Laraque gone?

A very reliable source is telling me that Georges Laraque is headed to the Ottawa Senators as early as Saturday. Another source is saying that it is done that he’s headed to the Sens, they just are discussing who/what is coming back the other way.

I personally want Chris Neil coming back the other way. The guy isn’t as tough as Georges, but he drops them more, is younger, and cheaper. I’ve also heard Antoine Vermette, and Petr Shastlivy. I wouldn’t MIND Vermette, but then flip him and someone else (Horc and Lynch) to the Canes for Jeff O’Neill who also is on the block as reported by TSN’s Bob Mackenzie Wednesday night. The Oilers don’t NEED Jeff, but a change of scenery, especially going to an offensive minded team would really help him out. O’Neill can play centre, and maybe start thinking about reducing #77’s minutes and playing him with Izzy and Smyth.

The O’Neill stuff is speculation, as is what may be coming back for Georges, but the fact that Georges is VERY CLOSE to being a Senator appears to be fact. I pray I’m not wrong!!!