Lalime for Fleury ?

The Pittsburgh Penguins had a lot of difficulties since the start of the season, Jocelyn Thibault have the worst stats of the league and the Pens aren’t expected to make the playoffs if they don’t make a change now. Could Patrick Lalime be headed back to Pittsburgh?

In Montreal, there’s a rumor about the Pens: It says that young star prospect goalie Marc-Andre Fleury could be traded for Patrick Lalime and one or two defenseman. I’m not sure who would be those def’s.

The rumor came from

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  1. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Why don’t you read back though the post. I was angry because you started insulting a guy for posting a rumor, and you did it like an ass. If you actually read through this thread and then read through my previous threads over the past few months, you’ll see that I was very cautious of what I said. You just don’t like it when people catch you acting like an ass. I wouldn’t have said anything to you had you just said that you didn’t believe the original rumor. But you went all out to make yourself sound like an ass, and you’ve proven over and over that you truly are an ass.

  2. PensFansRejoice says:

    It was a Lemieux request to get rid of him that sent Zubov to Dallas. You can put that trade equally on Craig Patrick and Mr. Mario’s shoulders.

  3. thatleafsguy says:

    i wasn’t insulting him about his rumour, i was jokingly saying he was on crack for having the same paragraph twice in his article, which i explained to you earlier in this thread, but you conveiniently chose to disregard it. you are the ass for assuming the worst in people, maybe you should look in the mirror maybe you’re seeing something that is within yourself.

    if i truly intended to insult this guy my comment could have and would have been drastically worse. stop trying to be an internet superman, theres no honor to defend, it was just me poking fun, not me insulting him or trying to make him feel like a piece of shit like you do with great regularity to others that do not see things your way. don’t breach then preach, it never works.

  4. FlyersFanForever says:

    I really don’t have to defend myself since none of what you are saying is correct…well, I’ll give the Rendell thing. His interest is in eastern pa because that’s where all of the $$$ and political support is. Other than PSU, U of Pitt, and the Steelers the western part of the state may as well be Ohio.

    Nothing happened to Recchi, he is just getting old and will probably retire this year or the next since that was the plan anyway. His diving and whinning comes from the fact that he’s on a team that he thought he was going to compete but has since realized that that assumption was wrong.

    I still stand by all of my Crosby statements. If he was on a team with no one, like Washington, he would most likely be half the player that he appears to be now. Again, this is the pitt hype that you and many others have bought into. At this point you have no choice but to stick to your guns and just hope it all pans out, but it isn’t working now and won’t in the future. This team is moving and you just have to deal with it. I just hope they move to Canada where it would be easier to find fans to support the team, oh but according to you fan-base support has nothing to do with this teams problem. Grow up.

  5. gigz says:

    Can you give me a reason why none of what I say is correct? That’s a pretty blank statement there. It seems as though the baby Pens were 9-0 last time I checked, but hey let’s not mention any of that and say that the Pens have no future. Smart. PSU is mid-PA too, so learn some geography as well. Why should we be part of Ohio? Because you don’t think the Penguins are a good team? What kind of thoughtless idea is that? Yes, Rendell is in full support of Philly, because that’s where his $$$ and political support is coming from (aka bribes and “gifts”), seeing as how PA has some of the most corrupt politicians in the US.

    So let’s go over this point as well. You’re stating that the Pens are a horrible team and this and that. Now, you’re saying that Crosby is on a talented team? Pick one and stick with it please. You obviously haven’t seen the amazing plays he has been making. And how does Washington have nobody? Ovechkin and Crosby are two different types of players, and both are going to be phenoms, how can you even deny that? That right there shows a bias because he’s in Pittsburgh. So since you generalize every Pittsburgh fan into one category of being a fair weather fans, I want you to explain why people from Philly have booed their own players more times than I have ever heard any other city, and why that doesn’t, in turn, make Philly a fair weather city.

    Now, as far as finding team support in Canada, I just explained to you it isn’t fan support causing the Penguins financial problems, but I see you chose to ignore every voice of logic and go with your assinine assumption that it has everything to do with lack of attendance. Even though they’ve nearly sold out every game so far this season, it’s the Pittsburgh fan doing this. Right. So if you want the team moved to Canada because they’ll find better support, why were the Jets moved? I mean if Canada clearly has more supporting cities than Pittsburgh, and the only reason for a team moving is lack of fan support, then your high and mighty Canada wouldn’t have lost one of its teams.

    But yeah, it’s me that has to grow up. If you reply, please give facts instead of just throwing out horrible cliches and mindless thoughts.

  6. FlyersFanForever says:

    Something is wrong with you. It’s gotta be the whole pittsburgh thing. See you in Canada.

  7. cecilturtle says:

    I agree with Flyers fan for life, willingly… Fleury is by far the best goalie on the BIG team, but the Penguins are so over the cap… They would have to cut someone to bring him up. Pittsburg might say we are taking our time with the young goalie… But truth be told!!! The Penguins simply cant afford to bring him up right now.

    Cecil Turtle

  8. FlyersFanForever says:

    Hummmmmmm………..since you have presented soooooo many facts of your own (aka none) I’ll just keep on getting under your skin. It’s so easy. BTW, your team is 4-11 now. You must be very proud. Also, living in State College for 7 years and being a PSU graduate I can say that from first hand experience that it really is w pa in Centre County. Look at a town like Bellefonte, Pa and you’ll see what I’m saying but you know what, you’re either 12 or 50 spouting off crap that read in the post gazette everyday, aren’t you? Either way you need stop living in your parents basement and get some sun. I hear it helps the skin and social life. Hey, when are you going to migrate to the Steelers end of the spectrum? I’ll understand since they have a real future.

  9. gigz says:

    Explain to me how that is western PA please. Looks pretty much dead center of the state to me. Unless you are talking about a different PSU campus, not main, but then there’d be no point as to saying it’s in western PA as they are scattered throughout the state. What do you want me to look at in Bellefonte? The cows? Are you just naming random places in PA hoping that I’ll mistake you for knowing something?

    My team is 4-6-5 right now, much different than 4-11. And if I remember correctly, they gave your team a run for their money. Ring a bell?

    Now you start with the direct insults. Nice. No, I’m not 12, nor 50. But wouldn’t you feel dumb if I was? Getting into arguments with a little boy. You know, you can insult me all you want about not having a social life or whatever you want to claim, but remember, it was you who took time out of your oh so busy life, and started trolling through message boards looking for a fight. Sounds pretty lifeless to me. Also, look at the times of the posts. I’m doing mine while I’m at work, you’re doing yours at 11 at night, shouldn’t someone with such a social life be out partying or what-not? I don’t go to Philly boards and start crap there about how they choke every playoff year. And no, not just the Flyers, every Philly team seems to manage that year after year. Last championship was when? You know, for acting so smart, you leave so many holes in everything you say.

    So, what is your guidelines for a team to have a real future, because I’m sure you know what is deemed a future and what isn’t. I mean it isn’t like we won the last Stanley Cup in PA or anything…

    Now, I asked you a series of questions in my previous post, but you haven’t answered any of them. I also explained that the fan following has nothing to do with financial woes, and you chose to ignore that as well. Then you proceed to tell me that I gave no facts of my own, well what was the preceeding? What about the Pens being an up and coming team? I gave you a list of names that have NHL potential. What about the Penn State map? Are you going to deny that Penn State is central PA again after I showed you where on a map of PA it is, instead of just saying it?

    Yes, the Steelers have a real future, as does all other teams as long as conditions are met. Getting screwed by politicians is not one of those conditions. Why do you think the Steelers and Pirates got new stadiums? To help their financial problems, as well as have a new and updated home. That was pre-corruption days. Now you can’t find a straight politician in PA. They may even have to carry out an investigation on the gaming board on who gets the slot license. It’s an obvious thing for any political governing body, increased revenue = increased economy. Any unbiased politician would see this. The fact that the slot license is going to a millionaire from another state who will walk away while generating no further city growth would not be as good as giving the license to a team that wants to build an arena, so both they can stay in the city, also for the city to be able to house more concert events, more attractions, etc. Why am I stating this? It’s so that you know that the fans have nothing to do with that. Read this site. Maybe you’ll learn that the Pens do in fact have a fan base in the process. but hey your way of going about arguing, which is just making things up, is good too.

  10. FlyersFanForever says:

    I’m so far under your skin it’s amazing. That you even wasted the time to write such an angry post as long as you did is absolutely a wonder unto it’s self. Truely, my hat is off to you. Now I feel comfortable. I’m obviously trying to get I rise out you and you know what, I got it. Really, this is great. You’re crying and whining and I don’t even have to do anything except spout some words that I know will put your panties in a knot. Keep it coming, I’m having fun.

  11. gigz says:

    I’m having fun as well, exposing you for what you are. Keep it coming huh? Where do I even begin with your spelling and grammar? Oh, and if you call correcting somebody’s mistakes crying and whining, then you’re in poor taste as well. Good day, sir!

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