  Nope, when somebody says, "What's America's football team?", everybody knows the answer:   Dallas Cowboys.

    Yep, the Cowboys.  Thousands of Kms from NYC.  And much smaller than New York.

    So don't say: "largest urban centre", as the explanation of everything.  No, that's wrong.  Well at least in civilized countries (in banana-republics like Uruguay or Bolivia, I guess the biggest city drives everything … is Canada a banana-republic?).

    In a place like the United States, you have small cities way out in the hinterland now as the driving force in 21st century culture.  Example: Albuquerque, New Mexico as the hot new Hollywood — thousands of kms away from the nation's "largest urban centre" and far smaller.

    So why does Toronto have to drive the cultural agenda in Canada?  Answer: It doesn’t.

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