Ladies and Gentlemen, here's the 2006-07 UPP!

Lots of people e-mailed me in the last few weeks asking if the Ultimate Pool Preview would be back again this year… Well indeed, and here it is!

Once again here’s the ultimate tool to dominate your pool this season.

Last year due to the lockout, the quality and the depth of the UPP suffered from the lack of time in between the announce of a new CBA and the start of the season. This didn’t give me enough time to make it how I wanted it to be. However, due to the amazing number of requests it forced me to at least release a Beta version anyway.

This season I wanted to take the UPP to the next level, so I decided to hire a couple of guys (”hire” being a big word, since we all have put our time and energy for free in the project) to help me make it better.

And I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you liked to earlier versions, you’ll love the 2006-07 Ultimate Pool Preview.

Here is a quick list of what has been ADDED to what was already there in the past UPP‘s:

Player Stats…

Added: over 100 more players

Added: previous 3 seasons detail and averages for games played and points

Added: Goals for ’05-’06 season

Added: Power play Ice Time

Added: More forecasts from publications

Added: Average of the forecast publications

Added: ’05-’06 Points per Game

Added: ’05-’06 +/-

Added: ’05-’06 Penalty Minutes (PIM)

Added: Which contract year a player is in, where applicable

Added: 4th year breakout alert for players in their 4th year in the NHL

Added: Auto-sort buttons to sort by name, or your favorite forecast publication

Added: Links to personnal page every single player

Goalie Stats…

Added: Shots Against, Goals against, Saves, Save%, Goals, Assists, PIM

Added: 3 year average of Wins, Losses, Shutouts and Save%

Added: More forecasts from publications

Added: Average of the forecast publications

Added: Which contract year a player is in, where applicable

Added: The ability to assign your own point scheme to various stats and create your own goalie projection based on ’05-’06 and 3 year average statistics

Added: Links to personnal page every single player

New Sheets:

Added: Forecast publications performance comparison against ’05-06’ season

Added: ”Supporting Stats” sheet

Enjoy the most complete and accurate free hockey pool tool available.


I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to the following guys without who this would not have been possible:

Walter Prager – WPrager

William Bushey – Aetherial

Mark Orphan

Shane Castle

Steven Early

Jeff Francis

Serge Decary

Francois Lapierre

Brent Hawryluk

I’d also like to thank the following websites for their help and support:

Hockey Trade Rumors

Dobber Hockey

Vintage Vantage

Please visit them to say thanks.


The Ultimate Pool Preview is in no way trying to replace pool magazines. In fact I view it more like a tool to complete those mags and give you an edge on your rivals who most likely have the same mag than you have. Those magazines cover lots of things and have lots of in-depth articles in them, the UPP covers only stats and projections but tries to be the best at it. So all in all, you should use the UPP to complete the hockey magazine that you bought for your pool.

For comments or questions, you can reach me at:

Thank you for your interest and good luck in your pools!

Marco Normandin

HTR Vice-Admin

UPP Creator

22 Responses to Ladies and Gentlemen, here's the 2006-07 UPP!

  1. tacitus says:

    is it possible to enter the pool without microsoft office??

  2. Aetherial says:

    This is a pool preview sheet, not a pool entry form. It is a Microsoft Excel file. I beileve newer versions of Lotus can open it?

  3. tacitus says:

    ok then how do i sign up for the pool?

  4. CaptainInsano says:

    Dude, it’s a pool preview for ALL pools.

    EDIT: (All hockey pools)

    EDIT: (All fantasy hockey pools)

    EDIT: (All fantasy hockey pools for the 2006-2007 season)

    EDIT: (All NHL fantasy hockey pools for the 2006-2007 season)

  5. CaptainInsano says:

    Honestly, this is the best download ever. It is even a better download then mp3’s and porno.

    I salute the UPP team for all their work.

  6. CheesyPuffs says:

    Download limit exceeded. Would be nice if you could repost elsewhere (ie: don’t impose a limit on number of downloads).

  7. Lint07 says:

    Thanks for the kind words… it is really appreciated.

    I’m glad you like it.

  8. Lint07 says:

    Like it’s been stated already, this is NOT a hockey pool.

    It is a TOOL to help you win whatever pool you decide to join.

  9. RingoCalamity says:

    Umm…where’s the Rapidshare link?

  10. Devilsfan99 says:

    yeah, i was unable to find it. It would be appreciated if you could possible provide a link.

    -Thank you

  11. RingoCalamity says:

    Was just able to get it via the download link in the original post, so if that wasn’t working for anybody before, try again now.

    Good write up, thanks for all the hard work!

  12. Aetherial says:

    Thanks Insano 🙂

  13. my_sphincter says:

    To anyone who is interested

    I created a Yahoo! hockey league (I know I’m not the first to do this), to anyone who wants to join

    League ID:




    The online draft is set for Wednesday this week, so if you are interested get online ASAP (draft time may change if there is interest).

  14. PTack says:

    I also created a Yahoo! hockey league anyone can join. Its set on head to head and its set for 2c/2lw/2rw/4d/2uti/2g/2ir/5bench

    League ID:




    The online draft is set for Wednesday 27th 730 but it will be changed to a later date if all 20 spots arent filled up by then. Join up!

  15. Lint07 says:

    The new link works fine, people.

  16. zelko says:

    Could someone email me the UPP to My work internet won’t allow me to download it.

    Thank you


  17. BruMagnus says:

    What is the new link???

  18. wprager says:

    The new link has been updated in the original post.

  19. zelko says:

    Thank you to everyone who sent me the UPP.


  20. my_sphincter says:

    Better than porno???

  21. chairguy says:

    i got rid of the spreadsheet by accident when i was cleaning up files, and i still have a late joiners draft to do, if anyone could send it to me at groundedstar AT gmail dot com, that would be great. thanks

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