Laraque to be dealt very soon?

According to TSN & Spector’s Hockey, the Phoenix Coyotes management told Georges Laraque he will not play another game for them this season but haven’t asked him yet to lift his no trade clause. The Pittsburgh Penguins are rumored to be very interested in Laraque.
They also need a stay at home defensmen and if I were Ray Shero, I’d pick up Nolan Baumgartner who’s just been put on waivers or I would trade for Craig Rivet of the Habs.

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  1. rmg185 says:

    I really hope this trade doesn't happen.  I know the pens aren't going to be low enough in the standings to have anything more than a crapshoot with their first round pick anyway, but this trade just isn't what they need.  They don't need an enforcer!  Think of the best enforcers in the game and then ask yourself, what did they do for their teams IN THE PLAYOFFS!?!?!?  Teams don't need enforcers in the playoffs, suppose one had been around to beat the shit out of Adam Graves after breaking Mario's wrist.. guess what… HIS WRIST STILL WOULD HAVE BEEN BROKEN!!! There aren't even any fights in the playoffs, it just doesn't make sense.  If you're going to make a trade go get a scoring winger so you can either trade malone, or put him where he belongs on the 3rd line until he shows you a consistent enough effort to make you believe he deserves the right to play next to Sid.

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    He won't be traded for a first rounder. It's a lot less than that. Nagy only came for a first and Tjarnqvist, and Carter went for a fifth rounder.

    No one will WANT to come anywhere near Crosby with the fear of getting the shit kicked out of them.

  3. oilers_rock says:

    I was just listening to the Team 1260 and Bob Staufer was interviewing Georges and Georges said that he absolutely expects to be traded by the deadline.  So there you go.

  4. thegoalie1976 says:

    But Laraque is such a gentle giant, he never even fights. Is anyone even scared of him? That's why the Oilers let him walk, he doesn't do his job. He will only fight other heavyweights. He let Smyth and Hemsky take a lot of abuse in Edmonton.

  5. Foppa12 says:

    All this talk of Laraque, I really hope the Pens aren't considering giving up anyone on the team for this guy.  He is a good player, but most of the guys on the team are going to make the trade to costly.  The only guys I can see going for Laraque are Petrovicky, Ruutu, and Nasreddine.  Packaging one of these clowns with Thibault would be a decent move if we can get a real backup.

    The other thing I hope that doesn't go without notice is the fact that this team is really dialed in already.  Given that fact, I seriously doubt many of the guys on Wilkes-Barrie who are in their mid to late 20's will ever get solid roster spots.  These aguys are the Filewiches, Dixons, etc.  Other teams will covet guys like that as they have proven themselves at that AHL level, but with the Pens lineup, they just haven't had a chance yet.  Another guy is DuPont.  He played well in his 2 or 3 NHL games this year, but he's traveled around the minor leagues under NHL clubs, from Calgary to Pittsburgh now.

    A final note is that if the Pens are so bent on getting tougher, which I think is really that last of the two things they need (that and goaltending).  And having tons of young goal scorers, but some young D-men that perhaps, just aren't ready yet (Welch), why not go out and get a big D-man name, ala Adam Foote.  I mean Columbus is hoorible.  Why has there been no talk of moving Foote?  Why has there not even been talk of inquiries?  This guy is a true leader, a true winner, and a guy that could show the young guys (Whitney and Orpik) just how to be two of the most dangerous D-men in the NHL.  Foote is tested and victorious in the playoff level.  This guy was the voice of the Avs where Quoteless Joe never spoke in the locker room.  Anyone who saw ESPN's The Season:Colorado Avalanche, realized this.  When the Avs were getting beat by everyone, they show the closed doors meeting.  Foote really hit home for these guys what it meant (at that time) to be on that team.  He was the motivator.  Then they show Joe, sitting in a corner, looking confused.  From that moment on, I knew if the Avs ever lost Foote, they were a lost team.  Just look what's happened since he left.  My vote therefore, goes for trying to get Foote.  If the Pens are hellbent on mortgaging the future (even Malone would mortgage the future, 2 20+ goal seasons hardly makes you a bad player, Malone is a top player).  If the Pens must move the future, buy a real tested player.  A guy who's actually lifted the cup.  Get Foote.

  6. kamullia says:

    I tend to agree with you, but I do not think that this move is with the playoffs in mind. I think this is a move to specifically ensure Sidney’s health during the rest of the season, and more importantly for the next regular season.

    The problem is that you are correct, Laraque is only going to react to something happening, and by then it is already done. However, it is also true that he will be a deterrent, because the Penguins right now have absolutely no one who would pummel someone, and therefore no one fears the ensuing retaliation and therefore take more liberties.

    However, Laraque does not fit well with the Penguins scheme. And even though Georges will kick anyone’s behind, he does not drop the gloves that often, therefore Shero might have to delineate when and if the gloves have to be dropped.

  7. kamullia says:

    The Penguins need reliable stay at home defensemen, something that neither Baumgartner nor Rivet are. Both are known for having periodic lapses in their own end. On top of that, both of them are experienced, but hardly of a different caliber than the defensemen they already have.

    What the Penguins do need is Nick Boynton. He is faster, physical, and much more reliable than Baumgartner or Rivet. But I suspect that the Coyotes will ask for a too much for Boynton, especially considering he is not in his last year of his contract (although neither is Laraque).

  8. BruMagnus says:

    Agreed,'s bio of him states just this:
    Doesn't drop the gloves enough.

    This aint the Cold War; this is the preemptive strike war era. We need a bully not an enforcer.

  9. BruMagnus says:

    I was thinking about Foote and Rob Blake myself. Both from sh*t teams in the West.

  10. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    I think if you go to and type in Laraque fights you will see Laraque definitely fights and doesnt just go after anybody… he fights the guys people are scared of.  

  11. cementhead says:

    Thanks.  I'm glad someone mentioned the deterrent factor.  I recently read a quote by Tony Twist in "the Code" where he said that by the end of his career he could have been replaced by a cardboard cutout of himself.  He felt he had 'intimidated' himself out of ice time.  Because everyoneone knew he was there and would be able to defeat most of them, no one would do anything as long as they saw his face on the bench.  This happens.  It s a deterrent.  I too would like to see George drop them more but the fact remains that whether he does OR doesn't, he still scares people.

  12. cementhead says:

    I think we are making a mistake if we compare George's trade value to that of Nagy or Carter.  I could be wrong here but I believe that George has another year on his contract.  That is a big difference than trading for someone that can walk away from your team in just a couple of months.

  13. robster11 says:

    I smell a blockbuster a brewin'

    Georges Laraque
    Nick Boynton

    1st round pick
    Joe Melichar
    Alex Goligoski
    3rd round pick

  14. OldGoalie says:

    Personally, if I were Shero, I would make any deal that gets Melichar out of Pittsburgh in a second.

  15. OldGoalie says:

    I might be tempted to agree about Foote…depending on the asking price. 
    With regard to Malone, my gripe about him is not that his numbers are bad, if you just look at them on the scoresheet.  My gripe is that he virtually completely disappears for weeks at a time.  Heck, this season, if you throw out the two Islanders games in which he had hat tricks, he has 6 goals and 9 assists in 40 games.  Come on.  He has ability, definitely.  But if he insists on only showing it in about 10 games a year, what good does it do you?  He's almost like Morozov, Part II in that respect…

  16. OldGoalie says:

    If the Yotes are asking a prospect and a first rounder for Laraque and a second or third rounder, as is being reported, you can change your suspicion about the asking price for Boynton (or, for that matter, probably any player able to add something besides his fists) to absolute certainty. 

  17. OldGoalie says:

    Basically what I was going to say.  Laraque may not drop the gloves often because he simply doesn't have to.  Would be interesting to see the first Pens-Flyers game after he was acquired, though, particularly if Philly doesn't find anyone to take their Hatcher problem off their hands.

  18. rmg185 says:

    Ok, I seriously have to question this logic Leafy… These are grown men who play the most physically demanding sport in the world (next to soccer of course, lol).  They take checks constantly, lose teeth every couple months, do you seriously think they'll change their game due to the fear of Laraques getting a couple punches in on them?  I'm sorry, but he's not intimidating middle schoolers, Colin White, Zdeno Chara, Hal Gill, Darian Hatcher, and the lot are going to hit Sidney just as hard whether its Ryan Malone trying to throw down with them afterwards or Laraques.

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