Lacroix Found His Goalie!!

According to, the Colorado Avalanche received goaltender Tommy Salo from the Edmonton Oilers this morning. No word yet on who’s going the other way.In Salo, Colorado get an experienced goaltender that fills perfectly the backup goalie position for young starter David Aebischer.

The acquisition on Jussi Markkanen by the Oilers is one of the main reason that let GM Kevin Lowe deal away Salo to the Avs. Since the infamous goal against Belarus, Salo hasn’t been the same goaltender for Edmonton and many fans had doubts about him being able to handle the pressure. Depending on what Edmonton receives, this sound like a good move by Lowe.

As for the Avs thanks to Pierre Lacroix, deadline day is always so much fun for us the fans!

Information on Tom Gilbert:

Tom Gilbert is ranked #7 Best Prospect (according to Hockey’s Future) on the Avalanche prospect rankings.

Gilbert is a big, physical force on the blueline for the Steel. Not afraid to make a play. Has a nice offensive touch for a D-man.

2001-02 Chicago Steel USHL 57 13 15 28 62

(stats are GP, G-A-PTS, PIM)

27 Responses to Lacroix Found His Goalie!!

  1. corky says:

    Nice i guess

  2. Komic-J says:

    What is Lowe doing ? Not only does he trade Salo to a conference rival, but he gets nothing in return !!!

  3. commonwealth says:

    well we all knew this was coming, we just didn’t know it would be Salo.

    I don’t like Salo anymore then the next fan but he is good to stick in as a backup. He is an average goalie with average potential. Credit Lacroix for not having to give anything up to get him. Does this mean EDM will try to sign a goalie UFA?

    is Lacroix done?


  4. CaptainModano says:

    So much for Edmonton’s playoff run, they’re done now. I don’t see Markannen carrying them into the playoffs!

    Bad trade, Lowe.

  5. islesrule7721 says:

    What an a$$ he is. The Islanders arent going to go any where without making a trade for a scorer. Before the Islanders left Laguardia in NY. Milbury told them, “If your looking for help, find each other” what an a$$hole. FIRE HIM AND THE STUPID OWNER WANG. WANG DOESNT KNOW NE THING ABOUT HOCKEY. MILBURY HAS ALL THE SAY. AND THATS NOT GOOD

  6. blueyak says:

    Lets be completely honest here – the trade was a 6th rounder for T. Gilbert; T. Salo for a new set of Firestone’s for the zamboni. Lacroix with yet another draft day steal.

  7. tducey says:

    I do not know why Pierre Lacroix wanted a goalie for, I mean Aesbicher has been playing well this season and by trading for another goalie it will hurt his confidence and Salo is not exactly the best goalie in the world, so a bad move by Lacroix who usually does good on deadline day

  8. islesrule7721 says:

    How do i make a regular post instead of all theses replies

  9. Marco_Sturm says:

    this is the 4th defenseman lacroix gave away in the last 24 hours (morris, ballard, mcallister and gilbert). and just one in return (vaananen)!!!

  10. Lint07 says:

    Philippe Sauvé has been absolutely HORRIBLE this year and is clearly not ready for the NHL.

    Let’s say Lacroix doesen’t acquire a goalie and Aebischer gets injured in game #5 of the conference finals against Detroit…. You basically give the series to Detroit.

    Salo can do the job and won’t hurt Aebischer confidence because he’ll likely stay the starter.

    This look like Vancouver acquiring Hedberg to backup Cloutier.

  11. Killa_Bs says:

    If it wasn’t for the fact that Edmonton got nothing in return I would say that it was a disappointing trade for Colorado. Tommy Salo is not the kind of goalie I’d like for the playoffs. Perhaps Salo will only serve as a backup for Aebischer.

    I agree with an earlier post that it is interesting how Edmonton traded Salo within the conference. This would have been unheard of a couple of years ago. These days teams trade even within the division so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    I guess Kolzig isn’t coming to Colorado any time soon. Wonder where he is going. Will it be Islanders?

  12. Lint07 says:

    I say one of these 4: NYI/L.A./St.Louis/Toronto

  13. torontoiskickass says:

    Salo’s gonna CHOKE!! Belaruss! Belaruss!

  14. daredevil says:

    Pretty soon, Colorado is going to corner the market on mediocre hockey players.

  15. Zamboni says:

    Good move for the Avs. They’ve got their backup goalie now. Good vote of confidence in Abby, and he’s earned it. Would’ve been silly to trade for another #1 guy.

    Salo is very likely done with the NHL after this season…back to Sweden, there won’t be any goalie controversy (ie Detroit) in Colorado. Edmonton, let’s face it, they’re not likely a playoff team, and certainly not a team that was going to make any noise in April. Trading away a guy with rapidly diminishing skills for a top notch prospect was a good move for their future.

  16. defenestrate says:

    Okay, so the backup goalie is in place (and nearly for free, as well).

    My only concern is the way we’re mortgaging the future. Pierre is obviously convinced that there’s going to be an extended lockout, and the time to win is now.

    Btw, Vancouver, thanks for ruining my usual excitement on deadline day. As Bugs Bunny said, “You know this means war…”

  17. Killa_Bs says:

    Seems like Toronto has signed former Caps defenseman Calle Johansson. If he is anything like the player he used to be Toronto did well. Still, Calle Johansson hasn’t played hockey this season so I guess we can’t expect him to be the player he used to be – at least not now.

  18. will says:

    We are talking about Tommy Salo right? I never thought he’d be the final piece in the avs stanley cup puzzle, i think lint07 is trying to get excited over nothing. avs still have no forsberg and as far as i’m concerned still don’t have a goaltender. lint07 hahahah GIVE ME A BREAK

  19. edmontonrules says:

    That’s not absolutely horrible for either teams. Salo can back up the young goalie in Colorado. And Edmonton actually gets something in return instead of having to put him in waivers. This also makes way for Edmonton’s younger and (in my opinion) better goalies. I was pissed when they traded Jussi away. We got him back now. 🙂

  20. Lint07 says:

    Future? What future? I think that there’s now no one under the age of 26 left in the entire Colorado region!

    My guess is they’re going to buy the Pittsburgh Penguins and use them as their farm team next season…

  21. Lint07 says:

    you like to exagerate things, right? what do Forsberg have anything to do with the acquisition of Salo?

    Salo is the perfect backup for Aebischer because kolzig isn’t a backup and it would’ve hurt Aebischer confidence for nothing. Salo will be #2 and won’t say a word. If Aebischer go down, Salo can do the job and will have a better team than Edmonton to work with in front of him.

    Salo cost almost nothing to the Avs and he has playoff experience.

    Acquiring a backup goalie was a MUST for the Avs going into the playoffs. Anyone denying that don’t have a clue about hockey….

  22. JeffBurnz09 says:

    For Colorado, this gives them what they wanted, a back up with experience. He doesn’t have very successful experience, but it’s still experience. Salo is NOT an upgrade over Abby, and he’ll just be the back up unless Abby chokes in the playoffs. In which case Salo goes in and gets to choke in the playoffs. Salo hasnt won a playoff series in his career, and he usually only plays 2 MAYBE 3 strong games in the playoffs, the rest are usually stinkers on he plays average. So, if your a Colorado fan, here’s hoping Abby can carry the ball.

    I don’t know why anyone would be shocked at Edmonton trading Salo, Markkanen wasn’t brought back to be a back-up. There was some debate that he should have been starting last year, and they traded him. If the looked to get him back, they wern’t going to sit him behind Salo.

    So good trade for Edmonton, gets rid of a goalie they no longer need, saves them some money that they could use to keep Nedved. For Colorado, it’s an OK trade. Gives them a back up, but it’s not a very good one. If anything it’s a vote of confidance in Abby because Salo isn’t taking you anywhere.

  23. afanofthelakings says:

    watch for this three team trade :

    Kolzig to Ottawa

    Lalime to Los Angeles

    Cechmanek to Washington

  24. PolishKid says:

    WTF? Why? That wouldn’t do good for anyone having all those trades. Why would Washington try to actually get a player?

  25. will says:

    well you can take what i said out of text if you want, you put a 180 on what i said, salo has nothing to do with forsberg, which i never said, let me spell it out for you nice and slow, WITHOUT forsberg, salo doesn’t mean anything(avs will go down in flames), and p.s. salo hasn’t won anything, and the only playoff experience he has is getting his jock shot off. i don’t think the avs can go all the way without the salo trade is for not. believe what you will i just thought you were taking the salo deal a bit overboard. i can’t wait to see your all world goaltender salo, meet the buzz saw called THE RED WINGS, colorado is a joke in the making, they are trading all of the gritty young players off.we in detroit like what we are seeing from colorado management it will get easier every year. trading defensmen is stupid. Tommy Salo? please

  26. sensman99 says:

    Really, there were only a few goalies on the market, and none of them were either starter material, or they had too much money on their contracts. Everyone knows Salo’s sucked since the Olympics (GO BELARUS! – i’m canadian,) but Kolzig earned too much, as did Turek, and that only leaves Marty Gerber, Salo, Manny Fernandez, and Byron Dafoe. Gerber had amazing numbers, but might not be ready for a starting position come playoff time. Fernandez and Dafoe are really the only starters other than Salo, but Fernandez’s numbers suck bad, and Dafoe’s injured. Anyway he sucked also. That only leaves Salo.

  27. sensman99 says:

    Lowe’s probably not going to sign a UFA- he’s going to stick with Conklin and Markannen. I think Conklin’s injured, but I heard he’ll come back soon.

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