Lapierre and O,Byrne recalled and are reporting that the Habs have recalled Maxim Lapierre and Ryan O’Byrne from Hamilton and have sent Grabovski back to the Bulldogs.

Could this mean a trade? The Canadiens now have 9 d-men on their roster (Markov, Hamrlik, Brisebois, Bouillon, Komisarek, Dandenault, Streit, Gorges and O’Byrne) and three goaltenders… plus a lot of dead wood!!! (i.e. Ryder, Smolinski, Begin, Kostopoulos…)

Something seems to be brewing, especially with the team’s poor performances lately!

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  1. Labrosse says:

    begin is not dead wood, he is paid like a grinder we expect him to be a grinder and he is doing a heck of a good job as a grinder

  2. ferron says:

      I think that O'Byrne won't be sent back, he will prove that his physical presence will be more than needed on an undersized team, I would also want Lapierre on my team over guys like Kostopoulos, Smolinski or Grabovski who looked too small on an already tiny Montreal team! With all that being said how can a team keep 9 regular defensemen on a team unless Guy is planing on sitting Georges , play Streit and Dandenault on offense witch would mean sitting  Ryder and Kostopoulos or Smolinski who sucked since game 1! But I never heard of a team dressing up 8 defencemen for one game. Also i think it's time for a trade since the trade we did in the past five years involved second plan or washed-up players, we need something major to happened, something like when we traded for Damphoust, Muller, Bellows ect not for Samsonov, Niinimaa or Aebiescher! We need a big name to come our way and stop relying on Rookies(Price, Chip ect) or 2nd and 3rd years players like Higgins, Plek, Latends,Streit, Georges and Grabovski. Everybody knows that to have a winning team with a lot of Rookies, you also need Very talented veterans and all Montreal has is average vets who CANT realy show our prospects the right way!

     I am sick of seeing our team(The Habs) beeing dominated night after night, it time for a MAJOR change or we will have to wait and see what the UFA markets looks like next summer cause there is no way MTL will make the playoffs with there current line-up who is currently is going down and quickly! Unless there's a trade an soon everything will stay the same till our young talents mature as we all know the dificulties Montreal had over the past years to sign UFAs! Guys like dandenault, Bouillon, Ryder, Kostopoulos, Smolinski, Brisebois even Koivu have all seen better dayz…. So not only it's time for a change but even at a high price(1st rounders, Koivu, Huet, Prospect).

      Lot of you will say be patient, it takes time….bla bla bla..I say we "Habs Fans" have been patient for 15 years, we been rebuilding for 15 years, we had to deal with the hiring of Rejean Houle and Mario Tremblay who cost us the only superstar we had(Roy) we haven't seen a 100 pts man since Mats Naslund over 20 years ago!!!!!!!  I think that "I" and every Habs fan out there have been more than patient but now it's time for Bob or whoever in power to do something good for all of us (dedicated Habs Fans) and if Bob CAN'T maybe someone else could!

  3. habsrock_19 says:

    good to see Laps abck up it was only a matter of time after tearing up the AHL, im curious to see obyrne play and see how he fits in, i think he'l do very well especially if he plays physical which is what we need, as for grabs let him get more confidence he wasnt making an impact here or even playing very much…a little of topic but i'm buying anew Habs Jersey and would like you input on which name to get Higgins or Chipchura?

  4. ferron says:

    How about Price#31 or Komisarek#8

  5. habsrock_19 says:

    well i myself am a forward so… but i do like komi a lot ill add that one to my list…plus my sis is a goaler so she kinda is in love with price along with all of the habs nation

  6. ferron says:

      Well! You better go for Higgy, since the bell center will be fill with his jersey in a few years!

  7. ferron says:

      All of us are sick and tired of watching a team(THE HABS) getting pounded night in night out and lots of people(Carbo, Gainey or other fans) keep telling us(habs fans) to be patient, well I think that we've been more than patient since we haven't have a contender team since 1993, that's almost 15 years ago!

     The truth is, the habs are too young and need great vets to help them mature into a good team but all we have is a couple good veterans defensemen(Markov & Hamrlik) and NO real role model to follow up front. What? Kostitsyn, Higgins, Plek ect.. should be looking up to guys like Ryder, Koivu, Smolinski, Begin, Kostopoulos, Dandenault,Streit??????????????????? None of our fowards are skilled besides Kovalev, tell me should Plekanec learn how to deke like Begin, Should Higgins learn to score like Kostopoulos  or should Chipchura learn how to win faceoff the way Smolinski is? All those guys are mostly talentless and should not be held responsible of being an example for any rooki(es) throughout the league! Look what happened to Ryder after looking up to guys like Koivu!

      The thing is montreal is desperatly in need of an offensive superstar(s), an impact player, someone that can make that first line click! Not Saku Koivu who's rank 54th among NHL scorer and could not hold 1st line duties on any other NHL teams!

    So I think unless there is a trade, that we( habs fans) better get use to the idea of losing cause our young guns are 2-3 years away from stardom and there is less impact UFA this upcomming summer that there was last year.Here are a few who in my opinion would not turn the habs around!

    1.Sakic= too old, won't leave Colo.
    2.Chelios= way too old, but is toughness would be neede in MTL.
    3.Sundin= won't sign in MTL.
    4.Hossa= too money hungry will ask too much.
    5.Demitra= injured too often
    6.J.Smith = would bring much needed leadership in MTL.
    7. Hainsey= Ha! Ha! Ha!
    8.Perreault= Mtl ranked 30th in league for past 2 years in faceoff.
    9.Roy or Brashear= the habs are the leagues ***** and are being pushed around even against small teams.

    I don't think that many of these guys would have much of an impact in Montreal!

  8. Actarus29 says:

    If Begin is not dead wood, then why did Carbonneau sit him twice?

  9. habsoverserver says:

    lafleur complains that this is a team of fourth liners.  management responds by putting streit and smolinski on the first line.

    is there some kind of irony to this?

  10. billypilgrim says:

    Amen. I am as fed up as you are. The past 15 years have been torture.

    Roy for Thibault
    Turgeon for Corson
    Remember when Brian Savage was our "sniper".
    Washed up Donald Audette
    The Zednik meltdown
    Samsonov, Niinimaa, Abiescher
    Now Ryder losing it.

    Enough with the mediocrity.

    Continue my list everybody it's actually so pathetic it's funny

  11. billypilgrim says:

    Lafleur wasn't far off.

  12. Labrosse says:

    what a stupid question, like it was prooving something. he is a fourth line player and fourth line player get bench sometimes, period. if you expect begin to score 50 goals and then you are disapointed because he will only end up scoring 10, its your freaking problem

  13. ferron says:

      Tonite vs the Bruins O'Byrne has 2 assists, +3, 5 body checks  and 4 blocked shots that is more pts than Georges and Bouillon all year, more blocked shots than Streit and more checks than Brisebois. Why wasn't O'Byrne with the team all year, why do we waste  valuable time on bums like Brisebois not to forget Smolinski and Kostopoulos who look worst game after game! I was happy to see the absence of Ryder but will back next game after Begin and Smolinski's injuries!

     After Tonite O'Byrne should not be sent back in AHL and Lapierre either, Grabovski on the other hand won't be back anytime soon and doesn't look like he is man enough to play in NHL, Lapierre is mouthy and never back down and plays with passion every time he's on the ice, a lot like Chipchura.

    It doesn't look good for Georges and some of the guys (Ryder, Smolinski, Kostopoulos and others who don't always put the extra effort)

  14. habsgod says:

    i would go with higgins on your jersey!!!

  15. habsgod says:

    o'byrne is a stud!!i'd keep him up for the rest of the year!if he stays up our top 4 will be one the top  in our conference!!!what a top 4!

            that is an awesome top 4 d-men!!
        then next year add macdonagh ,valantenko to that and that folks will be the best young derfence in the league!!with price in net and this defence in a year or 2 and there it is folks a championship calibre defence!!lapierre will bring energy and grit to that 4th line and i hope that this spells the end of smolinski!!

  16. ferron says:

      McDonagh is still too young but Guys like Emelin, Valentenko, Carle , Subban, Fisher and Weber will be fighting for the 5th and 6th spot on the team and like you said the habs defense will look better next year and undersized punk like Bouillon, Georges, Streit and Dandenault will be gone!


    The smallest defenseman on the team is Markov at 6'1 and 200 lbs!

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