LaPointe a Sen

As mentioned by TFP earlier, actually yesterday, Martin Lapointe was being traded, and now TSN mentions to Ottawa Senators. Details to follow.

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  1. joyn6160 says:

    for a 6th round draft pick

  2. BruMagnus says:

    a 6th rounder
    good move for the Sens

  3. BruMagnus says:

    ya beat me by 16 seconds 🙂

  4. rangers4dan says:

    lapointe for a 6th rounder

  5. Radio says:

    Hopefully he won't be a Oleg Saprykin, and still has some magic left.

  6. ccrashh says:

    I don't think his magic, even if he has any left, will help the Sens.  My prediction is a 7th seed going into the playoffs and a quick exit in the 1st round.  I don't see this team pulling together and rising above their current mediocrity to avoid this fate.

    I am a Sens fan, by the way. 

  7. Radio says:

    Well, I think tonights game against the Bruins will tell us a lot about that.

    Also it will, if Emery starts over Gerber. Will meaning, Paddock will stop punishing his goalies and destroying their confidence over the *teams* defense gaffes. 

  8. cartino says:

    A decent pickup and cost the Sens virtually nothing.

    I think most people have to realize Murray made his deadline deal 2 weeks ago getting Commodore and Stillman. I'm quite glad the Sens did not do anything stupid like get in the Hossa or Brad Richards sweepstakes.

    Also I know Murray tried really hard but couldn't offload any of the goalies or improve that position of theirs, he really has his hands tied behind his back on this one. And both are under contract for next year sucking up almost 7 million in cap space. Their is no cup in Ottawa's future with those 2… and they either have to dump one in the minors and suck up the 3 mil. you pay him even though its not against the cap.

  9. cartino says:

    I'm also a Sens fan and have little confidence in this team this year anymore. I think their 2 fundamental issues are coaching (which can easily be fixed) and goaltending (which we're stuck with).

    The way they're going… it's a 1st round exit unless they can the coach, and one of the goalies can play average hockey. I'm even questionning if Murray cans Paddock who I blame for half the teams perils, from no chemistry, ridiculous line juggling, uninspired/unemotional play, his handling of the goaltending situation, and lack of a solid team defensive system.

    We're panicking about the teams catching up to us and passing us for 1st in the conference or division, if the slide continues, … we'll be worried about the 9th place team catching us in about 2 weeks.

  10. Radio says:

    Gerber started. IMO played worse than Emery did vs the Leafs. Team played worse as a whole.

    Redden had the worst game of all.

    Sens 4th line played well (offensively only)

    You know things are bad when Jason Spezza is your best defensive player during a the course of a game.

    Randy Robitaille also seems to be unaffected by the rest of the team sucking. But he is not good enough to make a difference either way.

    As I hinted at 5 WEEKS AGO, fire Paddock.

  11. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    This trade solves nothing for the Sens. The Sens are currently free falling. They better pick it up soon or they will find themselves squeaking in by the hairs of their ass in 8th spot. They need a goalie and the screwed the pooch again.

  12. Jenkinstein says:

    Unlike most of you haters, I'm not worried about this team.  There are reasons to be angry, but also hopeful.  First, the team, as many of you have seen, have not played well over the last twelve games.  Second, the last two games the opposing goalies played great and had all the puck luck in the world.  Ottawa has had none, a good sign if you believe in karma. You may also notice how they seem to not care about their play either, given their comments to the media and such.  Most of you will say this is the result of no chemistry and poor coaching.  But the real reason is this: OTTAWA DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE REGULAR SEASON ANYMORE.  They are content to lull people into a false sense of security about playing them.  This will continue for another two games, then they will win three, and go .500 the rest of the way.  Once the playoffs start, and Alfie, Stillman, Heatley, Fisher and Spezza get going, there will be no team that can keep up with them.  Lapointe is nothing more than Neil's replacement while he's hurt and maybe Schubert's replacement on the 4th if they get fed up with Richardson's play.  Ottawa will be a force again, true believers, and you heard it here, and only here first.

  13. ccrashh says:

    Not a hater…a realist…

    The Sens have NOT played well since their 15-2 start.  In fact, they are below .500 since that start.

    At this rate, I will revise my prediction of a 7th place finish and actually predict them to be OUT of  the playoffs altogether.  This team has never shown the fortitude to pull out of slides…ever.

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