Landing in Toronto amidst Leafs’ goalie dysfunction might drive Luongo nuts

Gillis was also asked recently about his relationship with Burke, and said they get along “well enough” to pull the trigger on this thing.

It just re-affirmed what many have thought for months — the Leafs make the most sense. But what would that mean for Luongo? If he is struggling in October will assistant GM Dave Nonis be knocking on his door to go over paddle-down techniques?

If there is encouraging news for Luongo, it’s that before the CBA expired at least one mystery team, and maybe two, entered the Luongo sweepstakes. Team Mysterious wasn’t one of the ones that had previously been attached to a Luongo trade in rumours, so scratch Columbus off your list along with the obvious ones.

The Edmonton Oilers were floated as the potential suitor in question, and on some levels it makes a lot of sense. Nikolai Khabibulin will be 40 in January, and just may retire if this season is wiped out. Devan Dubnyk has improved slowly over the years, and shown some promise. But he’s hardly a sure thing as a No. 1 goalie in the NHL and there is no prospect behind him anywhere near ready to push for playing time.

For most, there’s no doubt Luongo would help the emerging Oilers. Maybe even make them a playoff team. And there’s the rub. What makes sense for Edmonton, probably doesn’t for the Canucks, depending, of course, on the offer.

But it’s not an easy decision for the Canucks, if you believe Luongo would accelerate the re-build program in Edmonton, making the division that much tougher, that much sooner.

Plus, Justin Schultz may have chosen Edmonton. That’s one thing. Would Luongo ever do the same?

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  1. lafleur10 says:

    loungo does make sense for the oilers as he does for the leafs,however he ultimately wants to play for the panthers again as his wife’s family is there so this is where he’ll likely end up

  2. lafleur10 says:

    he’d also crack under pressure playing in toronto he’d be expected be there savior and he wouldn’t be able to handle it there,jsut like he couldn’t handle it if he went to montreal as those are the 2 hardest markets withy the most media scrunity around!

  3. HABSdomination says:

    Fuck that, he’s a coward and a sellout. A choke-artist too. The bum just wants to end up in Flaw’da because of the anonymity. He’ll be able to go buy his boxers at the local Walmart without being bothered and if he chokes the next 5 Stanley Cup finals, he won’t feel jackshit of pressure.

    Fuckin’ deuchebag, i hope Vancouver keeps him and buries him in the minors à-la-Redden.

    • mojo19 says:

      I’m with you. I think the guy is a stiff. He will never win a Stanley Cup. He came close at one point and got yanked in 3 out of 7 games in the Cup final. Lit up like a Christmas tree.

      No thank you. Let him go retire down in Florida where he can fade into obscurity.

      • reinjosh says:

        Did you watch that series at all? Luongo was hung out to dry. His tema gave him such little support it wasn’t funny.

        He gets a bad rep. I’m usually agreed with you on most things but I am vehemently against you on this. Luongo is a star and becoming criminally underrated by many.

        • HABSdomination says:

          Hey buddy, if he’s such a freakin’ all star in your little eyes, how come he goes out and publicly demands a trade, nice team spirit. Even worse, he goes out and publicly puts his own owner on the spot when he declares that Florida is the most logical choice for him…..on the count of his fucking wife! Most logical huh? Yeah sure, fucking right it’s the most logical choice since along with Colombus, Long Island and Phoenix, they represent the abyss of the NHL, anonymity-wise, attendance-wise and so fucking forth.

          Lighten up pal, it’s not cause the Sedin’s had a bad playoff that he was hung out to dry, he fucking choked. And so did they. Fuck it, they ALL SUCK. You know what, i’m getting pissed here, i hate these regular season stars that suck out when game 1 of the playoffs starts. Sedins, Luongos, Thorntons, Heatleys, etc… fuck’em all, those choke artists

          • dumbassdoorman says:

            For starters Lou never demanded a trade. He said he would be willing to waive if helped improve the club and they asked him to. A lot of guys wouldn’t do that. Now I am no fan of Bobby Lou, but starting that his prefered destination is Fla, isn’t the end of the world. He also said he was open to other cities if that didn’t work out. As for the lightening up, it is you from my read that needs the valium, lol.

            • HABSdomination says:

              Whatever the fuck ever dude. Man are you dumb, “being willing to wave my no trade clause” is a subtile message, a strategy if you will. Plus, stating that “if it’s better for the club” is just a way of sounding nice and to save his face. Kind of weird he used that strategy after Schneider got his contract, huh, that big fucking baby.

              And for the record, did i state that it was the end of the world? I just stated publicly how much of a choke artist and a coward he was. Read what’s written, not what you want to make of it, you dumbass doorman. You’re lucky you don’t work at my local club, i would knock you the fuck out.

              • I’m not really sure what you were watching. Perhaps Luongo didn’t play like an elite goalie, but I also feel like he was without a doubt hung out to dry.

              • dumbassdoorman says:

                Ya you and every other internet tuff guy out there, you mouthy little puke. Odds are if you did have the pleasure of bumping into me, you would do jack shit.I have run into many punk ass bitches like you over the years, little boy. And read what’s written, you should try that before jumping over members and swearing at them. THis form for the most part is respectable til duochebags like you come along. So why don’t you run along and go play somewhere else.

                • HABSdomination says:

                  By your own admission, you REALLY are a dumbass doorman. Suck it, you little girl. Anywhere, anytime, what club do you bounce? Tell me what club you bounce at and i’ll gladly put my money where my mouth is, you little cunt.

                  • reinjosh says:

                    Haha I like how you’re making yourself a joke. The more comments you make, the more irrelevant you’re becoming on this site.

                    And I suspect you’re all talk. You’ve probably never hit anyone in your life before.

                    • mojo19 says:

                      The Canucks hung him out to dry? That’s how you wanna remember it?

                      The fact is they were a much more competitive team with Schneider between the pipes, and that Mike Richards goal on the 5 on 3 from the corner was a text book, classic lazy goal given up by Luongo. It was a big turning point in the series as it took the wind out of the Canucks sails, who were already behind the 8 ball.

                      I can’t believe you’re still defending this guy. He’s a good goalie, don’t get me wrong, but not a top 5 or 10 guy. I’ll give you around 15. He’s a middle of the pack starter.

                      I’d take Kari Lehtinen over him, and Anti Niemi, just to name a couple of truly underrated guys. I’d take Howard, and I think he’s just alright too. This is where Luongo fits in, not with your Kiprusoff’s and Lundqvists.

                    • HABSdomination says:

                      I like how you make yourself a turd.Go watch your OHL games you little shit!!

                  • Steven_Leafs0 says:

                    lol I like how you act like a pathetic child and yet you were completely wrong about the original argument.

                    Luongo never asked to be traded, it was widely speculated (until confirmed) that Vancouver was going to go with Schneider. Luongo only said that he would waive if that is what Vancouver wanted, and then only said that Florida was his preferred destination (no shit, he lived there for years and met his wife there why wouldn’t be his no.1 spot?).

                    You need to grow up a bit though buddy, you had an opinion that was based on false information and the others here tried to correct you, no need to freak out about it.

                    • HABSdomination says:

                      Read mojo’s comment, he’s dead on. And shut the fuck up about my original post, the facts are right, i watched the interview over and over again. And for my next twist, get this: i work at air canada in Dorval WHERE IS OWN MOTHER WORKS, so i think i know the story from the inside out from Ms. Luongo herself you fucking little retard. Also, if you think Luongo is the next Roy or Brodeur, then you’re the dumbest shit this league has as a fan. Why the fuck are you even defending him??? Go hang out by the arena and suck his dick on his way out why don’t you. Jesus, fucking she-males everywhere on this website…..

                    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

                      hahahahahaha Habs, that is a lot of grown up words for an eight year old to use. Don’t make me wash your mouth out with soap.


          • reinjosh says:

            What does saying “I’d be ok with a trade if its best for the team” have to do with his play on the ice? Nothing. And clearly you didn’t watch that series. Like thisgamewelose said, he wasn’t amazing but he certainly didn’t choke like the common mass thinks.

            And he didn’t even come out and ask for a trade. T team itself first mentioned it as a possibility and only then did he say “sure if its good fr the team”.

            That’s a big difference my friend

            • HABSdomination says:

              I ain’t your friend you fag, you don’t know hockey for shit, you say you watched the series but clearly you were sucking your boyfriends cock during those lazy-ass goals he was letting in. Fuck off dude, what are you from Vancouver and you have his jersey and don’t have the cash to buy a new one if he gets traded, is that why you love him ever so dearly????

              • Gambo says:

                Buddy lighten up, acting obnoxious and immature isn’t the best way to get your point across.

                And I agree with them, if you watched the series instead of just looking at the stats, you would be able to realize that Luongo didn’t play bad. Sure, he didn’t play amazing, but he made lots of saves that could have easily been goals.

    • Redden had a bad deal and I actually feel sorry for the guy. When he got buried in the Minors, he still had enough talent for a solid 3rd pairing Defensemen, but because of his salary he was shitted on. It’s unfair to him because of an idiot offered him that much money. If you’re not performing up to your check, I think there needs to be some sort of evaluation almost like an arbitration that reworks your contract – You can either take it or become a free agent. Players won’t like that but it would stop NHL’ers being buried in the minors.

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        you don’t have to go that far, if playing in the NHL is more important to players like Redden than the big money contract he is on then the player and team (only if they both agree) should be able to nullify his contract so he can re-sign and play in the NHL.

        Personally I don’t care, that is the risk when you sign for superstar money, if you fail to preform you lose your spot. Same goes for players who sign for 1M and cannot perform only difference is the player making 6M+ may still be a 3rd line player and is waived due to his contract.

      • mojo19 says:

        Listen, my buddy works for the Sens, and I gotta say that if the widely rumored coke addiction story is true about Redden then its really no surprise that his skills deteriorated so quickly and I don’t think anyone should feel sorry for him.

        As for you guys still defending Luongo, get a grip, you sound like first year hockey fans.

        As for Habsdominate, you need to express your point of view in a more respectful manor, because you lose credibility despite raising some good points within your argument.

        Mojo out, peace.

        • JoelLeafs says:

          Rumors are rumors and addictions shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

          Lu is still, IMO, a starter in the league. Bum rap in the playoffs, but I won’t blame it all on the team around him. Let’s say he’s a bit overpaid and underrated (though obviously debatable).

          I don’t blame HABS for his childish fits, he’s always been like that; I blame everyone that engages him. When he comes out and challenges someone to a fight over the skill of a professional hockey player, I think it is equally foolish to respond to him or lend his words any credit or power.

          • mojo19 says:

            But I tend to believe those Redden rumours. He went from elite to third pairing dman in a hurry. There’s also the story of a few of the Sens in ’07 who were caught with 17 yr old girls. Probably not much excitement up in Ottawa. Anyway, my buddy swears by the coke story, take it for what its worth.

            And I’ve acknowledged that Lu is probably a 15-20 best goalie. Still a legit starter, but not the answer in Toronto.

            • dumbassdoorman says:

              If the Redden rumors are true it is a shame, a waste of a life and how it probably affected the people around him.

              As for Lou, I would not be opposed to him as our starter, pending a few things. Like is Bettman set on making those retirement contracts bite the asses of those that handed them out? What is the price and what incentive comes with aquirring him(extra picks, prospects, shedding of horrible contract). Was he actually a good mentor for Schnieder? If so he may work well with our young goalies. Point being that pending the cost of getting him it isnt the end of the world, do I hope for it, no.

  4. toronto77 says:

    I have a question about how the 2012 draft went down.

    I am convinced that Burke made the right pick with Rielly over Forsberg or Grigorenko. Rielly is loaded with offensive potential and could be the next Eric Karlsson, and could very well be a much better d-man than Forsberg and Grigorenko will be forwards.

    With that being said, if drafting the best available player is the way to go and not by drafting the best available “need”, at what point during the draft did the first team step outside that boundary?

    was it Anaheim with Lindholm?
    was it Minnesota with Dumba?
    was it Pittsburgh with Pouliot?
    was it Winnipeg with Trouba?
    was it Tampa with Koekkoek?

    is it fair to say that all these 5 players will be better d-man than Forsberg and Grigorenko will be at forwards?

    At what point in the draft are supposed to stop drafting best available player and start drafting best player available?

    • Steven_Leafs0 says:

      tough one, who is to say all those players wont be better than Forsberg? I personally think that Forsberg should have gone 5th overall but I get the feeling I’m wrong, hard to believe that 6 organizations filled with scouts would have miss classed Forsberg. (I think Forsberg will be better than Reinhart but his level is so close and since the Islanders needed the elite D-man more I think they made the right choice)

      As the picks were being made this was my thought process:

      TOR: how do you pass on Forsberg?
      ANA: wait, who?
      PIT: Forsberg would have looked good with Crosby but solid choice.
      WPG: Dumbasses: Byfuglien, Enstrom, Bogosian… you did not need Trouba.
      TB: how do YOU pass on Forsberg?

      lol. 😛

  5. reinjosh says:

    A lot of people were more impressed with Forsberg’s teammate Jacob de la Rose last season. He’s expected to a be a first rounder and debuted in Bob McKenzie’s top 10 draft list.

    But I’m a huge Forsberg fan.

    I can only think that he was really unimpressive to scouts. That or teams must have really, really loved the guys they grabbed. Like the Leafs with Rielly. I honestly believe they thought he was one of the best in the draft. I actually know his aunt and she was telling me all year about him and the Leafs. I never clued in because she kept telling me that he was drafted (she didn’t know a lot about hockey) by the Leafs and I couldn’t for the life of me think of a Rielly drafted by the Leafs. But apparently they had scouted him all year long. They loved him.

    That’s the only explanation to me. Teams loved their guys more than Forsberg.

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